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'Hobbit' hotels offer more than a hole in the ground - Jayne Clark
"In northwest Montana, the resemblance of the Hobbit House to Tolkien's Middle-earth creation also was a chance occurrence — at first.

The $245-a-night lodging can be booked direct or on the HomeAway vacation rentals website."

The Next Web

HomeAway partners with to list vacation rentals in Chinese - Josh Ong
"Vacation rental website HomeAway is hoping to capitalize on the growing ranks of Chinese vacationers through a new agreement with to distribute translated listings on its partner’s platform."


Silicon Hills

HomeAway’s Sharples Wins National Entrepreneur of the Year Services Award - Laura Lorek
"HomeAway’s CEO and Co-Founder Brian Sharples won the highly prestigious Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 Services Award. The award recognized Sharples’ vision as an entrepreneur in discovering and creating a new marketplace for consumers to find vacation homes. HomeAway, based in Austin, is now the world’s largest vacation rental marketplace."

ABC News

‘Twilight Getaway’ Vacation Rental Home Offers Movie-Inspired Getaway - Christina Lopez
"When Middleton’s schedule became busier, she immediately enlisted the help of HomeAway, an online agency that markets unique vacation home.
Jon Gray, Sr. Vice President of HomeAway for North America said their agency has a number of house that are similar to Middleton’s including Disney and Harry Potter homes."


HomeAway Co-Founder: Why I Hire Failures - Jessica Stillman
"'With HomeAway we had a lot of people on the founding team who had been through the first dotcom bust,' Sharples says. 'I loved that because it made those people highly educated, highly paranoid, highly worried about ever getting in a situation again where they were working for a company that was burning too much cash or investing too much in the long-term and not really being disciplined.'"


Should you buy your retirement dream house now? - Catey Hill
"If your retirement wish-list includes a coveted second-life hotspot somewhere on the coast or in the mountains, the relatively low home prices in some of those areas no doubt have you wishing you were retiring right now. So if you have a little money socked away, does it make sense to buy now and rent the place out until you’re ready to move in? The pitch: You could lock in your retirement getaway home at what might be a historically low price, while getting a chance to pay off at least some of the cost with rental income."


HomeAway Enables Rentals to Be Placed Online With Credit Cards - Tricia Duryee
"The company said online bookings will allow it to transition to a pay-per-booking model, where homeowners can list their property for free and pay a commission at the time of booking, rather than paying an upfront fee."


Austin Business Journal

HomeAway’s East Coast customers drop rates for Sandy evacuees - Sarah Drake
"East Coast residents who rent their vacation homes through HomeAway Inc. are lowering rates or offering their homes free of charge to those who need housing in the wake of Hurricane Sandy."


Interview with HomeAway's CFO, Lynn Atchison - Tom Taulli
"HomeAway has a presence in 168 countries and currently has about 735,000 listings. In fact, revenues have been growing at an average rate of 66% since 2006.
The company is really just scratching the surface of the market opportunity. Consider that there are 19.6 million vacation rental properties in the US and Europe."

The Orange County Register

O.C. sees boost in offseason vacation rentals - Kelli Hart Kehler
"The online vacation-rental marketplace HomeAway reports a 72 percent increase in rental inquiries from last year for offseason vacation rentals in Orange County. Balboa Peninsula, for example, has a 239 percent increase in customer inquiries, Anaheim is up 106 percent, Huntington Beach 78 percent, San Clemente 76 percent and Laguna Beach 53 percent over the past year, HomeAway reports. The site connects travelers with property owners, who handle bookings themselves."


100 Founders Share Their Top "Aha" Moments -- Guess How Many Jobs They've Created So Far? - Alan Hall
"Brian H. Sharples, HomeAway, Inc., 1100 jobs, 

Prior to 2005, it was difficult to find vacation rentals online. I experienced that personally while traveling with my family (aha!), and as a result, co-founded HomeAway, Inc. HomeAway now offers travelers 735,000 properties throughout 168 countries while enabling our customers to generate an average of $26,000 in rental income per year."

The Motley Fool

1 Reason to Still Believe in This Rule Breaker - Tim Beyers
"Hotels bother me now.
It wasn't always this way. For years, my wife and I vacationed using hotel affinity points to pay for rooms for short vacations -- either alone or with our kids. What's changed? HomeAway (NAS: AWAY) and competitors such as TripAdvisor's (NAS: TRIP) FlipKey have made renting a vacation condo about as easy as booking a hotel room."

