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Vacation Rentals in the Twin Cities Beginning to Book for Super Bowl LII




AUSTIN, Texas, September 8, 2017 – As week one of the NFL kicks off this weekend, Minneapolis vacation rentals are already benefitting from the city hosting the Super Bowl, coming in February.  


The average nightly HomeAway.com® rental rate during the big weekend for two-to-three bedroom homes in Minneapolis is more than $1,900 per night[i] — already more than the average nightly rate for vacation rentals during last year’s game in Houston, $1,715 per night[ii].


“Though many properties are renting at premium rates due to the popularity of the event, staying as a group or family and splitting the cost of a vacation rental is the most cost-effective way to stay,” said HomeAway® spokesperson Melanie Fish. “Vacation rentals offer twice the space at half the cost of a hotel room.”


Along with the increase in nightly rental rates and demand for vacation rentals as hotels begin to book for the big game, a great opportunity presents itself for homeowners to rent their property to the thousands of football fans coming to the area. 


Minneapolis has seen an increase of 190 percent more vacation rentals available in the city on HomeAway.com since September 2016[iii], with more expected to be added to take advantage of the game’s draw. More than a third of available rental homes are already booked.  Super Bowl LI in Houston drew an increase of over 1445 percent year-over-year demand[iv] for vacation rentals in the city, enough to book nearly 100 percent of its vacation rental inventory.


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