Making the Decision to Open your Home

Making the decision to rent is weighing the perceived risk of opening your home to strangers against the opportunity to bring in additional income. This decision takes a combination of research and a leap of faith to really figure out if and how you would like to rent your home.


Learning to Trust

The thought of potential damage and strangers in your home might be enough to stop you in your tracks. The biggest obstacle to renting is learning to trust. If you can conquer your fears and begin to rent, you will gain confidence from the renting experience.

Tips and Tools for Learning to Trust

  • Learn more about how successful owners screen guests.
  • Test run renting to a stranger, like a friend of a friend 
  • Get to know travelers by visiting a vacation rental website and reading traveler reviews on other homes in your area.  (Staying in vacation rentals is a personal experience for travelers, too.)
  • Talk to other owners in your vacation community and ask about their experiences renting out their home

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