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Caribbean Confidential
"Water Island, U.S. Virgin Islands
"Most people stay in one of the more than a dozen vacation homes (, from $1,200 for a week.)"

Live Like a Local in Paris for Less
"An apartment rental is your best option... it will allow you to live like a local and you can save money on food by cooking at home. A provider like VRBO offers apartment listings all over the city, and puts you in direct contact with owners. You can save a bit of extra cash by staying in a more low-key neighborhood instead of a popular tourist area like the St. Germain district."

Griswolds Reunite for Super Bowl Ad - Lew Sichelman
"How big is the second-home rental market? It's big enough to support a 30-second TV ad during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7.

"The first-time Super Bowl advertiser [HomeAway] is hoping to reach the more than 100 million people who watch the big game, many of whom tune in just to see the commercials, with the message that vacationers can rent a whole house for half the cost of a hotel room."

- Brian Steinberg
"For its part, HomeAway wants to use the Super Bowl to bolster an concerted effort to 'build a brand and build awareness for our company,' said Mr. [Brian] Sharples.  The move could be crucial, he said."

Dallas Morning News

Austin Rentals Offer Affordable Breaks - Jane Sumner
" Within city limits of the live-music capital, HomeAway lists 120 properties. Nearly 200 more are available in the area surrounding Austin, including Lake Travis.

Here are eight diverse vacation rentals in or minutes away from downtown. For property details, owner, phone, photos and additional rate information, which may vary with season and special events, enter its number on the HomeAway site."

Austin American-Statesman

Office/retail/condo high-rise proposed east of Whole Foods - Shonda Novak
"Schlosser also developed the new office/retail project on the west side of Lamar Boulevard at Fifth that includes the headquarters for vacation home Web site HomeAway, Inc."


Father Abducts Son from School Bus; Weight Watchers Members Donate Food to Needy; Mexican Drug Kingpin Killed - Richard Lui
"Our Web site of the day today: VRBO, Vacation Rental by Owner. Go to any one of these states. Say I want to go to Florida. Click on Florida, and you'll find yourself a listing. You can go to all the listings."

This Week in Travel

Interview with Pam Mendel

6 Last-Minute Vacation Strategies
"Search for a condominium or rental home on The website―an index of 176,000 rental properties―has a “Travel Deals” area for special offers."

Bargains are a Challenge on a West Coast Family Fling - K.C. Summers
"Lodging is the real budget-breaker for a family of five, with double rooms costing upward of $400 a night in desirable neighborhoods such as Union Square -- and you'll need two rooms, or a suite, to fit your gang...

"Here's a better option: Consider renting a vacation home through... a company such as Vacation Rentals by Owner (, which lets you lease directly from property owners."


- Elaine Wong
"Brian Sharples: 'Our ad strategy is actually to position this category [vacation rentals] against hotels.  The [TV] ad content featuring [actors] Chevy Chase and Beverly D' Angelo and the Griswolds is really about highlighting the benefits of vacation rentals versus hotels in the area that are unassailable.  Space is a huge one.  The bottom line is, you rent a house, you get a lot more space-- kitchen, living room, etc.  Hotels, [on the other hand], are known for a lot of hidden charges, whether its mini bar or Internet [usage], so we'll play off that.  And privacy is a big issue.  You got out to a swimming pool and there are 200 other people and you can't even find a chair.  That's the way we're setting up [our brand] for the future.'"

Time Out New York

Holidays in NYC
"If you want to get away from the fireworks, the party favors and the complete lack of cabs when you need one, just slink off to a log cabin in the country. To find a secluded spot with a real fireplace, hot tub and maybe a great view of the stars far from the city glare, search Vacation Rentals by Owner ( for holiday homes that can be rented at the last minute. We found a cabin in the Catskills with a fireplace, sleeping six people, for $900 for the three nights around New Year’s. Factor in the booze, supplies and car rental, and you can all have a three-day getaway for less than the cost of dinner for two at Masa."

The Dirt- Budget Ski Vacations
"Instead of booking bank-breaking package vacations at big-name resorts, discover hidden gems and save money at the same time...

"Vacation Rentals by Owner brings you a variety of destinations cheaper than any resort. Budget Ski Vacations Hit the slopes without breaking the bank."


Every Day with Rachael Ray

- Kolby Yarnell
"Plan Ahead. The best, most affordable houses— found on sites like — book fast. If you'll be doing an activity, like skiing, visit expos during the offseason and scoop up coupons."

Travel + Leisure

Best of the Web
"HomeAway is the one-stop shop for rentals, with the largest selection of rent-by-owner properties—more than 185,000 apartments, houses, and villas around the world. The site makes searching easy: You can look for special features, such as pet friendliness, proximity to the beach, and Internet access. Plus, HomeAway now offers up to $10,000 protection against fraud and deposit loss."

Holiday Season Means Super Bowl Commercials are Coming Soon
"HomeAway Inc. has recruited actors Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo to star in its new national advertising campaign, which will debut during the Super Bowl."

The New York Times

Seeing San Francisco From a Different Angle - Nan K. Chase
"WHERE TO STAY: Vacation Rentals by Owner ( [lists homes to rent]." Your Home Away from Home - Anna Nordberg
"VRBO is one of the largest vacation rental sites around and...I haven't been burned by it. In fact, our last adventure with our friends M & G ...was a jaw-dropping surprise: Claw-footed soaking tubs, sunny breakfast nooks, panoramic windows, all a stone's throw from Point Reyes Station."

Austin Business Journal

Holiday Road to Marketing - Christopher Calnan
"The Austin-based vacation rental company plans to recapture the spirit of the 1980s movie 'National Lampoon’s Vacation' during the ad campaign that will debut during the CBS television network broadcast of Super Bowl XLIV in February...

"In addition to enlisting Chase and D’Angelo, HomeAway bought an exact replica of the Family Truckster that the fictional family used in the movie. Sharples said HomeAway plans to take it around the country to visit some of the nation’s top vacation rental markets as part of the promotion during 2010."

NBC Philadelphia

Falling For Chevy Chase All Over Again - Jere Hester
"Instead of the fall of Chevy Chase, we're now witnessing the rebirth...

"Chase, as Us Magazine reported last week, is set to revive the Griswold character alongside his 'Vacation' wife, Beverly D'Angelo, albeit in a HomeAway commercial set to air during the Super Bowl."

Holiday Travel That Won't Bust the Budget - Eileen Ogintz
" an entire house in Orlando from for less than $200 a night."

Marketing Daily

HomeAway Inks Agreement With Warner Bros. - Tanya Irwin
"This is the company's first national broad-reaching marketing effort, says Brian Sharples, founder and chief executive officer of Austin, Texas-based HomeAway...

"'HomeAway is all about family travel, and the Griswolds are synonymous with family travel,' Sharples tells Marketing Daily. 'Our target audience grew up with the National Lampoon 'Vacation' movies, so we couldn't think of a more perfect way to raise awareness about vacation rentals and the HomeAway brand.'"

