HomeAway Data Feeds for Use On Your Website!

As a HomeAway Affiliate Partner, you now have access to data feeds of HomeAway properties to put on your website. These data feeds will allow you to list properties from HomeAway directly on your website. We have a limited number of data feeds but have plans on expanding our feeds over time.

  • Eliminate an extra click by getting the traveler directly to the property they are interested in on your site
  • Help pre-sell the traveler on their interested vacation rentals before they leave your site
  • Increase conversion rates from traffic at your site, increasing the revenue you generate through our affiliate program

How to Use Data Feeds
  • Integrate the products that complement your site into your content
  • Create a new category to highlight the travel category on your site and drive traffic to the data feeds
    • Enter your affiliate PID above and click "Generate URL's"  (Note: PID is the website ID assigned to each website listed in your Commission Junction account,  and is different from your CID (Company ID)


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