Rhode Island, USA

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Why So Many Love To Visit Rhode Island

Rhode Island has captivated the historian and the beach enthusiast for going on several generations. It was founded in 1636, before the United States of America was even established as a sovereign nation. This means that it is full of historical landmarks, remnants of our past and the birth of our great nation. People who visit will often stay in Ocean House, a resort that was established in 1868, merging the intellectual stimulation that comes with historical investigation with a day at the beach.


The Cliff Walk

It will usually take a few hours to get through the long hike. The Cliff Walk is one of the most important attractions of Rhode Island. It features several of the natural delights that come with the region, demonstrated as you walk across the shoreline. You will get to view relics of American history such as architecture. Architecture has served as an expression of culture and the development of the western world. There are also geological phenomena throughout the rocky shoreline. People who venture across it will also encounter different forms of wildlife. But watch your step! There are some abrupt drops of almost 70 feet. Thrill seekers and intellectuals have sought Rhode Island's Cliff Walk and found themselves thoroughly satisfied.

Veterans Memorial Auditorium

Different forms of entertainment have been integral to our development as a culture. While the success of Hollywood is undeniable, the people of Rhode Island remain captivated by the old forms of entertainment, as demonstrated by the Veteran Memorial Auditorium. With a heavy emphasis on artistic endeavor, the theater will put on live performances featuring local who really shine in the community as well as legendary entertainers. People who would like to catch a glimpse of Rhode Island culture will usually visit the theater.

Newport Casino

Those with a taste for gambling will enjoy the Newport Casino. With virtual slots, tables, and off-track gambling, the Newport Casino will make for an energetic night after a day exploring the beaches or the historical sites. The casino also features live entertainment and dining.

The Breakers Mansion

The architecture of the 19th century is preserved in the brilliant Breaker's Mansion in Newport. After the original mansion suffered fire damage in 1892, the owner, Cornelius Vanderbilt, hired one of the most prominent architects of the Italian Renaissance. Today, it stands as a representation of that era. Tours are available for anybody who wants to explore the 70 room mansion.

Yawgoo Valley

For those who want to exploit the amenities of the winter months, Yawgoo Valley in North Kingston offers a range of activities. If you want to learn to ski, or if you have been skiing all of your life and you are ready for a new challenge, the Yawgoo Valley can accommodate. They even have snow tubing for those who might be afraid of skiing. But this resort has outdoor activities for every month of the year. During the summer months, the water park is open. The Yawgoo Valley makes a great getaway any time of the year.


People visit Rhode Island throughout the year for different reasons. Historical sites and skiing are available in the winter. But if you really want to enjoy the ocean state, you should try to make it during the summer months.

How To Get Around

Visitors to the great state will usually opt to rent their own car or a private car service. But Uber is also a live option in Rhode Island. People also have been satisfied taking the bus.

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