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Choose a rental from over 2 million homes in more than 190 countries.

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Here’s how easy it is to find and book your next whole vacation rental


Once you find the perfect vacation property, you can Book and Pay or Ask Questions

Ready to book your stay?

Once you find that perfect vacation rental, it’s easy to book and pay securely online. Listings that have a “Request to book” button allow you to immediately submit a booking request—and owners / managers have 24 hours to accept your request. When booking and paying online, always be sure to pay through HomeAway checkout so that your payment is covered by our Book with Confidence Guarantee™.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your payment is protected:

  • Look for listings with a “request to book” button—these listings are ready to book and will confirm your booking within 24 hours
  • Look for listings with credit card logos, as these listings accept credit card payments through the HomeAway checkout process

If a listing doesn’t offer either of the options above, look for a “birdhouse shield” icon on the listing page, as that icon indicates that the listing offers an approved payment option through HomeAway. In this case, just ask the property owner or manager to send you a payment request and instructions through HomeAway. When you do complete a payment through our checkout process, this will ensure your payment is protected.

Have questions about a property?

Property owners and managers are available and happy to answer any questions you may have prior to—and after—booking. Plus, they are strongly encouraged to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

Communicating on the go is easy once you’ve created your account—the tools you need such as our full-featured mobile all are at your fingertips and owners / managers are encouraged to respond within 24 hours.


Now that you’ve successfully booked your stay, you can easily manage and track the details of your stay by logging into your online account or by using the free HomeAway mobile app to:

  • Manage communication with the property owner / manager
  • Access important details about your stay such as maps, directions, security and Wi-Fi codes
  • Write a review to share your experience with other travelers

It’s now easier than ever to plan and book your whole vacation—where you have the whole house to yourself, and the only thing you have to share is creating memories.

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*You must complete your booking or payment through the HomeAway checkout process in order to be protected by our Book with Confidence Guarantee. We can’t protect payments that are completed outside of HomeAway.