Choosing the perfect place to stay on vacation is sometimes challenging. You can only get so much information from pictures and a property description. Reviews help ease worries and are an ideal way to help you and future travelers select the best property. You'll know exactly what to expect when renting a property that has reviews. HomeAway and other travelers appreciate your travel reviews. If you've stayed at a HomeAway property now is your chance to share your experience.

The process is simple

1. Find the property you stayed with
2. Click the "write a review" button on the property's advertisment
3. Write your review and hit submit

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Tips for writing reviews

Every extra piece of information helps fellow travelers make the right decision. Detailed reviews of vacation rental homes makes finding the perfect place easier.

The more detail you can provide the better
Was the listing description accurate regarding the location, layout, amenities, etc?
Was the property clean and well-maintained?
Did the owner provide good customer service?
Would you recommend this property to your friends or relatives?
What activities, attractions and restaurants did you like or dislike near by?

When writing a review, be honest and genuine. Focus on information that will be useful and provide assistance to fellow travelers.
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