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Finding the perfect pied-à-terre - Kathryn Maier
“Our author found her loft-style apartment in Vieux-Montreal for $200 a night through, which has an easily searchable database of vacation rentals, with listings for thousands of apartments around the globe.”

Dayton Daily News

- Pamela Ferris-Olsen
“As with home exchanges, the renter deals directly with the home owner.'s Eileen Buesing says this policy is great insurance as both parties benefit from detailed descriptions and the upkeep of the property. “‘We recommend travelers always ask owners to elaborate on listings prior to paying deposits,’ Buesing says.”

Travel Trends For '08: Looking Up! - Pauline Frommer
“With average hotel prices up 5.6 percent over last year, according to AAA, many travelers are looking to such alternative accommodations -- apartment rentals, home rentals,… rather than hotels. In updating our guidebooks, I've found that a number of rental companies have upped the number of offerings they have by a full 25 percent in the last two years. Go to sites such as, and you'll find they now have more than 90,000 properties to rent, a significant increase. I spoke with the folks at, and they've seen a boom in this type of travel, as well. When they launched in June 2006, they represented 55,000 rentals. Today, they have over 100,000 available to travelers.”

Salt Lake Tribune

- Jay Cooke
“To live further like a temporary Parisian, skip the hotels. Rent an apartment instead. Besides the homey touches, like kitchens stocked with seasonings and traveler's logs packed with tips, vacation rentals save you Euros while letting you blend into a neighborhood…Again, the Web is a great resource: rental-by-owner sites like and are easy to use and filled with options varying by budget, size and style.”

Budget Travel's hot winter deals, money-saving tips - Erik Torkells
“It used to be a pain to find a house, condo, or apartment to rent, but the Internet has made the process so much easier. Renting is one of the very best values out there right now, especially for families and other groups… is an easy one-stop website for home and apartment rentals. Looking for a place to rent is a lot like searching for a hotel on Expedia. Just type in where you want to go and the dates you want to travel, and you'll be presented with a bunch of options, with many photos. Past renters are also allowed to write reviews of the experience, so you can get a sense of whether it might be right for you.”

Finding a vacation rental: Vacation rental Web sites - Genevieve Brown
“Start looking as far in advance of departure as possible so that you can absorb all the nitty-gritty about terms and rules, physical layout, furnishings, cleaning and repair services (if any), local transportation, proximity to services that you need, financial arrangements and obligations, deposits, liability and property insurance, and whatever other details come to mind.”


Not Born Yesterday

- Robert White & Peggy O'Shea
“ not only refers to traditional condo and villa rentals, but also boats, castles, ranches, mansions, yurts and more. These rentals provide space, privacy and amenities unmatched by hotels….”

USA Today

Staying at a real home away from home - Gary Stoller
“But many rentals, they say, are cheaper than a hotel room, have no length-of-stay requirement and are often available. HomeAway says its research shows that, on average, vacation rentals cost 50% to 80% less per square foot than hotels, even in popular destinations such as Orlando and Phoenix.”


Dow Jones

- Scott Denne
“’When we started the company we recognized that there were many high-quality entrepreneurs who had started vacation rental sites,’ which prompted HomeAway to go out and buy the best of them, said Brian Sharples, the company’s chief executive. ‘Now our attention will turn to creating a fully operating network that greatly benefits our customers and travelers.’”

“Austin-based HomeAway Inc. links travelers to vacation properties. represents 17,000 holiday homes in the United Kingdom, ranking behind HomeAway's, which is the largest vacation rental web site in England.”


Celebrated Living

- Janet Thomas
“Culinary travel is on the rise, and food and wine festival hopping is a fun and glamorous pastime…When hotel rooms are scarce, or when you’d like to live more like a local, check out HOMEAWAY, with more than 85,000 properties for rent, from quaint bungalows to luxury villas. One such find is the Irons in Austin, Texas; a hip, two-bedroom retreat with modern architecture, an outstanding owner, and a sublime location for frequenting the Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival.”

National Geographic Traveler

- Linda Burbank
“Do it yourself: Diehard DIYers will find no shortage of Internet listings from villa owners. Owner-direct site,, launched in 2006 and quickly swallowed up the competition, and now has more than 85,000 listings worldwide, with 27,000 properties in Europe. Other good bets are (owned by, but with a different inventory) and local sites.”