Dallas Morning News

Web Lists Make it Easy to Rent - or Rent Out - Vacation Homes - Scott Burns
"HomeAway, the umbrella company for a family of Web sites, is well on its way to becoming the world's largest collection of vacation homes...

"With 425,000 listings, HomeAway rivals the largest hotel chains in the world...

" Located in a green building full of birdhouses (the iconic image for HomeAway)... HomeAway is a model for the new wave of Internet-based businesses that are helping us get more from less."

MTV Movies Blog

Chevy Chase And Beverly D'Angelo To Take Another 'Vacation'... Sort Of - Adam Rosenberg
"...any chance to see Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo take up their roles as the Griswold family again has me pounding the walls in excitement. ..this latest reunion is for a HomeAway ad campaign which is set to launch during the Super Bowl on February 7, 2010."

- Barbara E. Hernandez
"HomeAway’s chief executive Brian Sharples told the Austin American-Statesman that his company made $100 million in 2008 and estimates 2009 will bring in approximately $135 million. Not bad for a company he said relied mostly on 'word of mouth, and our company doesn’t have broad awareness among property owners or travelers.'

"HomeAway is marketed as an alternative to hotels, and if what Sharples says is true, then apparently a lot of people are fed up with hotels."

Austin American-Statesman

Austin-based HomeAway Turns to Griswolds to Inspire Home Rental Vacations - Lori Hawkins
"'We intend to have a lot of fun with the ad campaign, highlighting the travel mishaps that follow the Griswold family,' CEO Brian Sharples said. 'This theme will let us promote the benefits of vacation rentals as an alternative to hotels.'"


Chevy Chase Beverly D’Angelo The Griswolds Super Bowl HomeAway Commercial
"The duo [Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo], who played the disaster-prone pair in four Vacation hits in the ’80s & ’90s, will star as The Griswolds again in a new commercial for HomeAway vacation rentals."

Perez Hilton

The Griswolds Are Reuniting - Perez Hilton
"Both Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo will be reprising their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold from the National Lampoon's Vacation movies for an ad campaign to be launched during the 2010 Superbowl!

"The comedy duo will be advertising for HomeAway vacation rentals and will feature the Griswolds' 'Wagon Queen Family Truckster...'"

HomeAway Taps 'Vacation' Cast for Super Bowl Ad - Kenneth Hein
"The 30-second spot will feature Chase and D'Angelo reprising their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold from National Lampoon's Vacation to promote the benefits of vacation rentals...

"The spot will compare the negative experiences at a hotel to the positive attributes of a vacation rental home. The Griswolds will deal with small hotel rooms, hidden fees and a lack of privacy at a hotel."


Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo Reunite for Another Vacation - Peter Sciretta
"The Griswolds will be reuniting instead for an advertising campaign to be launched during the 2010 Superbowl. The television spot is for HomeAway vacation rentals (a natural fit) and according to US Weekly, will also feature an exact replica of the film’s iconic Wagon Queen Family Truckster."


Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo Set for Another 'Vacation' - Erik Davis
"...the original Clark and Ellen Griswold...will be making a return appearance this February on the small screen as part of a Superbowl commercial for

"'ll be fun to see them back together again for what I hope will be an entertaining Superbowl spot."

Exclusive: Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo to Reprise Vacation Roles
"Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo -- who played the calamity-magnet parents in National Lampoon's Vacation and three sequels -- will reprise their roles in a new ad campaign to be launched during the Feb. 7 2010 Superbowl...

"Adds D'Angelo: 'Clark and Ellen have one of the most enduring marriages ever to come out of Hollywood. I am thrilled that HomeAway is reuniting Chevy and me.'"

Tips for Last-Minute Luxury Travel Deals - Michael Martin
"VRBO-it: Thinking of St. Bart's or Punta del Este for the holidays but weary of the exorbitant rates charged by the luxury hotels? Consider booking a private home through VRBO, a villa renter's secret weapon for affordable family travel. Many last-minute homeowners have decided to forgo their holiday pilgrimages to pricey second-home destinations due to market conditions in favor of generating additional income. The result is a deluge of fresh listings popping up in key vacation markets for surprisingly affordable prices."

10 Tips to Surviving Holiday Visits with the Relatives - Eva Bowen
" an apartment from a company like often for the same price you'd pay for one hotel room."

Early Birds Will Get the Best Family Vacation Deals Next Year - Sarah Pascarella
"You may also be able to snag a good deal by getting a group of friends together and booking a vacation rental. You'll have extra space and can cook your own meals, and the per-night cost will be greatly reduced when divided among you and your travel companions. posts ongoing and last-minute deals for those looking to snag an even greater bargain.  At press time, properties in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Rico, Puerto Vallarta, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (among many other sunny locales) were on sale for fall and winter travel."

Media Decoder blog (

CBS Finds Some Super Bowl Sales Success - Stuart Elliott
"Some sponsors will even be first-time Super Bowl advertisers, among them a vacation rental service called HomeAway, based in Austin, Tex."


VRBO Finds Economical Rentals For Your Next Vacation - Jason Fitzpatrick
"Looking to vacation on the cheap with space to spare? Check out VRBO to find thousands of vacation rentals at great prices...

"You can find cottages, condos, and second homes in locations from rustic to urban settings. Prices range from $400 a week for a tiny rustic cottage on Lake Michigan to $4000 a month and up for amenity-laden houses on the Pacific coast. Most of the locations sleep anywhere from 4-20 people, making the cost of rental astoundingly low for a family or group of friends."


AARP The Magazine

Nine Days in Europe—For Less Than $99 - Judith Reitman
" LONDON. I traveled during high season (late April to August), so bargain hunting was harder. Hotel amenities were a low priority, so I looked for an apartment. Rentals can cost 50 to 80 percent less than hotels: in Paris, studios start at about $62 per night. (Go to or for info.)"

Budget Travel Magazine

America's Coolest Small Towns - Kathryn O'Shea-Evans
"As pleasant as a short visit can be, the real risk of visiting Rockland is that you'll...need to move here for good. It's worth testing the waters by renting a house, on, where you can find 19th-century Capes going for $125 a night."

When in Rome (or Florence, Paris)... Rent an Apartment! - Sarah Khan
"We booked our apartment after scouring the Internet, but there are plenty of great resources out there to help you find a home away from home on any corner of the globe. Sites like, specialize in legit—and in some cases vetted—properties listed by owners and managers. Often, they include reviews and photos to help guide you to your dream holiday home."

New York Times

- Stuart Elliott
"CBS, New York, part of the CBS Corporation, signed another advertiser for Super Bowl XLIV, to be broadcast on Feb. 7. HomeAway, Austin, Tex., a vacation rental service, will run a commercial during the game to be created by Publicis in the West, Seattle, part of the Publicis Worldwide unit of the Publicis Groupe."

