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Welcome to the Expanded Distribution Network! You will be able to get bookings through a variety of partners, including Expedia®, America’s largest online travel website, and KAYAK®.


Learn how to manage your enrollment

Reach more travelers…without any extra work! Our Expanded Distribution Network gives you the ability to list your properties on other leading global travel websites, including and KAYAK. And you don’t have to do a thing.

Through the Expanded Distribution Network, HomeAway works with well-known travel brands to extend the reach of your listings outside our family of sites so you have access to a larger audience of travelers.

Your pay-per-booking properties will be
automatically enrolled, allowing you to:


Access a new set of travelers through HomeAway’s partnership with popular online travel sites, including and KAYAK.

Continue to manage your listings as you do today and enjoy increased exposure.

Control which of your listings you distribute.



It's easy to be a part of the

Expanded Distribution Network




How does the Expanded Distribution Network work?

The distribution partner site displays participating vacation rental listings as an option for travelers searching for lodging. Interested travelers will see your property details and have the opportunity to send you an inquiry or book online.

The inquiry or booking request will go straight to your dashboard, clearly identified as being from a source, such as Expedia, and you can manage the inquiry or booking request using the same tools you use today – no additional work is required because everything is automatically synced!

Why am I being auto-enrolled?

We know that you are busy managing your vacation rentals, so we made it easy for you to participate in this incredible opportunity to have your properties seen by millions of travelers who may not have thought of staying in a vacation rental.


How much does it cost?

Both of our current partners, and KAYAK charge a commission of 10% for each booking. If you use HomeAway Payments you also pay an additional 3% credit card merchant service fee, so the total fee deducted from your booking settlement will be 13%.

If you are a property manager with integrated software, you will be charged a commission of 10% for each booking, and are subject to your own merchant service credit card processing fees as well.

As we continue to grow our Expanded Distribution Network, future partners may have different commission rates. We will always let you know ahead of time when we are adding a new partner to the Network and how much commission they charge. Through your dashboard, you will also have control over the maximum commission you are willing to pay and which of your properties you are willing to list with the Expanded Distribution Network.



Control where your listings appear

We’ve made it easy to enroll in the Expanded Distribution network. Simply return to the email you received, and click the button.


Log in to your dashboard


Navigate to the “Expanded Distribution” page

If you are a professional property manager,  click the “My properties > Expanded Distribution” tab

If you are a property owner,  click “Listing details” on your pay-per-booking listing’s dashboard and select the “update” link next to “Expanded Distribution”


Select desired listings and use the dropdown menu to update distribution settings.

You can turn your distribution on or off for each listing with any of our partners at any time.


Remember:  If you have more than one property, you must manage each listing’s distribution individually.

Keep in mind:  Clicking “do not distribute” next to a listing only turns off that specific listing from distribution from that specific partner. This is not the same as opting out of the program. Your pay-per-booking listings will be automatically enrolled with any of our future partners. Any future pay-per-booking listings you create will automatically be enrolled with all of our existing partners.



As part of the Expanded Distribution Network, your inventory will automatically be distributed to Expedia and KAYAK.

We will notify you about additional distribution partners as they join the Expanded Distribution Network. Keep in mind that partners decide what listings will appear on their sites, so you may not always be able to see your listing appear if you perform a search.

An eligible listing is a pay-per-booking listing whose account is not flagged for non-fair market participation or overdue on commission payments.

Any future eligible listings will automatically be distributed in the Expanded Distribution Network unless you have opted out of the program altogether.

HomeAway was excited to get this program to market, so we decided to start with the listings that would have the easiest transition to a commission model, e.g., our pay-per-booking listings. However, we are already working on the solution for our valued subscription customers.

Listing are now being distributed on and will begin being distributed on KAYAK in August of 2015. As the network grows, if you have not opted out of the program, we will automatically distribute listings for any future sites within your maximum commission level. We will notify you as new partners join so you know about their rate structure and can manage your participation at that time.

Expedia will use each property’s latitude and longitude to assign it to their location tags. There may not be a 1:1 match with HomeAway’s, but as long as the address you have provided for the property is accurate, the listing will show up in the right search results for travelers looking to book in your property’s area.

KAYAK will use each property's address to integrate them into KAYAK search results. 

If you use HomeAway Payments, commission will be deducted from HomeAway Payments settlement, just like it is for pay-per-booking listings on HomeAway.

If you are an integrated property manager, commission is charged on the second of the month following completion of the guest’s stay; that’s the same as HomeAway’s policy.

If you use the HomeAway Reservation Manager, any inquiries and booking requests will have the source of the distribution partner prominently displayed.

If you use integrated property manager software, you should see the source of the distribution partner in your software reservation screen.

Partners determine how much commission will be charged for a booking originating on their site, so you will find that different partners may have a rate that differs from the 10% total commission and credit card processing fee you pay on HomeAway. For example, Expedia and KAYAK are charging 10% commission, plus you must pay the HomeAway Payments credit card processing fee, so the total amount deducted from your booking settlement is 13%. As we add partners to the network, we will let you know what their commission rates will be before adding them to the site.

HomeAway and Expedia are partnering together to create a new way for travelers shopping on Expedia to search and book vacation homes. If you currently have a direct relationship with Expedia, the two programs are complementary and give you an opportunity to expand your reach on Expedia.

Your current listing on Expedia allows you to present your rentals to travelers alongside hotels in your area and presented in a way that maximizes your visibility to hotel shoppers. The new partnership between Expedia and HomeAway allows you to reach travelers who decide earlier in their Expedia search experience to focus on vacation rentals as part of their stay.