Arizona Daily Star

Ready rentals for Tucson visitors: Owners cashing in by offering homes to vacationers - Dan Sorenson
"HomeAway claims to have 735,000 vacation rental home listings spread over 168 countries, including more than 300 in Tucson and Green Valley.
Tucson properties rent for everything from $75 a night or $1,500 a month in off-season (roughly May through October or November) to $1,200 a night and $5,500 or more monthly in peak winter periods. Sometimes, they rent for even higher prices during the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, based on a check of local offerings on Vacation Rentals by Owner's (VRBO) and HomeAway's websites."

Schensul: Travelers are increasingly choosing apartments over hotel rooms - Jill Schensul
"If you’re thinking of rental a vacation property, here are some good places to start your hunt:
HomeAway, Inc. based in Austin, Texas, is the world’s leading online marketplace of vacation rentals. Its sites represent approximately 735,000 vacation rental home listings in 168 countries with a portfolio that includes, and in the United States…"



HomeAway retires Holiday-Rentals brand, claims poor brand recognition - Kevin May
"The vacation rental giant will this week turn into after beginning the process a few years ago to plant the HomeAway brand in the minds of existing owners and users.
Holiday-Rentals became part of HomeAway in 2005, the first in a line of companies snapped up in Europe (including Owners-Direct , also in the UK, Abritel in France and Fewo-Direkt in Germany) as the mothership looked to expand its network in to new territories."


How Your Tech Team Can Help Win Clients - Jennifer Alsever
"'It's a time to step away from the general backlog and push yourself,' says Jack Yang, a vice president of engineering at vacation-rental company Despite hundreds of emails awaiting him, he refused to look at them during the hackathon session. 'I told people I am not available,' he says."


Vacation Rental Industry Records Growth as Occupancy and Rates Rise - Kristyan Morgan
"The economy may be volatile, but an increasing number of people going away on vacations has boosted the vacation real estate industry.

Owners of vacation rentals have reported a year-over-year growth with an increase in occupancy levels and average weekly rental rates, the latest HomeAway Vacation Rental Marketplace Report showed."

Austin Business Journal

HomeAway, Westgate Resorts pen timeshare deal - Sarah Drake
"Austin online vacation rentals marketplace HomeAway Inc. and Westgate Resorts have formed a partnership that allows HomeAway travelers to use unsold and vacant resort timeshares across the United States — the first of its kind in the vacation rental industry."


The Four Things Young Leaders Must Do to Effectively Lead Older Generations - Glenn Llopis
"As Jon Gray, Vice President, North America of HomeAway, Inc. said when he shared his thoughts about managing people who are older than you: 'Managers should legitimately care about each person he or she manages. If you invest your time, effort, and energy in helping people, they will be able to develop personally and professionally. You’ll also be tuned in to their goals and aspirations. As a result, employees are happier and better at their jobs.'"

Austin American-Statesman

Rents of $20,000 per night? Welcome to F1 week in Austin - Shonda Novak
"While it remains to be seen if renters will bite on those prices, the F1 race set for Nov. 16-18 has created an opportunity for Central Texas homeowners to ask for unprecedented rents during the event, said Jon Gray, North American vice president for Austin-based HomeAway Inc., the world's largest online vacation rental company."


Three Companies Lead the Way in Alternative Accommodations - Arthur Frommer
"The owners of (headquartered in Austin, Texas) spotted the successful and quickly acquired it, in addition to acquiring They also proceeded to create local specialists in major countries overseas: in Great Britain, in Germany, in Spain, and in France."

Hurricane Isaac, sinkhole victims offered homes - Deborah Dupre
"Austin-based HomeAway, Inc. (NASDAQ: AWAY) has organized a directory of vacation homes for rent, many at reduced rates or free of charge, to people needing housing whose homes were damaged by Tropical Storm Isaac."

USA Today

10 great places to sleep in a schoolhouse - Larry Bleiberg
"Even with school back in session, there are still places where it's OK to nod off in class. Several former schoolhouses have been transformed into bed-and-breakfasts and rental properties. "Schoolhouses from a century ago are about the same size as a single-family home, so they work nicely for a vacation home," says Jon Gray  of, an online vacation-home rental firm. "You have a very different experience than you'd have in a cookie-cutter hotel." He shares some favorites with Larry Bleiberg  for USA TODAY."

