Vacation Rentals for Business Travel - David Kelly
"There are multiple online resources available for helping individuals or organizations booking vacation rentals for business travel. Two of the main vacation rental booking sites that I've used in the past are ( ) and ( is good for business travelers interested in international destinations (since about two-thirds of its listing are outside the United States), while's listings focus extensively on America."


President Obama's Former 'Winter White House' For Rent - Morgan Brennan
"The Plantation Estate at Paradise Point, nicknamed the “Winter White House” thanks to the fact that the First Family has called it home for the holidays, rents out for $3,500 a night. A monthly rental fetches $75,000, according to its listing on vacation rental site"


Retiree havens go on sale - Karen Cheney
"Rental income can offset the cost of ownership, of course, but bear in mind that the average rental property has a tenant for fewer than 20 weeks a year, according to rental site"


Wall Street Journal Labels Austin A Brain Hub
"HomeAway is another business that started in Austin in 2005. The vacation rental service grew from two employees to more than 400 locally and more that 900 around the world.

They also offer entry level jobs that pay in the upper $20,000s with potential of making $50,000 over time."

HomeAway CEO speaks about success
"Very few entrepreneurs achieve the kind of success as the men who founded Austin-based HomeAway. They went from a start-up company to a global leader in a span of six years.

HomeAway is the leading site of vacation home rentals in the world. CEO and co-founder Brian Sharples spoke to KVUE to share his story."

"From having a simple idea to becoming a global leader in less than a decade, it's every entrepreneur's dream. For a couple of Austin men, it has become a reality. This week's Movers & Shakers segment features HomeAway's Brian Sharples and Carl Shepherd."

South Florida Sun Sentinel

South Florida cities top vacation home renters list for holiday travel - Arlene Satchell
"Florida cities head the list of vacation home renters places to stay this Christmas, according to a report released this week from Austin, Texas-based online vacation rental company HomeAway.

Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West and Orlando were among the top five cities for Christmas travel from Dec. 22-28, the report revealed."

AOL Real Estate

132 Rms, Riv Vu: What If You Could Rent the White House? - Ann Brenoff
"HomeAway, a company that arranges vacation stays in private homes, crunched the numbers and came up with this fun factoid: If the First Family rented out the White House when they go on their seven weeks of vacation every year, it would add almost $4 million to the nation's coffers."

- Elaine Porterfield
"At HomeAway, Inc., the largest such site in the country, they’ve seen their vacation rental listings grow about 22 percent from 433,295 in 2009 to 527,535 in 2010, and they appear to be climbing at similar rates this year, according to Alexis de Belloy, senior vice president of the company's U.S. brands, including, and"



HomeAway's Brian Sharples Talks Growth, Competition, Daily Deals - Tomio Geron
"Vacation rental website HomeAway went public in June, with its stock soaring 46% on the first day of trading. HomeAway has grown fast since it was founded in 2005, fueled by more than $500 million in venture capital funding. It now has 625,000 paid property listings on its sites across 145 countries. Despite the company’s growth, HomeAway co-founder and CEO Brian Sharples, in a recent FORBES interview, says there’s still much room to grow."

Austin American-Statesman

HomeAway names GSD&M its new agency of record - Brian Gaar
"Austin-based vacation rental website operator HomeAway Inc. didn’t have to go far to find its new advertising agency.

Just down the block, in fact — HomeAway announced this afternoon that Austin advertising firm GSD&M will be its new agency of record."


HomeAway Chooses GSD&M to Lead Creative and Media - Rupal Parekh
"Online vacation-rental marketplace HomeAway has picked Omnicom Group's GSD&M to handle creative and media duties after a review.

At the outset, media was not a part of the pitch, but Duff Stewart, president-CEO of GSD&M, said they 'just decided to go in and pitch it anyway' due to the 'synergies you get with media and creative together.'"


Are HomeAway and Airbnb on a collision course? - Dennis Schaal
"HomeAway, after all, has some big bucks at its disposal and has never been shy about making acquisitions.

Sharples says there’s only a 2% traffic overlap between HomeAway, which caters to families seeking vacation homes, and Airbnb, with its apartment rental clientele, and the inventory commonality is virtually nonexistent."

The Motley Fool

The Surprising Findings of a Rule Breaking Travel Experiment - Tim Beyers
"See, HomeAway and our host made us rethink traveling as a group. We didn't just meet up for meals and talk around the water cooler. We made ourselves at home in the living room each evening and spent hours talking about stocks, life, family, and more. Everything that makes us a good team came forth during those days because we spent time together -- time we wouldn't have spent had we been quarantined into pristine little boxes we call hotel rooms."

