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HomeAway Survey Reveals What Dads in Asia Wish

to Receive This Father's Day

More than 900 respondents were surveyed, of which four out of five respondents expressed the wish to travel more with their families



SINGAPORE, June 12, 2017 -- Did it slip your mind that Father's Day is drawing near? Or are you still wracking your brain to decide on the perfect Father's Day gift? According to a five-country survey* commissioned by HomeAway® the world leader in vacation rentals, you are probably not alone. When asked about the gifts they had received over the years, it was shocking that half of dads surveyed said they had most commonly received nothing for Father's Day. This may all change this year, as HomeAway has set out on a mission to celebrate dads, the unsung heroes in the family who are often outshone by mothers on Mother's Day.


Of the respondents surveyed across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, most dads said they would love to spend quality time with their family and loved ones, as compared to receiving material gifts like books, belts, mugs and neck ties. Four out of five respondents also wished to travel more with family, even when more than half of them have traveled with their families in the past year. 


HomeAway on a Mission for Father's Day!


Based on the learnings that dads in Asia value spending quality time together with their family, and that traveling with the entire family is a wish shared by many, HomeAway decided to help make this happen for one lucky family. Joy Toh from Singapore shared her personal story when she entered the #EiffelTowerAllYours contest in 2016 and HomeAway decided to make her holiday dream for her dad come true this Father's Day. To help the family express their appreciation for dad's selfless contribution to the family over the years, HomeAway sent Joy and her extended family to Bali on a mission to surprise her dad with a huge family vacation! HomeAway hosted the family at a 9-bedroom HomeAway villa, with a pool, service staff and complimentary breakfast. The villa costs less than S$120 per person per night.


"As a dad, I love to travel with my family, however it has been a number of years since I went on a trip with my extended family. I understand the challenges faced in organizing a family trip to accommodate everyone, but here's where HomeAway comes in -- we provide a whole selection of vacation rentals at great value for families and groups of friends to create unforgettable holiday experiences together. We hope everyone will be inspired by Joy's heart-warming story and take the chance to say thank you to their dads or granddads this coming Father's Day", said Prashant Kirtane, Vice President -- Asia, HomeAway.


Take time to show your appreciation to dad this coming Sunday. Make a card, say a greeting, or even better, take dad and the family on a vacation with HomeAway!  






Dads give… But do they receive? 


Dads do not show it, but they definitely want it


Start making that dinner reservation now! 


Take the whole family and start planning your travels (again)














*Survey was carried out with 930 respondents across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan in the period of May 2017



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