Budget Travel Blog

Rental condos become less risky - Sean O'Neill
“HomeAway has been taking great strides in becoming the go-to source for vacation rentals, having bought (Vacation Rentals by Owner) last year and having expanded its websites…Yesterday, the company announced a guarantee that makes renting a vacation condo less risky… “In another recent improvement, the company has introduced user-reviews to its site, so folks who have rented a house, villa, or apartment can rate the property in several different categories—including how accurate the initial posting was, and how true-to-life the photographs were. We thought it was very clever to make sure that only proven renters can post ratings."

New Orleans Times-Picayune

- Millie Ball
“We’ve said it before, but if you’re going to be somewhere for a week or more, consider renting an apartment or home instead of a hotel. Besides usually paying less for accommodations, you'll save on meals and feel like you’re part of a new community. A long time favorite source is (vacation rentals by owner), which designates pet-friendly places with a paw-print icon. Also try, which claims to have more than 95,000 listings (yachts to yurts) in 100 countries.”



- Brad Reagan
“The burden on you is to ask a barrage of detailed questions. One leading Web site,, recently launched a feature where past renters rate property descriptions for accuracy.”


The Europe Trick - Kristen Bellstrom
“Home rentals can be shockingly affordable, especially if you’re traveling with family or planning a longer trip; rates for a two-bedroom home can dip below $1,500 a week. And small adjustments can lower your rate dramatically. Renting directly from the owner can save up to 10%, while taking a place 15 minutes from the beach, rather than right on the water, can make an even bigger dent.”

Ski Real Estate/Rental Property - Mike Doyle
“Ski rental property and ski vacation homes for sale, including condos, townhouses, and private homes available for sale or to rent on a seasonal or weekly basis. “HomeAway -Ski vacation properties located in the best ski areas in the country.”

Los Angeles Times

Las Vegas lodging alternatives: Condos & time shares - Beverly Beyette
“For those seeking a home rental, there are agencies and numerous online sites with listings:, …”

French properties popular with foreigners - Chris Taylor
“You can rent the place out when you are not in France. Mary Greene, for instance, lists her getaway on the site”

Fractionals: Have your vacation home and afford it, too - Jay MacDonald
“Karpinski is now affiliated with, which lists some 85,000 paid rental listings for homeowners looking to recoup some of their vacation home investments…She finds fractionals a more realistic alternative to vacation-home ownership— if you think ahead.”

When-to-book secrets for popular vacations - Erica Silverstein
“Traffic on HomeAway picks up around the first of the year, and availability starts to fall thereafter. You can still find a rental three to five months out, but [Eileen] Buesing recommends looking for less popular dates or off-the-beaten path properties (such as homes a short distance from the beach rather than waterfront rentals).”

New York Times

10 Ways to Keep Europe Within Reach - Michelle Higgins
“Think twice about hotels… you may even do better by renting a villa or an apartment. Two bedroom villas can be reserved for as little as $1200 a week near Florence. and connect travelers directly to property owners and managers.”

Chicago Sun Times

- Lori Rackl
“For families or groups, renting a vacation home can make a lot of sense, logistically and financially. Booking several hotel rooms adds up quickly, and having your own kitchen can save big bucks. Plus, houses offer the flexibility of hanging out together or spreading out when a little privacy is in order. But finding the right house can be a little overwhelming. For my Cape Cod rental, I ended up using, a free online service…”

JULY 2007

Good Housekeeping

Find a Vacation Home — Fast! - Lisa Goff
“Look for super-last-minute rentals. Sites like may offer discounted rates from motivated owners who've had a renter suddenly cancel.”

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

10 Destinations Where Your Dollar Goes Far - Thomas M. Anderson
“Dubrovnik, Croatia—Top bargains: Small apartments that residents have built as additions to their homes. Find out more at or”

American Way

Take it Like a Man - Becca Hensley
“The Trip: Do-It-Yourself. The Place: Anywhere. The Price: $200-$3,000 per house, per week. Visit to peruse more than 85,000 domiciles in 100 countries, and pick the one that’s best for your needs. Choose, for example, the Sunset Ranch Oasis, a home in Palm Springs (property #308793, $6,500 weekly), which sleeps 20 and boasts a private water-skiing lake, a boxing ring, a fireplace, a pool table, a putting green, a swimming pool, and beaucoup stereo equipment.”

