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HomeAway® and FamilyFun magazine partnered to ask kids what they really want in their vacation. The 2017 Kidpinion Travel Survey and found that when it comes to trip planning, kids wield tremendous power. Eighty-seven percent of parents surveyed in the US said their kids play a role in vacation planning, and 13 percent said their kids actually make the final decision.

Among the survey’s key findings:


Experiences matter more than materials things.


Peer pressure persuades when it comes to vacations ... in a good way.


From palm trees to poolside retreats, kids and parents have the same vacation vision. 


Kids want to branch out along the family tree ... but Fido reigns supreme.


Survey Methodology

YouGov, on behalf of HomeAway and FamilyFun magazine, conducted an online survey of 555 kids (ages six to 18) and their parents based in the U.S., respondents had a household income of $50K + and had all previously been on a family holiday. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Fieldwork was undertaken in April, 2017.






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