Travel Q&A: Protect Yourself When Canceling Reservation - Ann Tatko-Peterson
"Q: We are interested in renting an apartment in Stockholm for one or two weeks next spring or summer. What is the best way to go about doing that? As a backup, do you know of good, moderately priced hotels there?

"A: You can find listings for vacation rentals at and Both have good reputations."

Houston Chronicle

A&M Football a Hard Sell for TV: NFL Updates - David Barron
"HomeAway, a vacation rental service with headquarters in Austin, has signed on as a Super Bowl advertiser for next year’s game on CBS."

Marketing Daily

HomeAway Books Super Bowl Slot - Tanya Irwin
"Online vacation rental marketplace HomeAway, Inc. will air its first national TV spot during the CBS television network broadcast of the Super Bowl on Feb. 7...

"The HomeAway Super Bowl ad kicks off the beginning of the company's first national broad-reach marketing effort."

Sports Business Daily

HomeAway Debuting National Campaign Effort with Super Bowl Ad - Erik Swanson
"HomeAway Founder & CEO Brian Sharples said the company is aiming to 'create something at the Super Bowl that engages people enough to want to see more....There will be a lot more online, and we're going to try to engage consumers to come to our Web site and see more of it,' he said. 'Hopefully in that process they can discover our products too, search around on the site and maybe come back when they're ready to take a vacation.'"

HomeAway Will Play with the Big Boys in Super Bowl XLIV Roster
"Unless you have dipped your toe into the vacation rental marketplace, the name HomeAway is an unknown anomaly in marketing. But that will change as the online vacation rental destination said it would break its first national ad during Super Bowl XLIV Feb. 7, 2010, on CBS.  Rookie NFL Super Bowl advertiser HomeAway joins a list of confirmed returning big game marketers that includes Anheuser-Busch, Bridgestone, Hyundai, CareerBuilder,, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola."

Media Daily News

CBS Attracts New Super Bowl Advertisers - Wayne Friedman
"The travel-service company prides itself on getting its customers vacation lodging at typically half the price of hotels, and says it is the fastest-growing segment of the online travel business...

"Brian Sharples, founder and CEO of HomeAway, stated: 'We're going to use the Super Bowl broadcast to launch an exciting campaign highlighting the benefits of vacation rentals to reach more than 100 million people'...

"HomeAway says the Super Bowl commercial will start a whole-year campaign, its first national marketing effort."

Austin American Statesman

HomeAway Signs on as Super Bowl Advertiser - Lori Hawkins
"HomeAway Inc., which operates the largest network of Web sites for people who want to rent vacation homes, will kick off its first national advertising campaign with a Super Bowl ad on Feb. 7...

"CEO Brian Sharples said the ad is part of the company’s effort to raise consumer awareness of vacation rentals."

Austin Business Journal

HomeAway to Make National Ad Debut During 2010 Super Bowl
"Fresh off the much-touted relocation of its corporate headquarters downtown, Austin-based HomeAway Inc. said Tuesday that it will air its first ever national advertisement during next year's Super Bowl...

"Through its various Web sites, HomeAway features more than 425,000 vacation rental listings."

Austin American Statesman

Small and Sweet - Lilly Rockwell
"Some residents have plans to use their condo as a weekend getaway or as a vacation rental property, a market that has taken off in recent years with the popularity of Web sites such as Austin-based"

Taking the Kids

Owners Making Vacation Rentals Even Easier - Eileen Ogintz
"Not only is renting a vacation house or condo easier and roomier when traveling with the kids, but it often is cheaper—especially when so many homeowners (61 percent) are planning to or are already offering deals to travelers this fall and winter, according to"

Cheap Sleeps: Live Like the Locals - K. Jill Rigby
"Some of the biggest discounts involve renting other people's condos or apartments in the most perfect of locations - from the bustling centre of a city to a remote beach. I spotted...offerings at
"If you want to do a little more digging, check out other home rental companies such as,"

The Washington Post

Travel Talk - Carol Sottili
"You could stay in Santa Monica or Venice near the beach - hotels are expensive, but try renting a condo or apartment through or"

Austin Business Journal

Austin Office Vacancy Steady at 21%
"New projects that will see tenants move in soon include University Park’s office building, Capstar at Compass Plaza and Schlosser Development Corp.’s building at the intersection of Fifth Street and Lamar Avenue where HomeAway is establishing its headquarters."


21 Secrets to Save on Travel - Stacy Rapacon
"Consider specialty lodging, such as condos, villas and vacation home rentals, especially when traveling with a big group. These options often offer more space and amenities for prices similar to or less than hotel rates. offers the biggest selection of rentals, with more than 176,000 listings worldwide."

Family Circle

45 Ways to Save Right Now
"Consider renting a house or condo if you need more than one room, are traveling with a group or are staying for longer than a few days.  You'll also have a kitchen, which means paying for fewer restaurant meals.  Try..."

Austin Monthly

"Vacation homes are a much more comfortable way to travel than the impersonal anonymity of a hotel room, but how do you find these gems? In an effort to consolidate the online search for vacation rentals, Brian Sharples and Carl Shepherd created [launching the site], has becomes one of the fastest-growing companies in Austin and now serves more than 425,000 vacation rentals around the world."

Venture Capital Dispatch (Wall Street Journal blog)

Where Twitter Ranks In Venture Funding History - Scott Austin
"Twitter, in just two years of raising capital, ranks No. 3 in history behind HomeAway and online payments company PayPal...
"HomeAway has raised nearly $400 million in mostly equity since 2005, including a $250 million round in November that was the largest venture capital infusion for a technology company since 2000...And it appears to be doing well financially, telling VentureWire in November that it would post a profit for 2008 on revenue just shy of $100 million."

Austin American Statesman

HomeAway, on a Growth Streak, Moves to New Headquarters - Lori Hawkins
"HomeAway Inc., one of Austin's fastest-growing Web companies, is throwing a housewarming party for itself today as it becomes the anchor tenant of a new office and retail development at West Fifth Street and Lamar Boulevard.

"The company, which operates the largest network of Web sites for people who want to rent vacation homes, will spend the weekend moving into the top three floors of the four-story, 86,000-square-foot project by Schlosser Development Corp...

'We did a survey of employees, and they were adamant about being downtown,' Sharples said. 'We've got a young, healthy group of people, and this couldn't be a more perfect place for us.'"

The Wall Street Journal

Off the Beaten Track- Taos, New Mexico - Neil King Jr.
"Where to stay:...check out the many listings at"

Austin American Statesman

Rockin' and Rentin' - Helen Anders
"This year, [Rusty Irons is] trusting her own home to music fans, listing it, along with its neighbor, on

"Austin-based has 112 listed properties here, and 96 of those are already booked for ACL...

"People who list their homes with HomeAway pay $329 a year for the listing. HomeAway also provides online guidance on how to market a home, what to charge and how to prepare the home for rental. It offers downloadable rental agreements and tips on how to spot a scam."