The Wall Street Journal

HomeAway’s CEO Talks IPOs & Airbnb’s Valuation - Ty McMahan
"Sharples sat down with VentureWire recently and discussed why he thinks his company could still pull off a public offering in current economic conditions, and how he feels about other companies like Airbnb hoping to profit from the trend of consumer sharing."

Austin Business Journal

GSD&M woos HomeAway on the street - Sandra Zaragoza
"In a grand gesture, GSD&M took to South Lamar Boulevard to let HomeAway Inc. HomeAway Inc. know it wants to be more than just the ad agency next door — it wants to be its advertising agency of record.

On Oct. 12, the advertising agency’s employees stood across from HomeAway’s office holding up signs that spelled “GSD&M & HomeAway.” The stunt took place after GSD&M delivered its business pitch to HomeAway executives."

The Street

Netflix, HomeAway Analysts Admit They Were Wrong - Robert Holmes
"On Wednesday, Goldman Sachs analyst Ingrid Chung was forced to correct a previous research report on Internet vacation rental company HomeAway due to an error in the fully diluted share count. Chung says she originally counted 49 million fully diluted shares for 2011, 60 million for 2012 and 61 million for 2013. Those incorrect totals were revised higher to 63 million, 88 million and 89 million, respectively.

Due to the modeling error, Chung cut her estimates for HomeAway's 2011, 2012 and 2013 earnings per share to reflect the fully diluted share totals. HomeAway still remains one of Chung's favorite companies in the Internet industry, but the six-month price target was revised to $42 from $48."

The Huffington Post

World's 11 Wildest, Most Interesting Vacation Rentals
"The property listing on HomeAway may say this is a "castle (detached)," but this County Mayo, Ireland rental is actually a former church. Restored by a Dublin-area architecture firm, the Kilgallán Chapel dates to 1836 and now sleeps up to 10 in an airy two-floor set up. A few miles from the sea, the house is in range of fantastic coastal scenery and just a couple minutes from the town of Westport, a favorite among visitors to Western Ireland."



Brian Sharples' tips for success: be humble - Faith Merino
"And what of profit?  'You're never going to be a success if you don't consider how the business is going to make money and be profitable. When we started HomeAway, there wasn't a year that went by where we weren't thinking about profitability.'

Another interesting tip: 'Don't think you can just raise money from anyone.  Money isn't just money--you want to raise from the right investors.'"

Main Street

Tourism Up, But Many Traveling Close to Home - Jeanine Skowronski
"Hobica’s sentiments are supported by a recent survey from HomeAway, which revealed vacation rentals were strong over the summer.

According to the survey’s findings, 68% of homeowners who rent vacation properties in peak summer markets reported occupancy rates of 76% or higher, with owners netting an average weekly rental rate of $1,685 or $241 per night."


Find your dream vacation home online - Aubrey Cohen
"The competing site HomeAway, which focuses on U.S. rentals, reported Wednesday that such rentals are doing well, with more than two-thirds of owners of vacation properties where summer is the peak season reporting occupancy rates of at least 76 percent, averaging $241 a night, compared with an average hotel industry occupancy rate between June and August of 68 percent, with an average room rate of $102 a night."

The Most Amazing And Absurd Places For Rent - Morgan Brennan
"HomeAway, a publicly traded company based in Austin, TX, boasts more than 260,000 vacation rentals on its website, available for one night stays, weeks and in some cases monthly sublets.  The company proffers some zany homes for rent as well, like a conch seashell-shaped house in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and a converted railway car in Montana."


The Inc. 5000
"2011 Ranking: #1,352
Travel Industry Ranking: #8
Austin Ranking: #31
HomeAway's business model: Offers vacation rental homes to consumers through its website, and also provides a venue for property managers to offer their vacation rentals to a larger audience. The company went public in March 2011."


World's Coolest Rental Homes - Meghan McEwan
"Renting a house has become increasingly easy—and popular—in the past few years, thanks to sites like HomeAway ... And there are some very cool rental homes out there. It’s enough to make a five-star hotel jealous."


The Motley Fool

Hands On With HomeAway - Tim Beyers
"What struck me most about our stay at a South Dakota campground cabin was the checkout flyer. On it were links to several sites where I could go and "rate" my stay. Most of them were owned by HomeAway (Nasdaq: AWAY ).

