What You Get

Property Listing on HomeAway.com

  • Property headline to grab the attention of your travelers
  • Property description to highlight the features and amenities of your home
  • 24 photos to showcase your home to travelers
  • Reviews collected directly from guests and added to your listing
  • Map to show where your property is located and nearby attractions
  • Calendar to manage your property’s availability
HomeAway property details page
HomeAway payments

Access to HomeAway Payments and Online Booking

  • HomeAway Payments:

    Allow guests to pay through HomeAway Payments. It’s a convenient and affordable way to process payments with a low 2.5% credit card processing fee and free eChecks.

  • Online Booking:

    The “Book it Now” feature simplifies the booking process by allowing travelers to send online reservation requests and giving you a 24-hour period to accept or decline the reservation.

HomeAway payments
HomeAway mobile

Mobile Tools to Manage Your Listings

The HomeAway Mobile app allows you to respond to guests from anywhere

HomeAway mobile

What It Costs

HomeAway offers five subscription levels based on the amount of exposure you need. Your subscription level determines where your listing will be ranked on the search results page when a user searches your area. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to be seen by travelers.

Classic $349/year** Basic ranking in search results
Bronze $449/year** Ranks above Classic in search results
Up to 10% more inquiries than Classic
Silver $649/year** Ranks above Bronze in search results
Up to 15% more inquiries than Classic
1-month listing in "Featured Rental" area at the top of your area's search results page
Gold $849/year** Ranks above Silver in search results
Up to 35% more inquiries than Classic
6-month listing in "Featured Rental" area at the top of your area's search results page
Platinum $1,249/year** Ranks highest in search results
Up to 70% more inquiries than Classic
12-month listing in "Featured Rental" area at the top of your area's search results page

Featured Listing

Included in Platinum, Gold, and Silver subscription levels

What it means: Get featured at the top of your area's search results page for up to a year

HomeAway featured listings

Is an Annual Subscription Right for Me?

Booking Comparison Calculator

$ /day
Estimated pay-per-booking cost*
Classic subscription cost
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*Estimate based on nightly or weekly rates and may vary depending on additional fees charged to the traveler.

Get Started Today

  1. Choose Your Level Depending on the exposure you need in search results, you can choose from Classic to Platinum. When deciding which subscription level is right for you, look at how many properties are advertised in your area. The more competitive the area, the more important it will be for you to choose one of the higher subscription levels like Gold or Platinum.

    You can upgrade at any time during your subscription. Evaluate the performance of your listing over time and you can upgrade whenever you want.

  2. Set Up Your Payment Account Travelers like straightforward, secure payment options. When you enroll with HomeAway Payments, you get low 2.5% credit card processing for Discover, Visa, and MasterCard; plus, you can accept eChecks from your guests for free.

  3. Build Your Listing Your listing is your property's website and will display all the important information needed for guests to book your home. It just takes a few minutes to create your listing, and since it can be edited at any time, you can make improvements whenever you like, ensuring your listing is the best it can be.


*Based on the average of the top 5% of owners advertising on HomeAway in a 2013 survey.

**Prices are applicable to new customers only or existing customers that have adopted online booking on every live listing.