- Suzanne Cloud
"After a grueling six months of collecting unemployment, I was ready for an inexpensive vacation to Cayuga Lake, the longest lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. I hemmed and hawed about whether I should go after the anvil fell on my professional head, but then decided that the lake house rental had already been paid, so what the heck. I found the house via, which I had used before with wonderful results, and I drooled daily over the photo of a dock silhouetted against a setting sun that I had bookmarked on my computer."

Chicago Tribune

Taking the Kids -- When Everyone Else is Back in School - Eileen Ogintz
"Relax -- and save even more -- if you opt for a place with a kitchen. (Look at the deals from where you'll find Orlando condos and Cape Cod digs starting at under $100 a night. You can find city apartments too everywhere from New York to Paris."

Rent High Life in Plush Homes: Unreal Estate - Jason Notte
"While most vacation rental sites are still sheltered by investors, with HomeAway pulling in $250 million in venture capital in November alone, they afford clients something their competitors at Orbitz Worldwide(OWW Quote), Quote), Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide (HOT Quote) and Marriott International(MAR Quote) can't: personality."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Getting Out of Town During the G-20 - Gretchen McKay
"Deals also abound with vacation home rentals. A 1,500-square-foot, three-bedroom bayside condo with a private boat slip can be had for as little as $200 a night at while a 2,050-square-foot, four-bedroom town home directly on the beach is discounted to $360 a night and sleeps 10."

You Don’t Need a Second Home to Earn a Little Rental Income - Tom Kelly
“'With an increased demand for accommodations and limited hotel rooms during major events, HomeAway is seeing more homeowners renting their primary homes to travelers to make a little extra money,' said Brian Sharples, HomeAway’s chief executive officer."

Generational Journey - Mary Ellen and Robert Gillan
"Rather than staying in hotels or bed and breakfasts, we found reasonably priced lodging through Vacation Rental By Owner ( We were able to find a minimum of two bathrooms and three bedrooms in both London and Paris. We cooked breakfasts daily and also many suppers, and prepared our own snacks."


Ask Arthur Frommer & Travel Better, Cheaper, Smarter

- Arthur Frommer
"The mightiest of the vacation rental companies turns out to be a firm of which you may not have heard: HomeAway ( of Austin, Texas... Part of its appeal is an unusually attractive website that's one of the most logical and informative of any in the field (take a look even if you're not presently in the market for such a rental)." page 68

Real Simple

- Kristyn Kusek Lewis
"4. When you want to live large for a little while:
If you must tighten your belt—but wish it could be a Gucci—this category is for you. Renting luxury items is worth it when you want a delicious indulgence that you could never pay for otherwise...

"Where to get it (Jet-setting):

To rent: $1,500 a week
To buy: $2.5 million"

Runner's World

- Brian Metzler
"Looking for a place to kick off your marathon training? Consider renting Deena Kastor's townhouse. In 2007, Kastor...built a "running condo" less than a mile from their home in Mammoth Lakes...It rents for $230 a night with a discount if you stay five-plus nights (visit”

Follow Obama Family Vacation on Martha’s Vineyard - Jen Leo
"Looking for a vacation rental? Here’s the Martha’s Vineyard page from HomeAway."

LiveStrong Global Cancer Summit - Another type of race - Ben Delaney
"The LiveStrong Global Cancer Summit continues through Wednesday at the Royal Dublin Society. It is sponsored by an anonymous donor, with support from the American Cancer Society, Nike, EMD Serono, HomeAway and Genentech."

Taking the Kids

To Mexico Where You’ll Find Adventure, Culture, Beaches and Great Deals - Eileen Ogintz
"Join forces with friends or extended family at your own villa with a pool...The vacation rental Website lists some 2,500 Mexico rentals—some under $100 a night."

In Transit blog (

Vacation Homes That Don’t Lie - Michelle Higgins
"What happens if the vacation rental you booked online turns out to be a dump?

"In many cases, nothing. But HomeAway, the online rental company, just introduced a money-back guarantee, for a price. For $59, its HomeAway Carefree Guarantee Gold offers up to $10,000 in protection against illegitimate listings, loss of deposit or false advertising, for example, if the listing says five bedrooms, but only has two."

Contra Costa Times

Travel Q&A: NYC for $150 a night? Not impossible - Ann Tatko-Peterson
"Or try a guest house, such as Siona Guest House (West 120th Street; 917-208-8209), where you can get a studio apartment with a queen bed and kitchen for $135-$155 a night. For other short-term or vacation rental options, check out"

Barbados on a Budget: 5 Ways to Save - Marnie Hunter
"Savvy shoppers can find two-bedroom villas within a few minutes' walk of popular west coast beaches for as little as $200* per night in the summer on vacation rental sites such as and"

Wednesday deals: Hula hoops, penny rooms and more - Helen Anders
", which rents people’s homes, has rates right now as low as $60 a night (one-bedroom condo in Aruba) and $175 for a three-bedroom Maine cottage."

Smart Shelter - Miriam Marcus
"For those planning to be away just a week or two, vacation rentals are another alternative. HomeAway markets 450,000 properties in the U.S. and Europe. Homeowners (private and corporate) pay fees to list their properties for rent on Travelers can sort listings by such fields as geography, number of bedrooms, proximity to beaches, property type and price range."

JULY 2009

Budget Travel Magazine

Italy: 6 Ways to Spend the Night - Reid Bramblett
“Farmstays, villa rentals, mountain refuges. Six ways to immerse yourself in the real Italy...
“You can go with an Italy specialist... or a generalist..., or rent from owners themselves (”

World's Wildest Houses II - Tabitha Sukhai and Brendan Rimetz


Lance Armstrong Has HomeAway To Thank For His Digs in France - Juliana
"So the Tour de France ended yesterday and our favorite celeb Twitterer Lance Armstrong was not able to capture his former glory, finishing only in third place. Naturally, we had to check up on his Twitter page to see how he felt about that and while we were there, we learned that he used a vacation rentals agency to secure housing for his family in France.

"'Thanks to @homeaway for hosting me and my family in Paris'

"'s refreshing to see someone of his caliber of fame reference such a "normal person's" method of vacation planning."

Vacation homes for $500 a week - Ellen Bari
"At, the largest of the vacation rental sites, there are over 176,000 vacation rental houses, condos, guesthouses, cottages, and cabins in 118 countries, including plenty within our budget (including the 1-bedroom cottage in North Truro, Cape Cod). As is typical of most vacation rental sites, this one connects you directly with the homeowners or property managers, and accommodations can be rented by the night, week or month."

Dallas Morning News

- Lora Shinn
"Price-savvy families rent condos or kitchen-equipped hotel rooms. "We always stay in a condo and cook. Kids just don't want to be dragged to restaurants all that often," says Tricia Schroth of Seattle, who has visited Maui yearly since her children were born (they're 7 and 9 now).