Seeing that made me smile. A small, family-owned business had turned to a large and fast-growing aggregator to get its name in front of potential travelers. More than irony was at work here. HomeAway's strategy -- acquire the major vacation rental listing sites to create
a booking empire -- was paying off."

Austin American-Statesman

Austin's HomeAway adding space, employees - Shonda Novak
"In need of more room for its growing workforce, Austin-based HomeAway Inc. is expanding its local presence with a lease for more than 26,000 square feet of space in the Penn Field complex on South Congress Avenue.

HomeAway, the world's leading network of online vacation rentals and the most recent Austin company to go public, is among a number of local companies that have announced job growth this year."


"Focused on privately owned vacation rental properties, HomeAway--along with its sister sites VRBO and VacationRentals--is a great first stop for group travelers.  The more than 250,000 properties on offer are particularly strong in popular destinations such as Cape Cod and Paris."


- Julia Lawlor
"Avoid pricey hotels. For your family vacay, rent a house instead of a hotel room.  You'll save a bundle and get a kitchen to trim restaurant bills. or for listings."

JULY 2011

Budget Travel

- Sarah Bernard
"WHERE TO STAY:  HomeAway"


A DIY Solopreneur Longs for the Days of the Corporate Travel Department - Bruce Schoenfeld
" Users can search more than 150,000 rentals in 100 countries with Vacation Rentals by Owners, booking rental lodging, from cabins to condos to castles."


"Who needs a hotel? Renting an apartment or house can save you a bundle, especially if you're traveling with lots of people and staying at least a week."

JUNE 2011


Best Business Deals - April Joyner, Issie Lapowsky & Lindsay Silberman
"In big cities with high hotel prices, you can sometimes save by renting an apartment. On HomeAway, a vacation rental site, a furnished two-bedroom in San Francisco's Noe Valley neighborhood recently listed for $125 a night or $750 for the week."

MAY 2011

CNN Travel

In France, expect beaucoup de vacation - Alexis de Belloy
"• Give yourself the time to enjoy your chosen destination, rather than frantically chasing as many interesting places as possible in the inevitably short time that you have.

• When traveling with family or friends, make sure that the accommodation you select allows you to spend quality time together. If you're renting, choose a house with an ample kitchen, outdoor space for the kids and a pleasant living area for after-dinner conversations."

Shermans Travel

The “Mini-Moon” Honeymoon Trend Continues - Donna Heiderstadt
"Both budget and time constraints among just-married couples are contributing to the “mini-moon” trend. 'The survey confirmed that most newlyweds will take a several day mini-moon rather than not taking a honeymoon at all,' says Martin Slagter, vice president of HomeAway, Inc., which owns, a website showcasing 11,000 B&Bs and inns worldwide."


The New World Of Home Rental Websites - Tom Samiljan
"Thanks to a recent explosion of online booking sites, the $24 billion short-term rental market is now about one-fifth of all U.S. hotel-room revenue, according to Alexis de Belloy, a vice president at HomeAway and VRBO. De Belloy’s sites, which are among the first generation of online rental agencies, cater mainly to families looking to book entire houses—a great way to save money on the road."

Boston Globe

- Shira Springer
"'Think about your holiday in a very specific way, about where you want to be spending your time and about exactly what you’ll be doing,' said Alexis de Belloy, vice president of 'Are you going to be spending a lot of time at the property relaxing? Or does proximity to nearby attractions matter most? Location in all areas of real estate is extremely important and vacation rentals are no exception.'"

The Washington Post

Going Our Way: An East Coast Vacation For A Military Family - K.C. Summers
"You’ll have to get your own meals and plan your own activities, but you can save a bundle by forgoing beach resorts and renting a vacation home directly from the owner. We checked the online clearinghouse Vacation Rentals by Owner ( and found many affordable options in the Virginia Beach area."