Vacation Rental Deals? Think Off-Season - Maya Roney
“’It has always been the case in the off-season that owners are going to be a lot more flexible with price,’ says Brian Sharples, chief executive of vacation rental Web site But in 2007, even the summer has turned out to be a renter's market in some spots, as higher inventory and increased competition leave many owners in a position where they have to negotiate.”

- “Sites that are new to the Hitwise top-100 list of real estate sites in June are:, up from 108th to 77th…”
“Sites that are new to the Hitwise top-100 list of real estate sites in June are:, up from 108th to 77th…”

JUNE 2007

Welcome to Home Rental Country: The Refuge of the Un-Hotel - Cameron Walker
“Don't hesitate to ask about amenities, exact layout, location, and anything else you might want to know about your potential rental when you contact a rental agency or an owner. ‘There's really no substitute for calling or emailing and asking the questions that are important to you,’ says’s Sharples. If the property's listing says "steps to the beach," ask the owner or rental agency exactly what that means. ‘The people who ask the most questions are the ones who don't end up with any surprises,’ he says.”

Budget Travel

HOW TO TRAVEL NOW: 105 Supersmart Strategies - Erik Torkells and Brad Tuttle
“Think outside the hotel-room box. Renting a house, condo, or apartment— or swapping homes— may be better, especially for groups. The Internet has made locating such non-hotel options a million times easier. Three vacation rental websites:,,”

New York Times

Summer Rentals: It's Not Too Late - Michelle Higgins
“’Availability is out there in key destinations where historically it hasn't been,‘ said Justin Halloran, a vice president at, which specializes in vacation rentals by owners. He cited such destinations as Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, Traverse City and Petoskey, Mich., and Hawaii, better known as the Big Island, and Maui.”

Boston Globe

Cape Cod is a renter’s market this summer - Kimberly Blanton
“However, popular websites, such as —for ‘vacation rentals by owner’— has many listings with multiple weeks still available. And on, the number of owner-listed Cape Cod rental properties jumped 66 percent this year, to 3,068 from 1,841 last summer…”

New York Times

Attracting Vacation Home Renters - Amy Gunderson
“Beyond offering search criteria like number of bedrooms or distance to the beach, many vacation rental Web sites now have more search options to narrow down a potential renter's search. Properties listed on, a vacation rental site, offers search options that indicate the presence of extras like a washing machine or cable TV, while, a for-rent-by-owner Web site, allows rentals to be searched by keywords.”

MAY 2007


Beach-rental bingo - Donna Rosato
“’Timing is everything,’ says Brian Sharples, CEO of, the listing site that owns ‘If you can go a little outside the sweet spots, there are incredible deals to be had…’”

The Wall Street Journal

How to sleep cheap on your vacation - Diana Ransom
“When traveling to one destination for a week or more, renting an apartment or house is also an option. In the off-season, ‘two people can find a great place for just $250 a week,’ says Brice Gosnell, Lonely Planet's regional publisher for the Americas. Check out rentals at…” e-book

Save on travel and restaurants with coupons - Stephanie Nelson AKA “The Coupon Mom”
“Sites like Vacation Rental By Owner and may offer bargains on rentals of privately owned homes. Homes and condos offer more space than most hotel rooms and may have extra features like a hot tub or a fireplace. Private owners may also provide savings tips to renters such as providing local coupon books, restaurant recommendations, and tips to get discounted tickets for local attractions.”

KVUE-TV (ABC Austin)

Web site books travelers into private properties - Olga Campos

Providence Journal

- Christine Dunn
“Thanks to vacation rental Internet sites such as,, and, many vacation property owners now have access to a large source of potential clients who can look at a series of photos of a rental property, and a detailed description, price list and roster of house rules. On the site, for instance, there were 585 Rhode Island properties listed. Renters can also narrow their search by amenity, and choose to review only those houses with air conditioning, satellite or cable television, pools, Internet access, or dishwashers and washing machines.”