In a condo, you'll benefit from privacy, a full kitchen and having a washer and dryer. This summer, many Maui hotel and condo properties offer free-night stays, coupons for groceries and extras such as beach chairs, sand toys and water equipment for the kids...To find an independently owned condo, use a site such as Vacation Rental by Owner ("

Pet-acular summer: Taking your pets on the Road - Amy Sacks
"If you prefer the comforts of a home, Web sites such as let you search for pet-friendly rental properties around the world."

FOX Business

Vacation Rental Market Boom - Connell McShane
"Travelers in general are turning away from hotels and many of them are looking for cheaper vacation options and renting a house instead.  One company hopes this travel trend really lasts. We're joined by Brian Sharples who is the CEO of a company called HomeAway-- the world's leading vacation rental marketplace. Brian, good to see you.  You know, this is an interesting phenomenon-- In many ways people going to want to and stay by the beach or whatever the case maybe, instead getting a hotel. Renting a house: what are the pros?"

USA Today

A bumper crop of travel deals blooms in summer's heat - Jayne Clark
“In the vacation home rental arena, a survey of owners who post rentals on HomeAway showed 66% planned to offer a special of some sort, ranging from discounts on rent, to suspending minimum-stay requirements. "The economy has created new flexibility in the way they market their homes," says Eileen Buesing of HomeAway.”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

There's Still Time to Get Away on the Cheap - Teresa McUsic
“As a kid, we stayed in a beach house on the coast, but I couldn’t find anything under several hundred dollars a night to rent a condo. The search did steer me to, a free listing by Austin-based HomeAway of more than 120,000 homes, condos, cabins, and other property available for rental nationwide…”

The Washington Post

Tips on Last-Minute Rentals
"'There have never been more Web sites for rental properties than now.' One of the leading sites is HomeAway (, with more than 180,000 listings worldwide and a Travel Deals category. 'We surveyed owners, and 66 percent of them said they will offer special deals or incentives, such as a free night stay or free use of the golf course,' said Eileen Buesing, spokeswoman for HomeAway. ( has fewer properties (a mere 35,000) than HomeAway, its sister site, but features a host of deals and perks, some geared toward last-minute reservations."

Home, condo rentals trim vacation costs - Lora Shinn
“How do you find the deals and steals on vacation rentals? Here are some pointers:

“Pick a general area and search for properties at that destination on owner-rental Web sites like Vacation Rental by Owner, Craigslist and local rental agencies like Italy Perfect.

“Through a range of sources, get a better understanding of quality and pricing, so you can spy a bargain more easily."

The Wall Street Journal

- Kelly Greene and Rick Brooks
"Where to stay: If you re coming for a week book a simple 1960s era cinder block condo on the beach They re cheap and plentiful and most have pools A search on Web sites VacationRentalsByOwner or HomeAway turned up two bedroom oceanfront condos for about $1,000 per week in the summer."

Los Angeles Times

Vacation rentals can save money, but it's buyer beware - Terry Gardener
"Eileen Buesing, a spokesperson for HomeAway Inc., owner of several vacation rental websites including and, says a recent HomeAway vacation rental marketplace survey revealed about two-thirds of their vacation rental property owners are trying to stir interest with deals and incentives. These include discounted rental rates and leniency on booking dates (no minimum stay)."

JUNE 2009

National Geographic Adventure

More Adventure for Less Money - Kimberly Brown Seely
“Travel in Packs: It’s no secret that traveling with friends is cost-effective—the larger the group, the less each has to pay…Think Google, but for vacation homes, another good resource is Vacation Rentals by Owner, a favorite among second homeowners looking to rent out their dream houses (”

Families join forces for great vacation values - Eileen Ogintz
“You do the math. Whether you are at rustic cabins or a luxurious beachfront rental house, you'll spend less when splitting costs with another family. Especially this year with rental owners -- 66 percent -- offering special deals to encourage business, according to a survey from, the leading online vacation rental Web site. They're throwing in everything from a free night to free cleaning service, discounts, even tickets to a local attraction or food.”

The Travel Show with Bobbi Jo Frazier

Family Beach Vacations

New York Daily News

- Leah Chernikoff
“Due to the economic downturn, hotel rooms and summer rentals, even in the glitzy Hamptons, are more affordable and easier to snag. Rates and terms are more negotiable, so be ready to haggle. Renting a beach house with friends and family is a great way to save for the summer. Check out… (Vacation Rentals by Owner).”

Vacation Rentals Stay Afloat in Recession Summer - Kelli Hart
“Eileen Buesing of HomeAway, an online vacation rental service, said that 66 percent of vacation rental property owners have offered or will offer special deals or incentives this season in response to the economic decline.”

Kileen Daily Herald

Take a Vacation in a Home Awa From Home - Iuliana Petre
"'We're a market place; we connect travelers and vacation rental owners,’ Halloran said. ‘Most of the properties you see on our site are someone's second home. These are not hotels trying to get your money. The homeowners are looking for travelers they can feel comfortable renting to.’

“The company does a lot of behind-the-scenes work to ensure the vacation rentals come from reputable owners. If a deal goes sour, HomeAway offers a fraud protection plan that covers up to $5,000 of a traveler's expenses.

“’We spend millions of dollars a year to ensure that fraud doesn't happen on our site and we're proud of this,’ Halloran said. ‘But we offer the HomeAway rental guarantee. If something happens that would keep you from going into that property or if you send money to an owner and never hear back, we'll cover you and pay you back up to $5,000. It's a measure we take to make people feel more comfortable; like offering a clean, well-lit place to do business on the Internet.’"

Vacation Rentals Direct from “Want Ad” Sites - Ed Perkins
“As I've previously noted, the largest operator in this marketplace is HomeAway, which has acquired a group of individual sites with an aggregate of more than 250,000 worldwide listings. The most useful for typical travelers are HomeAway for worldwide coverage, VRBO for U.S. and Canada; and Holiday-Rentals for Europe.”

Stuck at the Airport

Think you Deserve a Summer Vacation? - Harriet Baskas
“And if you can convince a panel of judges that you’re the person in the United States or Canada who’s the most deserving of a week-long summer vacation, then you just might get that vacation for free.

“How?  The folks at HomeAway (they do vacation rentals around the world) are sponsoring a contest for a $10,000 vacation getaway.   Two runners up will each get a $5,000 trip.

Merger Market

- Mark Druskoff
"‘The most likely scenario for us will be — when we feel the time is right — to be a public company and I think that's a route we're going to take.’ Sharples said he has been fielding many calls from prospective advisors, particularly in light of recent IPO activity. But he said HomeAway would use the team it had already assembled if and when it decided to go public.”


Budget summer vacations: Manhattan Beach, California using - Heather Poole
“The first thing I did when I got back to my crashpad was change out of my navy blue polyester monkey suit and log onto the computer. I typed MANHATTAN BEACH VACATION HOMES into the search engine and soon found myself on the web site . I scanned through hundreds of beautiful photos of amazing homes in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach, which is just a short twenty minute drive from the Los Angeles airport. I just knew there had to be something we could afford…

“And that's how I scored an amazing deal on! The cat has never been more relaxed.”

