How it Works

List your property with HomeAway and get access to the world's #1 vacation rental websites.

Our global network of sites features over 1,000,000 vacation rental listings and gets more than 77 million traveler visits per month. We connect owners, property managers and travelers in 190 countries throughout the world and have the #1 vacation rental sites in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.

And you get a whole lot more than just global exposure. Our suite of tools makes it easy to list your property, manage bookings online, and get the most out of your vacation rental.


Step 1: Choose your listing type

HomeAway offers flexible listing options when deciding how to rent your home. Pay one upfront fee and get unlimited inquiries and bookings throughout the year with an annual subscription or pay nothing upfront and just 10% per booking with pay-per-booking. Annual subscriptions options range from Classic to Platinum, allowing you to control your performance. Higher subscription level listings rank higher in search results and get you more exposure. You can change your subscription level at any time, so if you are not sure where to start, it's no problem — you can test the waters and make changes later. Plus, you have the opportunity to advertise on any or all of the HomeAway sites with the U.S. or Global Bundles to gain unparalleled reach for your vacation rental. If you have a short-season or event rental or just want to try out listing on HomeAway without any upfront fees, try pay-per-booking. Remember with pay-per-booking, you pay nothing upfront and just 10% per booking and can switch to an annual subscription at any time.

Step 2: Set up your payments account

The next step to getting started is to set up a payments account so you can collect rental payment from guests. Over 85% of travelers prefer the convenience of paying online in a straightforward, secure process. When you enroll with HomeAway Payments, you can save time and increase bookings with low credit card processing fees and free eChecks. Once set up, you can easily respond to inquiries, generate quotes and rental agreements, and your guest payments will be deposited directly into your account.


Step 3: Create your listing

The last step to start marketing your home is to create your property listing, which will display all the important information needed for guests to book. The key things that travelers look for are an updated calendar, accurate rates, eye-catching photos, and the location of your home. Once you've created your listing, you're able to make improvements over time, ensuring your listing is the best it can be. Ready to put your vacation home to work? Start your listing today.