As Vacation Home Sales Stall, Owners Turn To Renting - Ella Zhang
"Paid listings on the online vacation rental service Homeaway—which includes, and— jumped nearly 22 percent last year, to 527,535. And according to HomeAway, homeowners earn more than $35,000 on average in annual income by renting their properties."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Most Vacationers Are Uncomfortable In A Bathing Suit - Amy Bertrand
"In a recent survey of travelers by HomeAway, more than half of Americans expressed some reservations about wearing a swimsuit in front of strangers at a beach, public pool or hotel pool. Here are the complete results:

· 44 percent are comfortable wearing a swimsuit in front of strangers at the beach or a public or hotel pool

· 24 percent will wear a swimsuit in front of strangers at the beach or a public or hotel pool, but prefer a more private setting

· 9 percent will only wear a swimsuit in front of close family or friends at a private beach or pool

· 22 percent are not comfortable wearing a swimsuit in front of anyone no matter the setting

Not surprisingly, 57 percent of men admitted to being more comfortable donning a swimsuit in front of strangers and in a public setting compared with just 32 percent of women."


HomeAway Acquires Social Vacation Rentals App Second Porch - Leena Rao
"The app also offers a complimentary website which has similar functionality. HomeAway says that it will integrate Second Porch’s social technology across its network of vacation rental sites. Eventually HomeAway will migrate Second Porch’s users over to its network."

New York Post

The Up Shot - Tina Traster
"Renting for an entire season in the area costs about $35,000 — a bargain compared to upscale beach communities. Fan out into western Ulster County, west toward Ellenville or further upstate toward Hunter, and weekly rentals drop to $900 to $1,500 a week. Listings can be found on, and"

USA Today

As Vacation Rentals Gain Popularity, Online Sites Increase Listings - Roger Yu
"Companies like HomeAway hope to accelerate the pace. The Austin-based company has attracted about $400 million in venture capital since it was founded in 2005 and has used the money to buy popular vacation rental sites like and In March, it filed to raise up to $230 million in an initial public offering."

Dayton Daily News

- Debbie Jeniewicz
"'Families are definitely our core market,' said Alexis de Belloy, vice president of North American business for HomeAway, Inc. 'One one of our properties after a day at the amusement park, the parents could put the kids to bed and then relax on the deck or by the pool and enjoy the rest of the evening.'

'We give families the ability to be in an area where there are lots of activities and attractions and also be able to enjoy time in a real home.'"

How To Beat Rising Summer Travel Costs - Cameron Huddleston
"Consider a vacation rental home, especially for longer stays. Renting an apartment, condo or house can often be cheaper than a hotel room. Plus, you'll have access to a kitchen, so you won't have to pay for pricey restaurant meals. Check or"


For Second Home Purchases, Cash Is Now King - Alyssa Abkowitz
"For investors who plan to rent out the home, paying cash leads to no mortgage payments and thus more take-home pay an average $35,000 a year, based on user stats. And should money get tight, cash buyers can refinance at another time, brokers say."

USA Today

Don't Let High Gas Prices Stall Your Summer Plans - Jayne Clark
"In a similar survey by the vacation rental site HomeAway, 62% of travelers said they're tweaking their plans to compensate for higher fuel and airfare costs."

Woman's Day

Girlfriend Getaways - Laura Manske
"Thinking outside the box and being flexible can also save you money. The pricey resort that’s out of reach for four nights may be doable for two. Or a world-class city may be affordable if you rent a home rather than book hotel rooms. That’s what Sara Baysinger, 39, from Brooklyn, New York, and her five pals did when setting their sights on Paris. 'We rented an apartment, shopped in farmers’ markets and cooked our own meals,' she says. 'It saved us money.' Go to to find houses and condos available for rent."

National Geographic: The 100 Best Affordable Vacations

- Jane Woolridge & Larry Bleiberg
"The following sites on the Internet are good places to start your search: Owned by the same company as, including properties from individuals and some management companies. One of the largest websites, offering tens of thousands of units, mostly offered by individual owners. (VRBO stands for 'Vacation Rentals by Owner.')"


- Chantal Martineau
"Or click on, which also lists domestic and international homes. In one quick search for spaces that sleep four, we found a swank New York City apartment starting at $129 a night and a house in sunny Malibu for $157 a night."

CNN Travel

80 things we wish we knew before we started traveling - Carlo Alcos
"17. Check out ... HomeAway, Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) ... for apartments to rent in the places you're visiting -- these are often cheaper than hotels and hostels."

APRIL 2011

How To Score Tickets To The 2012 Summer Olympics - Sean O'Neill
"At generally cheaper rates than hotels, some private homes will be offered for rent through traditional travel agents, while others will be rented out via online sites like Homeaway and VBRO (before you book, check out our guide to vacation rentals)."

10 Rules For Renting A Vacation Home - Arricca Elin SanSone
"Check out established vacation home rental sites such as,, which offer homes rented directly through homeowners or professional property managers. Real estate companies in the area where you’re planning to vacation are another great resource; many located in large vacation rental markets offer seasonal rentals."