The Wall Street Journal

Second Chances - Suzanne Barlyn
“Vacation homes, once a sign of prosperity, have become financial burdens to many amid the economic slump. With a little creativity, however, it is possible for owners to squeeze extra cash from properties that might otherwise be a drain…

“’Some people who once used their vacation homes solely for their own enjoyment are now renting them out…’

“Jack Russell of Lexington, Ky., who bought a five-bedroom vacation home in Kiawah Island, S.C., in 2004, has chosen the do-it-yourself route. For $249, he advertised his home on a Web site called Vacation Rentals By Owner, or"

Save Up to 50 Percent on Summer Vacation Rentals - Christine Sarkis
“Last-minute deals on vacation rentals around the country offer savings of up to 50 percent off regular rates. Considering that vacation rentals already tend to offer better value than hotel stays, particularly for families or groups, additional discounts really are the icing on the summer vacation cake...

"Here are some of the discounts we found..

“Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii: Save 25 percent off the usual price of $1,400 for a week between July 1 and August 31. The upgraded two-bedroom condo sleeps four, has ocean and sunset views, and is being offered at $1,050 for the week. (Source:”

Downturn Colors Outlook for Summer - Jim Hickey
“Meanwhile, the economic downturn may be creating a bit of a buyer’s market on the Island, especially in the home rental market. A report released last week by HomeAway, which represents 200,000 vacation properties across the country, found that 66 per cent of its rental property owners had offered special deals or incentives so far this year in response to the economy.”

Orlando Sentinel

- Ed Perkins
“With all the emphasis on short-distance driving vacations this year, you may well be planning a family tour by car. And if your family includes some four-footed members, you either have to leave them behind -- and pay for a "sitter" or a kennel -- or take them along with you…

*Vacation Rentals by Owner ( shows a "paw" icon on the initial listing, making it easy to identify them on the first-screen master lists.”

Sierra Vista Herald

- Arthur Frommer
“Alternatively you rent an entire apartment almost always costing less than an equivalent hotel room… Traveling to Sun Belt resorts in the United States (like Orlando, Fla.), you rent a vaca tion home from organizations like, or VRBO. .com (Vacation Rental by Owner), enjoying far more spacious and comfortable surroundings than a hotel room would provide.”

MAY 2009

Good Housekeeping

Family Vacations for Less: 8 Smart Strategies. Plus Win a free trip! - William J. McGee
”Find a home away from home. If you have a big clan or simply want ample space for minimal money, consider renting a furnished condo or house at your destination. Sites such as and also help families save on meals, since they can eat in their own kitchen rather than go out, notes Nancy Schretter, managing editor of, a family vacation Website. For example, a three—bedroom home in Phoenix with a hot tub, heated pool and Wi—Fi connection costs $850 a week, versus $2,151 for three rooms' worth of accommodation with similar amenities at a La Quinta nearby.”

The New York Times

Ahead, a Summer of Deals - Dana Jennings
”Many Web sites devoted to renting vacation homes on or near the Atlantic have long lists of specials, both short term and for the entire summer, meant to lure the undecided...
"A report released last week by HomeAway, which represents 200,000 vacation properties in the United States, found that about 66 percent of its vacation rental property owners had offered special deals or incentives so far this year in response to the economy...
"Owners are also trying to lure renters by offering an additional night with the purchase of a specific number of nights, cleaning services at no additional cost and by not requiring a minimum stay. Mike Butler, chief commercial officer at HomeAway, said there was a $3,000 property in Wellfleet Harbor on Cape Cod that was offering a $500 discount and two dozen fresh oysters."

Minneapolis Star Tribune

- Jennifer Vogel
”It was midmorning in Apalachicola, Fla., and my husband and I were lounging about our 12—sided, hurricane—proof vacation house, when the landlord knocked at the door. Victor, who has Kevin Kline's teeth and a lilting accent that makes you wish he'd never stop talking, asked, "You want to buy some shrimp?...
"This is exactly the sort of thing that never happens at a hotel. If you're a destination—oriented traveler, consider renting a house rather than a hotel room (check sites such as or Generally, the prices per night are lower, and you'll wind up with a kitchen, maybe even a balcony overlooking the woods or the ocean. Often, houses rented by the month are hugely discounted, so try to recruit some friends to split a stretch."


Booking a Vacation Rental: The Top 3 Sites to Search - —Kyle Brown
”If you haven't booked your trip yet, you might want to think about a vacation rental. For the same price as a hotel, or sometimes less, you can often score more amenities and space. Unfortunately, you usually have to clean up your own mess—no maid service for us slobs.
If this type of accommodation freedom sounds up your alley, we've compiled a few of the best sites to help you pick out your dream home away from home. Just make sure that you register your rental with HomeAway before you send your payment to the owner. It's totally free, and you'll be covered up to $5,000—just in case the place is a little less than what was described."


Homeowners Turn to Renting, Waiting for Market to Recover - Mark Koba
”Still having trouble selling your house? More homeowners are deciding to rent out their homes while they wait for the market to recover...
""The economy is driving many homeowners, particularly second homeowners to rent out," says Denise Fraser, a spokesperson for HomeAway, an online vacation rental marketplace. "That's because they can't sell it at the price they want or are facing foreclosure. They need income so they rent.""

US News and World Report

Need a Personal Stimulus Program? Travel! - Philip Moeller
“The best way I know to save money without sacrificing on the quality of your vacation is to rent a villa instead of staying at expensive hotels. The price of a villa is often far less than even one room in a high—priced resort area. If you are traveling as a family or with friends, you can save even more by splitting the cost rather than booking more rooms. Plus you get space to entertain, a full kitchen so you save on meals, and laundry facilities...
”The two sites I use are (vacation rental by owner) and This is also a fine solution for family reunions.”

Great Bargains for Summer Vacations - Michael Finney
" reports that travel is down 50 percent over this same time last year. With the drop in travel come some great deals...
"Kathy Zanath thinks she saved 50 percent over comparable hotel accommodations by renting a vacation home with another couple...
"I know it's cheaper than staying in a hotel and it's great. We're right there on the beach. Full use of the house," said Zanath...
"She found the home by going to —— Vacation Rentals by Owner."

New York Daily News

Picking the Right Location for Your Business Meeting - Rosemary Black
”One alternative to booking a hotel is to host a business meeting in a vacation rental. These homes have multiple bedrooms and large kitchens, and some have high—tech amenities like projection—screen TVs, fax machines and Wi—Fi access. They're often less costly than hotels, and the meeting participants can bond together during the evening in a home—like setting when the day's meetings are over. One site,, offers homes in cities like Las Vegas, Cape Cod and Newport, plus international locations around the globe."

