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HomeAway Helps Project ATX6 Bring the Musical

Talent of Austin to the World



AUSTIN, Texas, August 18, 2017 – HomeAway®, the world leader in vacation rentals, is pleased to announce a partnership with Project ATX6, a documentary film project that invites six musicians from Austin, Texas each year to attend international music festivals.  HomeAway will provide accommodations for the globetrotting musicians for Project ATX6’s 2017 season.


HomeAway joins Project ATX6 for the second consecutive year as its official accommodations partner to help bring Austin music to the world. As part of this partnership, the musicians and crew of Project ATX6 will stay as a group in spacious HomeAway vacation rental properties in four international locations, allowing for musical collaboration as well as much-needed privacy and rest after their shows.


“HomeAway is in the business of helping families and groups stay together and make lasting memories while traveling," said Kate Lowery, spokesperson for HomeAway.  “As a homegrown in Austin company, we are proud to support these incredibly talented musicians and filmmakers as they make those lasting memories while sharing the sounds of our town with music lovers around the globe.”


Project ATX6 selects six Austin musicians each year to perform at international music festivals. The organization has sent 24 Austin musicians, since its inception in 2014, to festivals where they represent Austin with their music. This coming year, the Project ATX6 musicians will be showcasing Austin music in Angers, France, Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany, Yumeiro Music Festival in Oita, Japan, and Indie Week in Toronto, Ontario.  


At the conclusion of the tour, Project ATX6 will premiere a documentary of the experience, a follow-up to the 2016 trek, which will be screened at the Stateside Theater at a date yet to be determined.


“Project ATX6 is an extension of Austin's music community. Live music is deeply rooted in our culture,” says Project ATX6 founder Chris Brecht. “By selecting six musicians each year to showcase on the international stage, we hope to create a bridge of opportunity for all independent musicians from Austin, Texas and forever showcase the vitality of Austin's creative spirit."


HomeAway will also be the presenting sponsor of several local Project ATX6 showcases in Austin leading up to and throughout the group’s travel dates, including a kickoff showcase at the YETI Flagship and rooftop concert at HomeAway’s downtown Austin headquarters.


2017 Project ATX6 Musicians:


Sisi Berry (of Torino Black)

Taylor Wilkins (of Otis the Destroyer)  

Acey Monaro (of Go Fever)

Corey Baum (of Croy and the Boys)

Little Mazarn [AA1] 


Project ATX6 2017 Events Calendar

August 19: ATX6 Kickoff Showcase presented by HomeAway, YETI Flagship, Austin, Texas

September 7: ATX6 Showcase, ABGB, Austin, Texas

September 16: ATX6 Showcase, The White Horse, Austin, Texas

September 17-23: Austin Week, Angers, France

September 20-23: Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany

October 6: ATX6 Showcase, The Blackheart, Austin, Texas

October 9: HomeAway Rooftop Concert, Austin, Texas

October 20-25: Oita Music Festival, Oita, Japan

November 4: KUTX Studio 1A @ Concert, Austin, Texas

November 7-11: Indie Week, Toronto, Canada

December TBD: ATX6 Finale Concert presented by HomeAway, Stateside Theater, Austin, Texas



About Project ATX6

ATX6 is a music export and documentary film production that, each year, selects six Austin musicians to showcase at international music festivals.

The endless journey of live music, festival performances, staying in HomeAway rentals and traveling by train, Project ATX6 has showcased Austin musicians showcase at music festivals in Toronto (Canada), Halifax (Nova Scotia), Manchester (England), Reeperbahn / Hamburg (Germany), Angers (France), Oita (Japan) among other performances outside of the festivals in various European and Canadian cities. While giving selected musicians the opportunity of a lifetime, Project ATX6 selects musicians to represent the greater whole of Austin's vibrant, diverse, and eclectic musical talent abroad.




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