The Street

HomeAway Software For Professionals Partners With Seven New Distribution Channels To Expand Marketing Opportunities For Vacation Rental Managers
"'More than ever, vacation rental managers recognize that their success depends on getting their homes in front of consumers searching online for vacation homes," says Bill Furlong, General Manager of HASP. "We're committed to making it easy to access the broadest possible online distribution so our customers can be the most successful in the business.'"

U.S. News & World Report

6 Steps To Save On Your Summer Vacation - Chad Fisher
"If you need to book an extra hotel room, grab it, or even consider using Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) to get a house that leaves you with enough room and hopefully some of your sanity when kids are under foot."


HomeAway Broadens Presence In Australia With Acquisition Of Vacation Rental Site RealHolidays - Leena Rao
"The acquisition broadens HomeAway’s presence in the Australian market, and into the Asia-Pacific region.Currently HomeAway has presences in North America, Europe and South America., which currently features which features 21,000 listings, will be integrated with and will be managed by James Cassidy, formerly of and vacation rental site, already features 105,900 vacation rental listings in 99 countries."

Kiplinger's Personal Finance: Retirement Report

- Leah Dobkin
"'If you have a loan on your second home, renting it only seventeen weeks will usually cover your house payments for an entire year,' says Christine Karpinski, director of's owner community and author of How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner."

MARCH 2011


Lodging Options For Girlfriend Getaways - Lisa Cheng
"Vacation rentals offer more space and a per-person rate lower than a hotel. But fewer frills may also mean you'll have to go grocery shopping and cook. Make sure that everyone is willing to share the housekeeping chores and cleaning fees.

  • HomeAway ( ), with more than 225,000 rentals that range from condos to private islands

  • VRBO from HomeAway ( ), with 150,000 properties mainly in the U.S.

  • ( ), a third brand from HomeAway that focuses on promotions and deals"

5 Ways To Save Today On Summer Vacation - David McMillin
"According to independent research conducted by HomeAway Inc., a vacation rental company based in Austin, Texas, a rental property costs 50 percent to 80 percent less per square foot than the average hotel room in popular destinations.

"From kitchen space that cuts dining-out dollars to free Internet access, many vacation rental properties deliver added value and added space, especially for families, says Alexis de Belloy, HomeAway's vice president for North America."

Chicago Tribune

Ways To Lodge Some Savings Into Your Vacation - Carrie Kirby
"Hawkins suggests looking on vacation rental websites such as You may not be able to tell the time shares from other rental offers. But if you contact a property owner and he turns out to be a time-share owner, you may have more room for negotiation, especially if the available week is near."

CBS The Early Show

Save On Hotels: Rent A Home For Your Vacation - Peter Greenberg
"According to research from, vacation rentals cost, on average, 50 percent less per square foot than hotels.

"And the good news for travelers this year? HomeAway reports that 59 percent of vacation rental owners will keep their 2010 rental rates in place this year, and 10 percent will actually lower their rates."

Good housekeeping

Rent A Vacation Home - Amy Roberts
"Vacation rentals are houses, condos, or apartments that can be reserved for a weekend, week, or even longer and have all the amenities of home -- a kitchen, separate bedrooms for you and the kids, a living room, etc. The best part: They're often cheaper than a hotel. Find options on (which is the largest such site), (which stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner), or (which specializes in last-minute deals). The sites are all owned by HomeAway, but operate different databases."

Real Simple

5 Creative Weekend Getaway Ideas - Maggie Shi
"Why book a flight to a touristy beach resort when you can try one of these off-the-beaten-path weekend escapes?

"Search for available properties and refine by date, size, and amenities."

USA Today: Technology Live

Start-ups Turn To HomeAway To Get Away At SXSWi - Jon Swartz
"HomeAway, an Austin-based listing service for people who rent houses or condominiums, lists nearly 500 homes in the area and more than 230,000 internationally. There are currently 254 vacation rentals in Austin, nearly 100% of which are booked."


Vacation Home Rental Service HomeAway Files For $230 Million IPO - Leena Rao
"With the new capital, HomeAway says that it will expand further, via organic growth and acquisitions in select market."