Austin American-Statesman

3 Day Startup goes one-on-one with Austin-based HomeAway - Lori Hawkins
"Last spring, HomeAway opened its downtown headquarters to 40 students, who spent a weekend creating startup businesses related to the travel industry.

The goal was for them to build something that could ultimately partner or be acquired by HomeAway, which operates the world's leading network of online vacation rentals."


Bloomberg Businessweek

HomeAway Names Breakwell Director as Chaffee Resigns - Lisa Rapaport
"HomeAway Inc. (AWAY), an online vacation- rental service, has named Simon Breakwell, a former director at travel website Expedia Inc. (EXPE), to its board.

He will serve as an independent director and as a member of HomeAway’s audit committee, replacing Todd Chaffee, who resigned from the board, the Austin, Texas-based company said today in a regulatory filing."

JULY 2012

Austin Business Journal

HomeAway offers renter’s insurance option - Robert Grattan
"Vacation rental website operator HomeAway (Nasdaq: AWAY), which is due to announce its earnings tomorrow, is now offering insurance through HomeAway Assure, a CBIZ Insurance Services Inc. (NYSE: CBZ) program."

The Huffington Post

Vacation Rentals For First Timers
"Vacation rentals are super diverse. You can stay in a cheap and cozy Destin beach house or a sleek and shiny Las Vegas penthouse. It's fun to shop around, but make sure you're visiting trusted vacation rental websites with lots of inventory, a dedicated customer support team and built-in protections, like or Sites like Craigslist don't offer such peace of mind."


Cheap International Travel - Noelle S
"Hotels are going to be the most expensive place to stay no matter where you go. For the best prices check out hostels on Traveling with kids? No problem. Check out (Vacation Rentals By Owner) and for guesthouses, apartments, homes and condos."

Austin Business Journal

Homeowners aid wildfire victims via HomeAway - Vicky Garza
"Austin-based HomeAway Inc. had been contacted by vacation rental owners, property managers and bed and breakfasts in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Montana volunteering to offer their properties to wildfire evacuees."

JUNE 2012

Money Magazine

Steal this home! Getting in on cheap vacation home prices - Sarah Max
"The average vacation home rents for 19 weeks a year, according to HomeAway. That doesn't mean yours will. Ask a real estate agent or property manager for a history of rental dates and rates for the property itself or comparable places.

Close to tourist attractions? You're likely to command a premium rate, says HomeAway vice president Jon Gray."

Investor's Business Daily

Vacation Home Buyers Return, Pick Pricier Properties
"She's not alone. Vacation home rental listings are up at the website HomeAway (AWAY). It had 433,000 in 2009 and has 700,0000 now, says its vice president, Jon Gray.

Home prices are recovering in many markets, but still falling in neighborhoods that are predominately vacation homes, Kolko says.

U.S. vacation home asking prices dropped 1.7% year over year in the 12 months ending in April as overall listing prices fell 0.2%, he notes."

Orange County Register

Check out the amazing Disney rental home - Jeff Collins
"According to Jon Gray, North American business vice president for HomeAway, VRBO has about 87 listings in the Disney area alone. HomeAway has 72, although many overlap.

Most are single-family homes with three or four bedrooms and yards (and sometimes pools). Others are condos.

The average rent for an Anaheim home is $240 per night, or $1,680 per week – cheap when you consider that they can accommodate large groups that often need multiple hotel rooms. Compare that to the Disney hotels, where standard rooms cost anywhere from $200 to $600 a night, and up."

Design Milk

HomeAway Headquarters - Caroline
"I’m pretty sure people would be a whole lot happier if they were able to come to a space like this to work. The worldwide vacation rental company, HomeAway, has grown so much they had to create a new office space. Since the company is all about vacations, they created a headquarters in Austin, Texas that more than reflects that, all while achieving LEED Gold Certification. If only we could all work in a place like this…"

Austin Business Journal

HomeAway CEO shares secrets to success - Colin Pope
"Brian Sharples co-founded HomeAway Inc. with Carl Shepherd in February 2005 and has since led it to become a global online marketplace for vacation rentals, with sites representing nearly 700,000 vacation rental homes in 168 countries.

He also led HomeAway on its path to becoming a publicly traded company, completing a $216 million initial public offering of stock in June 2011. And the company’s brand has been elevated in large part to its television commercials that aired during two Super Bowls."

