HomeAway in Quest to Give $100,000 to Help an Earthling Build Their Vacation Home on Mars

Austin, TX – August 1, 2018 – Space lovers dreaming of owning a lakeside vacation home can add Mars to the list. Just last week NASA reported the first-ever sighting of a lake on the Red Planet, rocketing this far-flung real estate fantasy closer to reality. It all inspired HomeAway® — the site travelers use to book beach houses, cabins, condos and more — to help one intrepid earthling build their very own Martian vacation home.

The vacation rental giant today announced its intent to award $100,000 to one lucky winner who meets its requirements. The main requirement? Every penny must be used to build a vacation home on Mars. Once finished, the vacation home would be available for travelers to rent on HomeAway.com when not being enjoyed by the homeowner.

“At HomeAway we strongly believe that lake vacations shouldn’t be limited to earthbound bodies of water,” said Melanie Fish, HomeAway’s travel expert. “As last week's discovery indicates, there could be gorgeous lakes, rivers and streams to enjoy in every corner of the universe. And when it comes to vacation rentals, we’ve just got everywhere in the world covered, so now it’s time to look to other worlds.”.

To enter, simply email seeyouinspace@homeaway.com by August 15. Include your name, address, email address, and telephone numbers, as well one sentence saying why you want to own a vacation home on Mars. HomeAway will randomly choose one winner to be notified by September 1.

For more information, contact:
Christina Song
HomeAway PR

About the Challenge

The Challenge is open to legal residents of the United States (excluding FL and NY) who have reached the age of majority. The owner of the randomly selected construction idea will receive a check for $1,000 upon completion and submission of the affidavit and release documentation. To receive the full $100,000 prize, the winner must fulfill the following requirements: (a) Construction of the vacation home must begin on Mars by August 1, 2025. All permits, permissions and other matters involving the construction of the vacation home will fall strictly under the jurisdiction of the winner. (b) The winner will receive $5,000 USD every 12 months starting on August 1, 2025, pending the completion of significant construction milestones. The payments will continue for 20 years until the winner receives the full $100,000, providing that the winner can prove that construction milestones are being completed at a regular cadence. (c) All prize money must be devoted to the construction of the vacation home on Mars. (d) HomeAway will be released from all financial obligations to the winner if the winner fails to fulfill any of these requirements. For full terms and conditions, visit this page

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