A Place to Call Home

It was a no-brainer for HomeAway to support Habitat for Humanity.  While HomeAway is focused on giving people a comfortable place to call their home-away-from-home while on vacation, Austin Habitat's mission touches on a more necessary and basic part of human life - they strive to give everyone a decent place to live.  HomeAway wanted to help people, especially those in our own backyard, make homes for themselves no matter their circumstances. It is in this spirit that HomeAway was inspired to form such a great partnership with Habitat.

Habitat for Humanity is all about: hand’s-on, fully engaged involvement from which you can see an immediate impact. In its first 25 years, Austin Habitat has made tremendous strides toward ending poverty in our community through the power of homeownership. They have changed lives... not only for those on the receiving end of a new home, but also for the individuals and groups who have donated their time, money and resources to this important mission.

Now in the second year of our two-year commitment to Austin Habitat, HomeAway employees have raised and donated more than $35,000 and volunteered their time to work on the builds, including 2010's two-house accelerated “blitz” build to commemorate Austin Habitat’s 25-year anniversary. Originally scheduled to last seven days, the actual build took just five days! Not only was it a record-setting build – it’s a true testament to how local company’s such as HomeAway, can partner with the incredibly-well organized Austin Habitat to achieve great things.

This is a charity that we truly believe in and are proud to support their cause. 

  Austin employees contributed to the Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build event in fall 2010 and helped build two houses in less than a week.  HomeAway co-founders Brian Sharples and Carl Shepherd participate in the board cutting ceremony for a HomeAway-sponsored house
HomeAway volunteers hard at work at a Habitat build site