New York Times

Now Click It, Rent It And Buy a Plane Ticket - Monica Drake
"The vacation rental company HomeAway joins with Priceline this week to allow customers to book plane tickets and car rentals in addition to homes.

The partnership allows travelers who book a vacation rental through or, part of the company’s portfolio of Web sites, to complete their vacation planning on one site, using a search powered by Priceline Partner Network."

Fox News

6 tips for traveling with your baby - Julie Revelant
"Booking your flight during your baby’s nap time can make for an easier trip. If your destination is in a different time zone, experts suggest immediately adapting to the new time zone. If your baby is tired when you land, let him nap but keep it short. If you’re able to get your baby to bed at his regular bed time on the first day, chances are naps will fall into place for the rest of the trip. “The great thing about kids is that they’re really resilient  and they’re really sensitive to light and dark,” said Diana Heather, author of and The Family Travel Guide blog on"


CEO advice for grads: Travel, learn, follow your passion - Eve Tahmincioglu
"Here’s their advice:
Brian Sharples, 51, CEO of HomeAway
(Colby College class of 1982)
Q. What’s the one piece of advice you’d give college graduates today?
A. If you want to be truly happy in life then pursue a career that is aligned with your passion. If you're lucky enough to understand what it is then get started early. Don't focus on money or what other people might think. In the long run, if you do what you love then great rewards, financial or otherwise, will arrive."

MAY 2012


Applying agile concepts at HomeAway - Rick Freedman
"More importantly for our conversation, HomeAway is a prime example of an enterprise that has embraced agility and made it a core value of the company. From the CEO through the executive suite and into the ranks of developers, agile concepts have permeated the business model of HomeAway, and enabled its growth in new product offerings and its responsiveness to customer needs."

Community Impact

Southwest Austin Travis County, businesses prepare for Formula One - Joe Olivieri
"As race day gets closer, many residents and local officials are seeing the early signs of just how significant that impact will be. One gauge is lodging availability. Hotels and private vacation rentals, coordinated through websites such as Austin’s HomeAway, are reporting bookings months ahead of race day."


HomeAway’s LEED Gold Headquarters in Austin Makes Work Feel Like a Vacation - Mark Boyer
"When HomeAway Inc opened its new headquarters in Austin in 2009, the vacation website sought to make their offices one of the greenest in the city -- as well as one of the most enjoyable places to work. With a sprawling roof deck, a game room, and a giant replica of the birdhouse from the HomeAway logo, it looks more like a vacation destination than a work space. Designed by CTA Architects Engineers, the 51,000-square-foot office was even awarded LEED Gold certification for its use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems."

culturemap Austin

Vacationing with HomeAway: Success depends on the people - Kevin Benz
"Together, they built and bought their way to becoming the world's largest vacation rental marketplace. HomeAway started vacation rental sites in many markets around the world and purchased 17 vacation rental websites. 'We realized that in markets where there was already a strong leader, a quicker path to success for us was to buy that company and then integrate it into a national network,' said Sharples."

Huffington Post

Buying A Vacation Home: Post 50s Seek Proximity
"The reason for the proximity? One-third of buyers said they planned to use their vacation home as a primary residence in the future. 'People started seeing vacation homes as an option for retirement,' said Jon Gray, vice president of, a web site that matches homeowners with vacation renters. In addition, more people are buying vacation homes ahead of retirement and renting them out for several years before moving in themselves. In a separate finding of the same NAR study, 11 percent of survey respondents said they would buy a vacation home for their eventual retirement."

Business Insider

PRESENTING: The World's Most Opulent Villas - Adam McCulloch
"Somewhat ironically, this surge in over-the-topness could be considered a by-product of harder economic times. 'Before the global financial crisis there was a glut of high-end construction,' explains Brian Sharples, founder of HomeAway, a network of villa rental websites representing 650,000 properties with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $392,000 a week. 'Many owners of luxury properties who were over-leveraged have now turned to rentals as a way to defray ownership costs.' The result is a super competitive market where added extras like sports cars and ski equipment are as common as evening turndown treats in hotels."

The Wall Street Journal

Getting Away—but Not Too Far - Robbie Whelan
"'People want to stay within driving distance because they're more able to maintain the homes, they have better networks in place and friends and family nearby to use and sustain the homes,' said Jon Gray, vice president of, a website that lists vacation rentals. A survey in March by site operator HomeAway Inc. found that the most popular markets among vacationers this year are those that can be reached in a drive of four hours or less from home. That makes those markets good investment opportunities for the 91% of vacation-home buyers who plan to rent their properties when they aren't using them."