HomeAway Files For IPO Valued At As Much As $230 Million - Nick Turner & Lee Spears
"HomeAway’s sales climbed 40 percent to $167.9 million last year, according to the filing. That helped the company narrow its net loss to $18.3 million, or 48 cents a share, from $25.8 million, or 70 cents, in 2009"

20 Secrets To Save On Travel - Stacy Rapacon
"13) Consider a vacation rental home, especially when traveling with a big group. Such rentals often offer more space and amenities for prices similar to or less than hotels. offers the biggest selection of rentals, with more than 230,000 listings worldwide."


Property Owners Cash In For SXSW - Andrew Horansky
"Some property owners around Austin will be cashing in big during South by Southwest (SXSW).  They are renting out their homes and apartments, and charging thousands of dollars for their space...

"Websites such as also helping homeowners take advantage."

Creative Loafing

From Gucci To Dunkin’ Donuts, Six Brands Making Smart Use Of Social Media - Selena Narayanasamy
"HomeAway has come out with two innovative pieces this year.

"It came out with a bang for its 2010 Super Bowl commercial, as well as its 2011 customizable commercial. Employing awesome technology, it managed to make the Super Bowl commercial completely customizable, allowing users to upload their own images onto the baby’s face, and actually 'star' in it.

"HomeAway also launched an app that allows users to pull their vacation rentals into an ad with a customizable tour; shareable with friends, family and prospective renters."

FOX Business

3 Ways To Make Your Vacation Home Pay You Back - Kerry Hannon
"Bottom line: Vacation homes typically need to be rented 15-to-17 weeks a year to break even with expenses, according to Christine Hrib Karpinski, owner of several rental properties and author of 'How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner.'"


How To Travel Far On A Tight Budget - Zach Honig
"Online booking sites such as list thousands of apartments in major European and Asian cities, and off-season bookings can be very affordable."


Spring Break? Rent a luxury vacation house - Les Christie
"The leading site for renting vacation homes,, has 10 times the number of rentals than five years ago. That's more than 500,000, -- with 55,000 in France alone...

"'It's all about value, and with the economy the way it is, that has accelerated,' said Alexis de Belloy, the company's vice president."

Luxury spring break home rentals - Les Christie
"Many people are choosing vacation home rentals over hotel rooms. Here are seven prime luxury rentals perfect for a Spring vacation."

Yahoo! Sports

Super Bowl XLV: Commercial Review - Max Thompson & Matt Schmidt
Volkswagen The Force
NFL's Best. Fans. Ever.
Doritos House Sitting
E*Trade Enzo
Pepsi Max: Love Hurts
Volkswagen Black Beetle


Vote! Favorite Super Bowl Ads Of 2011
Total Votes: 4796
  • Jillian Michaels for - 2813 (58.7%)
  • Mario Lopez for HomeAway - 1375 (28.7%)
  • Kenny G for Audi A8 - 176 (3.7%)
  • E*Trade Babies - 173 (3.6%)
  • Justin Bieber for Best Buy - 166 (3.5%)
  • Kim K. for Sketchers Shape-Ups - 93 (1.9%)


Austin American-Statesman

HomeAway Seeking Big Splash With Early Online Posting Of Super Bowl Ad - Lori Hawkins
"'We always said if we had the right idea, we would do it again,' Sharples said. 'The Super Bowl gives you an amazing opportunity to reach, in one fell swoop, over 100 million people who are actually paying attention to the ads. I can't think of a more efficient way to reach that many people, and that's just the beginning. From there it flows to the Web.'"

It's The Super Bowl - Let's Get Social! - Allison Linn
"Vacation rental company HomeAway is using videos and its website to build interest in its fictional Ministry of Detourism, and the company promises more social media elements as time goes on."

How Consumers Win At The Super Bowl - Jason Notte
"Jaime Dito, spokeswoman for vacation rental firm and Super Bowl advertiser HomeAway, notes that while travel demand for the Dallas/Fort Worth area has increased 163% in the year leading up to the Super Bowl, the number of available rental properties has grown by 140%."


HomeAway's Super Bowl Ad Gets Big Digital Push - Christopher Heine
"The Austin, TX-based vacation rentals site has partnered with digital video firm B-Reel to allow members of HomeAway's network of home renters to customize a version of the Super Bowl ad. They will be able to plug in images of the spaces and amenities they offer through the company.

"'They will be able to star in and direct their own Super Bowl ad,' said Matt Cohen, Sr. director of global brand marketing at HomeAway. 'There will be various places to put their location in the ad... We want it to be more fun and entertaining than a hard-hitting sales tool.'"