New York Times

Houseguests who pay, and pay well - Hillary Chura
“Ms. [Annette] O'Brien prefers to handle rentals herself rather than going through an agency. This way she can vet everyone who calls. She estimates she spends $1,500 a year in advertising on her own Internet site,, as well as Web pages like, and”

The best way to visit Europe - Ed Perkins
“Whether for city or countryside the Internet is full of sites that list European vacation rentals. Among the bigger are Vacation Rentals by Owner and HomeAway, both of which provide listings prepared by property owners and link you to those owners.”

New York Times

Travel Q&A: Family Thanksgiving trip in the Caribbean - David G. Allan
“As Michelle Higgins, who writes the Practical Traveler column, pointed out in the Families pick of her 10-Point Caribbean Escapes Plan, Aruba is a five hour direct flight from New York, has fun kid attractions like a butterfly farm and a donkey sanctuary, and has a great day trip possibility in Arikok Park. For accommodations, in addition to the Tamarijn Aruba with food and children activities included in the price, Michelle also recommends and for rental listings (by owners) if you want to have your own kitchen and save on eating all your meals out.”

Woman's World

- Amanda Barbour
“Want more space—for less!—when you travel? 'If you're traveling with three more people, you'll almost always save money when renting a house instead of a hotel room,' says Christine Karpinski, author of How to Rent Vacation Properties By Owner. Find a vacation rental at”

Daily Herald

- Tom Kelly
“’The demographics for second homes are really in the sweet spot for the next few years,’ Sharples said. ‘The boomers’ ages are in the area where they are hitting the top of their incomes and they have been enjoying considerable gains on these types of properties the past few years.’”

Richmond Times-Dispatch

- Joe Macenka
“There are alternatives for those who can't book a hotel in the immediate Richmond area but don't want to drive longer distances. Internet sites and had a number of listings this week for people either seeking lodging at private homes in the Richmond area or offering accommodations. Weekly home rentals were also available on, and”

Euro vacations: Beating the weak dollar - Donna Rosato
“Staying in a villa or rental house is much cheaper than a hotel stay, especially if you're traveling with a group and don't mind cooking meals at home. Finding a villa has gotten even easier as the number of vacation rentals has expanded online. says it has ore than 27,000 villas and homes for rent in Europe…For example, a five bedroom, two bathroom villa with an in-ground pool and air conditioning on the Costa del Sol in Spain is $2,975 a week.”

APRIL 2007

Real Simple: Travel

- Susan Stellin
“Home owners often write their own ads, so you must investigate their claims. Take the phrase ‘ski-in, ski-out.’ ‘To some it means a quarter-mile hike,’ says Brian Sharples, CEO of, an index of 75,000 rental properties. ‘To others it means walking out onto slopes.’”

Women’s Health

“‘To find a local agency that can help you rent a house or condo, do a Web search for “vacation rental” and your destination—although in some places, like Britain, “holiday rental” is more common,’ says Susan Stellin, author of How to Travel Practically Anywhere.

Slump isn't slowing vacation home sales - Martin Crutsinger
“The [National Association of] Realtors, however, said vacation homes were not hurt by the general slump in sales last year. Instead, vacation homes rose by 4.7 percent to a record of 1.07 million units, up from 1.02 million sales in 2005… HomeAway Inc. said that the Realtors' survey confirmed its findings that baby boomers continue to drive growth in the vacation real estate market.”

Travel Troubleshooter: Where's my vacation, Mr. Bernanke? - Chris Elliott
“New online sites such as and are connecting travelers to some of these non-hotel options.”

New York Times

As hotel prices rise, a villa may be a bargain - Michelle Higgins
“Travelers can save money by using Web sites that put them directly in touch with villa owners rather than a booking agent., which owns several vacation rental-by-owner Web sites, including in London and in Marseille, has an easy-to-use search feature that lets travelers quickly filter down to properties that answer their preferences—whether for a pet-friendly villa in Turkey or a house in Burgundy with Internet access. It also lists special deals and promotions from owners trying to fill slow weeks in summer or offering discounts to early bookers.”

Vacation rentals - Sarah Pascarella
“He also suggests looking for a last-minute rental. ‘Go to our sites and look for next week or two weeks [out],’ says [Brian] Sharples. ‘If time is available, the owner has already conceded that they might not rent that week out. [You] can call and ask if they'll give you a deal, and they're often flexible at the last minute.’”

