Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA

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Why Tourists Come To Wisconsin Dells

There are certain regions throughout the United States that have been developed and eloquently crafted for centuries so that the tourist, vacationer and even the resident will be able to indulge in an abundance of entertainment and intellectual activities. Among them, Wisconsin Dells stands out as the vacation spot that tourists find themselves captivated by and attracted to. People flock to Wisconsin Dells looking for engagement for their families, to provide something fun for their kids (as one of the joys of being a parent is to see your child having fun) and to grow closer to one another. In fact, many of the hotels that people stay in come with a free pass to the local waterpark.

Wizard Quest

Kids (and many adults) really enjoy the theme of fantasy, whether in literature, video games or in television (think of Game of Thrones). The park known as Wizard Quest in Southern Wisconsin takes advantage of this desire and gives it new meaning. The park is an interactive center that calls people to participate, solve riddles and work their way through the 13,000 square foot maze. This is a great way to spend a day and to teach your children to use their mind even when they are having fun.

Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park

This park is themed after the ancient Grecian culture. It has several structures that mimic the old culture and strives to educate visitors about what the architecture was like. There are even quirky cabins that are based on Greco-Roman designs. However, unlike the ancient Grecians, these hotels come with Wi-Fi, mini-fridges, cable TV and tree-trunk bunk beds. But as you make your way through the Grecian culture, you will enjoy something else that they did not have, namely, water parks. Let your kids have a day of fun in the water and in the sun.

Nig's Bar

This is one that you cannot bring your kids into. But if you want to take an opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the locals, to sit back and to have a drink as you reflect upon your Wisconsin vacation, many people have found Nig's bar to be an excellent option. It features a live DJ so you can listen to the latest trending music and even has a billiards table so that you may take an opportunity to show off your skills in front of the natives. Let them know how men where you are from shoot pool.

H.H. Bennett Studio

A vacation is not only a time of relaxation. It is not a time to turn your mind off. It is a turn to engage in the intellectual activities that you usually do not have time for. At the H.H. Bennett Studio, you have precisely that opportunity. Bennett was a highly influential photographer whose love for technology and for nature blended to yield some of the pictures that contributed to the rise of Wisconsin Dells' fame. The studio has an archive and a historical record of this great man.


The hard winters of Wisconsin Dells is probably much too cold for most tourists. But you may consider visiting during the summer, as it is probably the most comfortable season that offers the most amenities.

How To Get There

Uber has arrived in Wisconsin Dells. Many people employ that option. If not, you might consider the public transportation. But the most convenient option to get around the city is to simply rent your own car or a private car service.