Smarter search results for better matches

Search results are designed so travelers can find their ideal property quickly and you receive the most relevant booking requests. Results are initially ordered according to subscription level. Within subscription levels, the order in which listings appear is based on our new best match system, which factors in a combination of traveler preferences and the booking experience a listing provides.

  • Listing quality score factors such as guest reviews, photos, and online booking will still be important as we evolve toward best match. But best match will look at an even wider range. The listing quality scorecard will stay as a guide, but the score will be phased out.

  • Best match will produce search results designed to best meet each traveler’s unique needs. This also means you should receive greater exposure to those travelers who are more likely to book your property.

  • Like many internet companies, we’re always analyzing our data. By understanding how travelers search and book, we can test and refine the various factors most likely to lead to a booking.

Why make the change?

Searching over 1 million listings can be time consuming! Best match will make it quicker for travelers to find the property that best suits them, which means they should be more likely to book.


Best match also aims to generate more bookings for owners and property managers who offer the properties that best match what the traveler is searching for and who deliver a great booking experience.

Before Best Match After Best Match
Traveler search and filters (e.g., dates) Traveler search and filters (e.g., dates)
Subscription Level Group (Platinum to Classic) Subscription Level Group (Platinum to Classic)

7 Factors:

  • Online booking
  • Photos
  • Reviews
  • Calendar update
  • Map placement
  • Rates
  • Response time

We’re constantly testing existing and new factors, so we can’t provide a definitive list. You control many of these factors, such as these traveler preference examples:

  • Precise location of a property
  • Rates for all available dates
  • Accurate, updated calendar
  • Having high-quality photos
  • A property's amenities and availability
  • Reviews from past guests

And these booking experience examples:

  • Your acceptance rate of booking requests
  • Responding consistently to bookings and inquiries in a timely fashion
  • Not canceling too many reservations

Tip: Enabling and using online booking continues to be the best indication that you’re providing the kind of booking experience that travelers tell us they want. Online booking can contribute to a higher placement in search results, and you always decide whether to accept or decline booking requests.

How Search Results are created

Subscription levels

Using the traveler’s requirements such as date and location, we collect relevant results and group them based on subscription levels, starting with Platinum.



Relevant pay-per-booking listings will be sorted and included in search results based on best match. Some will appear alongside subscription listings, although they’re not guaranteed to always be included in search results.


Within your subscription level, search position is evolving to be based on best match

Best match uses a flexible algorithm to find and show properties most likely to result in a booking for that traveler. This involves analyzing the unique traveler preferences indicated in their current and previous searches and bookings, and the booking experience a listing provides.


What factors does best match use and how might it change?

Best match relies on multiple factors, which means we can’t provide a definitive list. We may not use every factor in every search result, and we may remove some factors and introduce new ones at any time to improve results further. We’ll be continually testing and updating the best match algorithm to meet our goal of delivering results that are most relevant to travelers, and therefore providing more bookings for you.


For even more information on how search works at HomeAway, please visit our Help Center.