What Kids Really Want From A Vacation - From the Desk of Kid President

Parents, I’ve a very important message for you!
Things kids want from a vacation.

Hang on actually, this is all wrong…rope
Yeah there we go!
Things kids really want from a vacation.
This one’s from the heart people.

Wow, this is a sandcastle.
Parents, it’s time for a vacation revolution, we gotta make some sweeping changes. I’ve been thinking we need to stop having these ‘half vacations’ or ‘vague-cations’ or even ‘FAKE-cations’,we need to start having " whole vacations " you know where you go away and give your kids the best gift of all, your undivided attention .

Can I be Frank for a moment?
All those fancy roller coasters and things like room service that’s cool,
but we really just want to spend time with you.
Yeah you I know right!

We want a whole house to run around in and dance,
we wanna make milkshakes and we wanna make them with style, it’s time for a milkshake party! We wanna have those moments that you might not realize are moments, but are totally moments to us, ok?

I can help you craft the perfect ‘Away from my email’, email.
Ahem. Dear whomever this may concern, I have decided to take a whole vacation. The whole vacation will include, but is not limited to, late night ice cream parties, roadtrip games, burying family members in the sand, and getting lost on purpose. I’ll be back when I’m done having the time of my life with my loved ones. Sincerely Frank, er Kid President, errr whatever your name is, that’s your part I can’t write the whole email for you, that’s cheating!

Wow, this is a nice kitchen. Is this mahogany? Oh sorry. It’s time for an equation.
Us + you + a whole vacation = memories. You don’t need math to tell you that memories are worth more than anything.


Hey look, you tell us all the time...
“...When I was your age...I blah blah blah blahed blah”.
It’s time to put your money where your mouth is!
We’re doing this together so be a kid again,
Roar! ROAR!

Look at this amazing sandcastle. It’s great, but not because of it’s three-story awesomeness. I’m talking about what it means.  Flying buttress like this, they only work when a grownup is spending time with a kid, doing kid-like things.
We want to build a sandcastle, and we want to do it with you!

So let’s all put our can-phones down, I want to see families going full analog. Hashtag no filter, hashtag I don’t know what analog is.

This is a message to the parents of the world, whole vacations
Don’t find family time, Make it!

Things Kids REALLY Want from a Vacation: You.’
KP out!