Woman's Day

- Arricca Elin SanSone
“ Search more than 40,000 private rental homes, condos, cabins and cottages in the U.S. Rentals typically include a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and multiple bathrooms.”

How to have a home away from home in Europe - Charis Atlas Heelan
“You can search [HomeAway] by location, number of travelers, room number, suitability for children or pets etc. Rather than deal with a middle man or booking service, you correspond directly with the property owner to make your reservation. An initial search on the site uncovered a number of attractive options, although more for rural or beach accommodations than big cities — perfect for a summer jaunt to locations like the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, County Galway in Ireland or Piedmont Italy. There are also less conventional destinations like Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia, Slovakia, Andorra and Iceland.”

MARCH 2007


- Sarah Bodnar
“For rentals, lists more than 65,000 vacation homes and apartments in 90 countries (you can get everything from a villa in France for about $2,800 a week to a condo in Palm Springs, California for roughly $1,200 a week).”

Escapes Under $500: Don't miss the boat to Martha's Vineyard - Anne Banas
“Good websites to find rentals include Martha's Vineyard Online, a comprehensive source dedicated to the Vineyard, as well as multi-destination sites such as VRBO, HomeAway, and CyberRentals, which all allow you to search by town.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

- Chris Welsch
”It’s worth noting that is one of the few major players with an advanced search that works well (you can choose the type of accommodation, child-friendly, non-smoking, etc.)”

Austin American-Statesman

- Alfredo Estrada
“Gripes on the part of the renters are relatively rare, but any property that receives three complaints is banned from the site. Recently, HomeAway made it possible for renters to rate a property, and post detailed comments on the site. In the future, HomeAway inspectors might even check out the rentals in person. ‘It’s all about doing the right thing for the customer,’ says Sharples.”

Time: Work in Progress Blog

All Work and No Holiday Makes Us Lousy Workers - Lisa Takeuchi Cullen
“Designed to buck national trends of overworked, stressed-out and vacation-starved employees, two-year-old HomeAway, Inc. today announced a forward-thinking vacation policy that gives its 100 U.S. employees four weeks of vacation a year, regardless of employee tenure.”


Family Circle

- Ellen H. Parlapiano
"Use vacation rental websites such as... to target possibilities in your desired geographic area."

New York Times

Taking Advantage of Last-Minute Rentals - Amy Gunderson
“… has a section for special offers. A five-bedroom farmhouse on the North Fork of Long Island (wine tasting is fun regardless of the season) goes for $495 a weekend this month, versus $695 in the spring and the fall. There are other deals in areas with more active tourism in the spring and summer, like coastal and mountain regions of North Carolina. A two-bedroom chalet near Murphy, N.C., goes for $70 a night on the weekend, versus $95 a night in the summer.”

Sacramento Bee

- Alison Roberts
“You don't have to own a castle to experience a little fortified getaway with a vacation home rental. We like the look of this 12th century castle in Unsleben in the Bavarian countryside of Germany. It even has a moat, which is so handy for repelling invaders. You can rent a two-bedroom apartment in the castle for $395 a week (serfs not included). We found it on, which has more than 80 castles on its listings.”

Last Minute Valentine's Day Escapes from $34 Each Way - Carrie Havranek
“HomeAway…still has some properties with specials available the weekend of February 9-11. If you want to head somewhere warm and quiet, try the Tarpon Pond Cottage in Seabrook Island, South Carolina about 20 miles or so from Charleston... HomeAway also has a listing for ‘Romantic Alto Salto’ a three-bedroom property in Taos, New Mexico.”



- Amy Marr
“Renting a home away from home has become increasingly easy, thanks to the three biggest online resources,, with 100,000-plus listings, and and, both with more than 60,000. In addition to saving you money, house renting or swapping can plant you in otherwise remote parts of the world.”

Arizona Republic

- Carrie Watters
“The Tompsetts advertised their three-bedroom house at, a Web site that specializes in vacation rentals. At the site, homeowners can advertise their personal homes or investment properties for any length of stay, from a few days for special events like the BCS game to all year.”