HomeAway 2018 Travel Trend Report reveals new vacation
hot spots and an appetite for non-traditional accommodations


AUSTIN, Texas Nov. 9, 2017 – Move over, Miami. Take a hike, Hamptons. HomeAway®, the world leader in vacation rentals, combed its data to reveal Oklahoma’s Broken Bow Lake, Iowa’s Spirit Lake and Texas’ Hill Country as fast-growing, surprising destinations for Americans vacationing domestically.[i]


The findings are among highlights of the HomeAway 2018 Trend Report, fresh with insights into where and how Americans will travel in the year to come, based on 2017 HomeAway.com demand data. As for non-traditional accommodations, barns topped the list for most popular (call it farm-to-bed vacations).


“Last year’s unexpected new favorites for vacation home rentals, places like Hurricane, Utah, were near national and state parks, showing that groups and families want to combine outdoor adventure with the comforts of staying in a home away from home,” said Karen Fuller, HomeAway’s senior director of global market research. “The trend continues with this year’s surprise destinations, which are all in beautiful outdoorsy places.”

The 2018 trend report lists HomeAway’s top destinations, the nation’s pet-friendliest places and a boost in travelers booking treehouses and houseboats, along with those barns. The full report is available at http://hmwy.co/HomeAwayTrendReport2018. Highlights include:







“Travelers renting homes on beaches and mountains are a mainstay of the vacation home rental industry,” said Fuller. “But as more and more travelers rely on HomeAway and VRBO, it’s interesting to see their preferences evolve. I would not have predicted a demand for treehouses.”



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