APRIL 2012


7 Bargain Summer Destinations - Kelli B. Grant
"Summer favorites such as South Padre Island in Texas and Branson, Mo., still have more than 50% availability for summer rentals, says Jon Gray, the vice president of U.S. business for rental site (The site reports overall listings are up 30% compared with last year.)"

Austin American-Statesman

HomeAway tries its hand at hosting a startup sleepover - Lori Hawkins
"Sleeping bags will be available, but it's unlikely any of the 40 aspiring student entrepreneurs spending the weekend at HomeAway's downtown Austin headquarters will get much sleep.

The students, mostly from the University of Texas, will spend three days creating new startup businesses related to the travel industry."


'Perfect storm' encourages sales of vacation homes - Elaine Porterfield
"Kron has plenty of company, according to a new survey by the National Association of Realtors, a professional membership group, and HomeAway, a national online vacation home rental service. That survey found that sales of vacation homes pushed up 7 percent in 2011 over the previous year."

The Next Web

HomeAway acquires Spain’s rural tourism site Toprural in all-cash deal - Robin Wauters
"HomeAway, the NASDAQ-listed company behind the world’s largest online marketplace for vacation rentals, is making a major expansion move in Europe with the acquisition of Toprural, a website that lets people search and book independently-owned rural accommodations in small towns or countryside destinations across Southern Europe."

Austin Business Journal

Austin businesses go blue - Vicky Garza
"This year, buildings in Austin such as the W Hotel Austin, The Long Center, and HomeAway Inc. will go blue to participate in the annual Light It Up Blue event.

'HomeAway is proud to be involved with organizations like Autism Speaks and is happy to light up our iconic birdhouse blue in April to show our support,' said Carl Shepherd, HomeAway co-founder and chief strategy and development officer."

MARCH 2012

FOX Business

Renting to Retirement: Six Factors to Consider - Kayleigh Kulp
"A 2011 survey by vacation rental booking site shows 14% of vacation rental owners purchased their home to be used during retirement and are renting it out in the meantime. members generate $28,000 annually by renting their home about 19 weeks a year, and half of the site’s owners can cover 75% or more of their mortgage by renting to travelers."


HomeAway Co-founder on Making Acquisitions - Teri Evans
"If making acquisitions is a growth strategy for your small business, there are crucial elements you need to consider before you move forward. HomeAway Co-founder Brian Sharples has led 17 acquisitions for his company and says he has learned plenty from the process."

The Motley Fool

The Biggest Opportunity I Saw at South By Southwest - Tim Beyers
"Up until now, most of HomeAway's growth has come from a combination of acquisitions and organic listings growth. More properties listed means more opportunities to charge the standard listing fee. Sharples says that will begin to change this year, as HomeAway introduces tiered pricing options, giving owners the Google-like opportunity to position their properties high in searches for a particular region."


HomeAway Co-founder on Risks and Rewards of Superbowl Ads - Teri Evans
"For entrepreneurs considering a big bet with commercials during major TV events, there's much to consider. Superbowl ads, in particular, are one of the priciest gambles you can take  in your branding efforts. HomeAway Co-founder says he's taken his share of risks, some resulting in big rewards, when he chose to advertise during the NFL's biggest game."


As SXSWers Get Desperate, Austinites Get Enterprising - Meghan Casserly
"John Gray, VP of North America for HomeAway told me that year-over-year renting with HomeAway has more than doubled. 'Look at Q4 growth,' he says, referencing the period when the majority of SXSW bookings were made, 'From 2010 to 2011 we saw growth of 88%.'  So clearly the market is there. But how much does a homeowner stand to benefit? Gray says the average price of their 667 Austin listings is $690 a night for a 2-bedroom home, meaning an enterprising owner could net more than $6,000 by renting over the nine-day conference. 'That’s a mortgage payment,' I said with my Manhattan real estate market lenses on. 'In Austin,' Gray reminded me, 'that’s a few of them.'"


HomeAway Co-founder on Curiosity, Influence and Rejection - Teri Evans
"Sharples and co-founder Carl Shepherd launched the online vacation rental marketplace in 2005 and quickly expanded globally. After 17 acquisitions, Austin-based HomeAway went public last year and lists more than 640,000 rental properties in 168 countries. Annual revenues totaled $230.2 million in 2011."

