HomeAway Partners with Poptent to Give the Public a Chance to Create its Next Ad
Highlighting Benefits of Vacation Rentals

Creators of Selected Ads Will Each Receive $7,500

AUSTIN, TX, August 3, 2011
HomeAway, Inc. – the world’s leading network of online vacation rentals – today announces an opportunity for two amateur filmmakers to win $7,500 by producing an ad focused on family vacations incorporating the theme, “Why hotel when you can HomeAway™.” For the project, HomeAway® is partnering with Poptent, a crowdsourced video production company that connects advertisers with videographers, to engage its global network of more than 35,000 users, as well as any one who wants to create a free account and produce a video. Deadline for submission via Poptent.net is 11:59:59 p.m. ET on August 23, 2011.

Poptent was initially tapped to produce four videos using a script that long-time HomeAway customer and property owner Victor Nawrocki submitted to HomeAway after watching their Super Bowl advertisement. According to Nawrocki, “I wrote this ad as an opportunity to tell a different story about HomeAway and the benefits of vacation rentals. Many families don’t realize they have alternatives to hotels, and with vacation rentals they can save money and vacation more comfortably.”

With a video from Nawrocki's script as inspiration , HomeAway is opening up the project to Poptent’s existing network of 35,000 videographers, as well as anyone who signs up for a free Poptent account, to write and produce a commercial centered on the benefits of vacation rentals.

“There are thousands of incredibly smart and creative owners who live and breathe this industry, marketing their homes everyday to the core vacation rental audience - families,” says Brian Sharples, founder and chief executive officer of HomeAway. “By working with Poptent, we have an opportunity to solicit great ideas not only from our customers, such as Victor Nawrocki, but also a global talent pool."

The chosen videos must capture the following elements:

  • Communicate why vacation rentals are a better option for families on vacation than hotels, because of the space, value, kitchens and unique experience it offers;
  • Explain why HomeAway.com is the best place to find vacation rentals because of the worldwide selection of homes, condos and villas found on its site;
  • Include children as part of the script - it can be written from a child's perspective or feature children.

HomeAway will make its final selections no later than September 8, 2011. Participants may find additional guidelines and resources, including the creative brief and Nawrocki’s scripted video at www.poptent.net/assignment/315.

“HomeAway’s theme and overall presence as the leader in vacation rentals gives Poptent community members a great deal of creative latitude to develop effective and memorable video ads,” says Neil Perry, Poptent president. “We are very pleased to again work with HomeAway and look forward to our member-creators providing them with a variety of unique, professional-quality videos from which to choose.”

About Poptent.:

Poptent (www.poptentmedia.com) is a crowdsourced video production company for Fortune 500 brands and agencies, producing commercials and other video assets through a powerful social network of more than 35,000 videographers in over 120 countries. Poptent's marketing and social networking professionals work with clients to develop high quality commercials and other video assets at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods for both online and offline use. Brands who "Poptent" their videos get the benefit of reviewing numerous video executions, then choosing the perfect videos for their needs. Poptent creators benefit through the industry networking and other resources available to them at Poptent, and by having their work seen, reviewed and potentially purchased by leading brands and ad agencies. Founded in 2007, Poptent's principal offices are in Southern California and suburban Philadelphia, with regional sales offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and other key US markets.

Media Contact:

Eileen Buesing
Senior Director of Global Public Relations, HomeAway, Inc.