HomeAway Terms of Trade

General Advertising Guidelines for HomeAway® Sites

All advertisers and advertising creative must adhere to these guidelines for ads to be run on any or all of the HomeAway, Inc. Sites (the “HomeAway Sites”). The Advertiser and Advertiser’s Creative should be in line with the goals of HomeAway, Inc., our property owners and our travelers. Specifically, the Advertiser’s Creative should be targeted to travelers with a link to the Advertiser’s brand-boost page. We reserve the right to reject or to suspend any Creative that is deemed, in our sole discretion, to disrupt site service or performance or negatively affects user experience on the HomeAway Sites.


HomeAway Inc. does not allow or knowingly accept as advertisers:

· Direct competitors of HomeAway, Inc. products or services

  • Advertising that criticizes other property managers or homeowners
  • Advertising that contains any external links that take users outside of the HomeAway Sites

· Advertising from categories that compete with our property owners including but not limited to:

  • Hotels, condo hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, or any other lodging of any kind,
  • competing vacation rental websites, and
  • travel packagers or promotions that include lodging

· Advertising from categories that are not appropriate, including but not limited to:

  • Dating / personals,
  • Dieting,
  • Drugs-pharmaceutical, health,
  • Religious, and
  • Guns, online gambling, graphic violence, pornography

· Advertising that incorporates unauthorized or unapproved use of HomeAway’s creative assets (such as talent, logos, characters, etc.)

· Advertisers who make unreasonable or highly unlikely product or service claims

· Advertisers who include potentially libelous content

· Advertisers who include inappropriate language or proxies for bad language (i.e., X@#%!) or offensive content such as pictures or drawings of body parts

· Advertisers who use fake functionality. Creative that contains graphic representations of "system" or "functionality" elements, typically encountered in a PC/Mac environment or graphical elements that don’t function as indicated.


HomeAway reserves the right to approve, in our sole discretion all advertising content prior to posting on a HomeAway Site. Once advertising content has been posted on HomeAway, HomeAway shall have the right to remove previously-approved advertising content from HomeAway if HomeAway later determines that Advertiser's advertising does not meet HomeAway's standards. HomeAway Inc. reserves the right to make changes and/or exceptions to these guidelines at any time in its sole discretion. Advertisers agree to be bound by any such changes.