ABC News

Summer Vacation Rental Home How-To - Genevieve Shaw Brown
 "Jon Gray, Vice President of U.S. Business for HomeAway, says the site's average booking window is 90 days out. So if you're planning to rent a house for Memorial Day weekend, you're already behind the curve."



Maintaining a livable downtown Austin: Living, working and playing - Cody Lyon
"For some companies, like the fast-growing Austin-based HomeAway, locating downtown was the result of employee desire for centrality. HomeAway grew from six employees in 2005 to 466 in Austin alone last year. The company's headquarters is on downtown's western periphery at Lamar and 5th Street."


HomeAway continues platform migration with Europe next and phases in tiered pricing - Dennis Schaal
 "Like Orbitz Worldwide previously and Expedia Inc. currently, HomeAway is transitioning its global sites to a common technology platform, a move that will facilitate HomeAway’s efforts to phase in a tiered-pricing model globally. is already on the tech platform and HomeAway’s VRBO brand has implemented the first phase of its migration, which is slated to be completed in 2012, CEO Brian Sharples told analysts February 22."

Associated Press

Fans' rite of spring: sun-seeking baseball trips - Dave Carpenter
"Consider time-share properties, vacation-home rentals and condos as a way to get more space for your dollars. Dining out can be one of the biggest expenses of your trip, and having a kitchen or kitchenette to prepare some meals can cut costs significantly. Visit ... or, which stands for vacation rentals by owner."


HomeAway opens new office - Calily Bien
"If you’ve rented homes while on vacation instead of staying at a hotel, you’ve probably visited HomeAway, Inc.

HomeAway, an online vacation rental website, is opening its third Austin office to accommodate its growing staff.

HomeAway’s customer service and sales teams will occupy the new location in the Penn Field campus."


Rooms to let? Still time to cash in around Super Bowl - Shelley Crawford
"At HomeAway, one of the nation's largest vacation-rental websites, the average price for a rental property is $1,750 per week. During periods of heavy demand such as the Super Bowl, a realistic price might be $3,000 per week, Gray said."

Austin YNN

Guest housing already filling up for SXSW - Sebastian Robertson
"Amidst a worldly collection of snow globes sits the corporate offices for

The website connects home owners looking to rent their property to travelers.

"As it sits today, most of our 357 listings we have here in Austin are booked for both weeks of South by Southwest," Vice President Jon Gray said."

Surfing for a Vacation Rental - Michelle Higgins
"With more than 290,000 listings in 145 countries, is among the largest vacation rental sites out there, and it will appeal to those looking for a traditional private vacation home. About 100,000 of the listings are concentrated in the United States and a hefty number are in Europe, especially France and Spain. Travelers can whittle those figures down to a manageable list by choosing the features they want, like a pool or pet-friendly accommodations."


HomeAway Suggests 'Let's Stay Together' - Tania Irwin
"Online vacation rental company HomeAway is launching a national ad campaign with the theme “Let’s Stay Together.”

The TV spot features the Al Green 1972 classic hit by the same name. It debuts in select markets during the Jan. 15 NBC television airing of the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Developed by Austin agency GSD&M, the campaign includes TV, online, print and social media."

USA Today

Ask Chris: Booking a Caribbean Spring Break for 2012 - Chris Gray Faust
"The best way to save money as a family is to rent a house or condo for the week. That way, you can buy your own groceries and drinks, and save money on at least a few meals. The go-to websites for this are and If you go this route, make sure you read the reviews that the owners have received from others, and ask lots of questions."


The HomeAway Verdict – Are Short Term Vacation Rentals Worth the Hype? - Matt Long
"With our scope sufficiently narrowed, I used the HomeAway app on my iPad to find the perfect apartment. I was really pleased with how easy it was to winnow down the listings based on location and price. Each listing also had basic information (size of space, amenities, etc.), tons of photos and reviews when available."

CultureMap Austin

Vacationing with HomeAway: Success depends on the people. Co-founders Brian Sharples and Carl Shepherd explain how creating a global company from scratch takes experience and a commitment to building a strong, consistent corporate culture.

Entrepreneur Magazine

HomeAway Co-founder on Curiosity, Influence and Rejection: Brian Sharples shares his personal story and offers advice on how young 'treps can handle startup challenges.