Wall Street Journal

Summering With Souter - Candace Jackson
”In White Mountain National Forest, Mount Washington, at 6,288 feet, is the highest in the state. On the way up, hikers can pitch tents or sleep in rustic wooden huts. For cushier accommodations, there are bed—and—breakfasts and home rentals in nearby towns. According to vacation—rental Web site, North Conway, in the Washington Mountain Valley, receives the most rental inquiries of any New Hampshire destination on the Web site."

APRIL 2009

Real Simple

- Elizabeth Schatz Passarella
“If multiple hotel rooms are draining your wallet...1.) Rent a house or a condo. For families or groups, renting can be a lot cheaper than paying for the same number of beds in a hotel... Renting is a particularly good option i n smaller destinations where hotels are scarce or in major cities where hotels are ultra-expensive. Visit© for listings in the United Stated or abroad.“


“Screw Staycations. The idea of spending a week off sitting around your house maybe running some errands and eventually watching that DVD box set of The X Files Season 4 is... Sorry we just shorted out our keyboard with tears of depression. Damn it you need a change of scenery! So set a course for adventure and your mind on a new romance over at Vacation Rentals by Owner offers supercheap housing in superawesome destinations across the globe. Rent a private cottage in Maui for 110 bucks a day as opposed to a cramped room in a hotel for 350 a night. Sure the house won't offer turndown service but it also won't offer $8 cans of Coke. When you wake in the morning take a stroll on the beach and hit the pools at high end hotels. With tourism numbers plummeting, most hotels won t mind your hanging out if you order the occasional pina colada. Just refrain from peeing in the shallow end."

National Geographic Traveler

- Margaret Loftus
“Rent. Remember all those second homes people purchased not too long ago? Online clearinghouses, such as and are now doing brisk business marketing many as vacation rentals to travelers who've discovered the benefits of staying in a villa/cottage/condo as opposed to checking into a resort... For starters, vacation rental homes are 50 to 80 percent less expensive per square foot, come equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities, and, since many can accommodate a crowd, the tab can be shared among friends and families...private rentals are more of a gamble and consequently, less costly. The good news, however, is that more sites are guaranteeing a refund—, up to $5,000—if the rental doesn't live up to its listing."

Travel Talk
“MD or NJ Beaches:Instead of a week-long vacation to the beach this summer, we are looking into doing a couple long weekends at either Ocean City, Maryland or New Jersey. The rates for hotels seem really, really expensive (I was expecting much less considering the economy) and some of the cheaper condo rentals have a week long requirement. Any ideas on finding cheap digs near these beaches for a long weekend?
“Carol Sottili: Is you're willing to wait until the last minute, you might luck out at one of the rent-from-owner sites, such as,,, Or try calling the hotels directly for deals. “

MARCH 2009

USA Today

Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental - Laura Bly
“Ask about guarantees and refund policies. Though no one offers an iron-clad promise that your rental won't be SNAD (industry-speak for "significantly not as described"), several sites offer reassurances., for example, reimburses renters up to $5,000 if a listing isn't legitimate. That's a major problem in destinations such as New York City, where social networking sites post scam warnings about visitors paying in advance for places that don't exist.”

New York Times

Everybody Into the Rental Pool - Susan Stellin
“, the market leader, has more than 124,000 properties in its database (half of them in the United States), while two other sites the company has acquired, and, have 115,000 and 35,000 listings, respectively. Its total inventory is up 25 percent from a year ago...
“HomeAway began online reviews last year, so past guests can post comments about their stay (homeowners have the option of responding) and recently introduced an online payment option to make it easier for renters to use PayPal or a credit card.
“The site also lets owners pay extra to flag their property as a “special offer” or “featured listing,” improving its visibility to prospective renters, an option 31 percent more owners chose in January compared with the same month last year. ”
HomeAway homeowner interviewed in the story: Victor Nawrocki, Property 202548

Detriot Free Press

- Ellen Creager
“2.Look into booking a condo for your visit -- it's cheaper than a resort. Try”

NP Traveller Podcast: Political Partying in Tel Aviv - Brad Frenett
“I also chat with Justin Halloran, VP of HomeAway, a resources for travellers looking to rent a vacation home instead of a hotel. ”

Tight Budget? Save Big With Vacation Rentals - Sarah Pascarella
“Rather than sift through the (literally) millions of vacation rental results available online, reputable providers such as HomeAway and its affiliated brands (,, VRBO, and several others)... among others, are tried-and-true places to start your research. ”

Cost-Cutting Shouldn't Crush Innovation - Mike Linton
“Scaling back a direct-mail drop, changing call-center phone answer times, or optimizing your Internet budget one more time are worthy ROI-driven moves. They won't, however, make up for the absence of new ideas to grow the business--like developing a totally new product (Swiffer), service or package (Vacation Rentals by Owner), or launching an industry-changing loyalty program (Harrah's and Tesco). ”

Miami Herald

Travel Bargains Come With All the Comforts of Home - Jane Wooldridge
“[Patrick] Cameron, 35, uses (short for 'vacation rental by owner,' which puts travelers directly in touch with a home's owner. 'Why do I need a middle man in this equation? We're all very comfortable buying on the Internet.' ” South America

South American Rentals Offer a Home Away from Home - Bonnie Hamre
“This year more travelers are choosing to stay in a vacation home instead of a hotel for many reasons -- space, privacy and affordability, to name just a few. For your readers who might be planning trips to South America, I hope you will let them know that HomeAway ( is the world's largest resource for travelers looking to rent vacation homes -- it has more than 124,000 homes across 118 countries. In South America alone, there are 185 homes available. Vacation homes provide an affordable and very attractive option for vacations and you'll find many properties located in several of the most beautiful areas throughout the country.
“Check out the options available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela on their South American rentals page.”

Retreats: Island Perfection - John Ewoldt
“Jim and Mary Jo Bell of Farmington vacationed in the same condo complex in Lahaina, Maui, for 20 years until the time was right in 1999 to buy a one-bedroom unit. Now they spend January through March there and rent out the condo in the off-season...
"Bell said that renting a condo through... or is about $70 per night cheaper than staying in a nearby resort (Bell charges $179 per night in high season; resorts charge $250). ”


New York Times

With Attendance Off, Disney is Dealing - Michelle Higgins
“Sites like also offer rentals near Disney from $623 to $1,117 a week for a family of eight.”


The TechCrunch 2008 Year in Review - Erick Schonfeld
“The healthy quarters of 2008 showed some aggressive raises. CrunchBase counted 9 companies that raised $100 million or more in 2008: Iridium ($500M), Xiaonei ($430M), Nanosolar ($300M), HomeAway ($250M), SulfurCell ($134M), GridPoint ($120M), Palm ($100M), Rearden Commerce ($100M) and Spinvox ($100M.) ”

Chicago Tribune

Tight Economy Creates Opportunity: Vacationers Can Find Bargains at Others' 2nd Homes - Mary Ellen Podmolik
“Inquiries about vacation homes and the number of homes for rent in the Midwest have been on the upswing, according to, a Web site where individual owners can list rental properties.…
‘'It's a fantastic time for this industry,' said Mike Butler, chief commercial officer of HomeAway Inc. 'It's value on both sides of the ledger. More than ever, owners that bought homes are discovering that they don't have to sit on them and carry those costs and suffer that financial burden. We're seeing all sorts of solid offers and special deals.' ”

Budget Travel: European Spring Break
“Where to Stay: Most decent size European cities offer a thriving market in vacation rental apartments, many of which can be had for not much more than your average night's stay on an uncomfortable bunk bed. Check out sites like VRBO... and look up something you like.”

Austin American Statesman

- Lilly Rockwell
“Austin-based, a network of Web sites that allows owners of vacation homes to list their properties for rent, is in the midst of a growth spurt and hired 31 people in the fourth quarter of 2008.
"'We are seeing some incredibly talented people express interest in HomeAway,' said Lori Knowlton, vice president of human resources. 'Executive-level people are reaching out directly to us.'
"Knowlton said the publicity about the company's $250 million infusion from venture investors in November raised its profile among job applicants who think the company will endure the economic storm better than others." ”

Travel Deals for Valentine's Day and Beyond - Lisa Davis
“With the economy down, personal perks like travel can be hard to justify…Below is a list of travel deals and ideas that are easy on the wallet…
‘Instead of a hotel room, book a luxury vacation home rental… For the same space and amenities in an Orlando hotel room, you’d pay nearly twice or three times as much, and still wouldn’t be guaranteed your own pool! There is also that has homes all over the world – great for Europe where the dollar is weak and hotel rooms are expensive.”

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

- Liz Doup
“The most frequent customer at is a married woman with kids booking a family vacation, says Vice President Justin Halloran.(Orlando is the company's biggest market with 3,669 properties, including condos, homes and villas.)
‘Rentals are also popular for family reunions and Baby Boomers vacationing with their children and the grandkids.
‘ 'There's a yard to play in,' he says. 'You can do laundry and fix meals instead of going out all the time. It's a great place to gather and just be yourself.'”

Austin’s South by Southwest Festival and Conference - Emily Starbuck Gerson
“Where to Stay in Austin: ...Additionally, there are plenty of vacation rental homes available in town. Consider using a vacation rental by owner site such as or; rental home owners advertise their properties and travelers can inquire directly for free. Again, be sure to book far in advance.”


The most interesting company in online travel is…currently HomeAway - Kevin May
“We don't say something like this lightly. But today's news that it has invested yet more money in the European holiday rental marketplace is significant…
“HomeAway's acquisition of continental player Homelidays for an undisclosed fee, was … a bit of a shock…
“We certainly think that HomeAway is driving much of the change in the holiday rentals space at a structural level…”

The Washington Post

Getting the Best Hotel Room for the Best Price - Christina Talcott
“Consider alternatives to hotels…
“Vacation rentals are also a good money-saving option. Try, which lists 118,000 private homes and apartments around the world.”

The Seattle Times

Penny-pinching in Hawaiian Paradise - Brian J. Cantwell
“Consider a Condo. Waikiki is elbow to elbow with lodging bargains. I searched and found a little gem of a private condo a block off the beach ( For $85 a night, I got a nice lanai with a decent view of the ocean and Diamond Head. Full disclosure: I had to peek around the edge of the Hyatt parking garage to see the water, and the building itself was quite modest. But the unit was immaculate and beautifully decorated. Compounding savings: With a kitchen, I did a bit of my own cooking, shrinking the restaurant bill.”



The Ticker - Jason Del Rey
“Despite a grim market, HomeAway, an Austin-based company that helps users rent vacation homes online, has raised $250 million in venture capital. CEO Brian Sharples says the financing provides the business with a war chest that he will use to acquire rivals. ‘There are going to be some great opportunities the next couple of years,’ he says.”

CFO Magazine

And Now for the Good News... - Katie O’Sullivan
“It's not as easy as it used to be, but two recent examples show that companies big and small can still wring financing out of a market that at first glance looks to be bone-dry. Last November, HomeAway, an Internet company that charges a fee to list vacation rental properties, raised $250 million, the largest single round of venture capital for a technology company since 2000.”

International Herald Tribune

- Kevin Brass
“The number of vacation homes available for rent is soaring as owners look for ways to generate revenue with their properties.
“Many of HomeAway's new clients are like Debra and Bill Finerman of Greenwich, Connecticut, who in 2007 paid €800,000, or about $1 million at the time, for a two-bedroom apartment near the Seine in the Sixth Arrondissement of Paris. They decided to rent the apartment only as the dollar weakened, increasing their monthly costs.”

The Wall Street Journal Online

Cape Cod Vacation Home Nearing Foreclosure - June Fletcher
“Although housing is certainly on the minds of the new administration and Congress, not much attention is being paid to the plight of second-home owners who have been caught in the housing tsunami...
“So you'll have to rely on your own resources to avoid foreclosure...But if you want to try to hang on to the house until the market turns, consider these other options...
“Rent Out: Though there's a lot of competition for renters these days, if you're persistent, you still may be able to find seasonal or annual tenants. Since professional property managers can charge hefty fees, see if you can make arrangements with local house-watching and house-cleaning services, and handle the marketing, tenant selection and scheduling yourself. Fee-based Web sites like and have simplified these tasks with automated availability calendars and sample rental contracts.”

Austin Business Journal

More Money but Fewer Deals from VCs in Q4
“Austin-based HomeAway Inc. collected the largest funding in the country during the fourth quarter. The online marketplace for vacation rental properties collected $250 million in October. Without that significant funding deal Austin's VC total would have been dismally down for the quarter.”

Big Spring Break Group? Try Renting a House! - Traci Carl
“Costa Azul suggested renting one of the town's many beach houses, so I turned to the Web site and quickly found a four-bedroom that could easily fit my family, my sister's family, my mom and two more cousins…
“And, with a full house, it turned out to be a cheaper and more flexible option than most hotels…
“As spring break approaches, vacation homes can be a great alternative to large, impersonal resorts, especially for big groups or those who prefer a home-away-from-home setting.”

Washington Post

Would-Be Landlords Still Waiting for Inaugural Payday - Brigid Schulte
“On Nov. 4, the world buzzed and thousands of people danced in the streets when the United States elected its first African American president. On Nov. 5, hotel rooms throughout the city, the suburbs and even the exurbs and beyond were being booked...
“If the plethora of ads on Craigslist,, and even Facebook are a guide, folks in Alexandria and Arlington County (just a short Metro ride away from the parade route) have the fever. Bad...
“‘It's all anyone's talking about,’ said Jen Walker, a real estate agent with McEnearney Associates in Alexandria. ‘I probably get 20 e-mails a day with somebody new that has a house to rent somewhere in the suburbs -- $10,000 a night and you can share my toothbrush.”

NBC Philadelphia

September 03, 2009
"Family Earns Vacation of a Lifetime"

Fox Business

July 17, 2009
"Vacation Rental Market Boom"