Sarasota, FL, USA

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Why People Love Visiting Sarasota, Florida

When people think of an ideal vacation, they think of laying on the beach with the hot sun beaming down on them as they develop a tan. They think of swimming in the ocean and enjoying the cool breeze, listening to birds and exploring the city to see what amenities it has to offer. Sarasota, Florida is the archetypical beach sight, hosting some of the most beautiful spring break getaways in the country and capturing the Floridian atmosphere people seek after when they vacation. Visitors often opt for one of Sarasota's five star hotels overlooking the beach that often feature Jacuzzis.

Big Attractions

Siesta Key Beach

This eight mile stretch of shining white sand is what attracts so many spring breakers. People come down to Siesta Key and enjoy watching and listening to the waves, feeling the hot sun penetrating their skin, playing volleyball and building artistic sandcastles. They might even choose to go snorkeling, to explore the depths of the ocean and to see the marine life and organisms that many people will never get to see in their natural habitat. People come to Siesta Key beach to get the most out of their Florida vacation.

Mote Marine Laboratory

While one might want to encounter certain forms of marine life while snorkeling, there are others that might leave you panicking if you saw them at the beach, such as sharks and stingrays. While these dangerous creatures may be alarming if found swimming in the ocean, they are a source of intellectual intrigue in other contexts. The Mote Marine Laboratory is an aquarium that puts these creatures on display. Learn about their behavior, how they relate to one another, what they are fed, and more. Most people will never get to see a shark and really stand back to observe it.

Ed Smith Stadium

While Florida is in the south, many of the inhabitants are northerners. They are people who migrated down south for the beautiful weather. These northerners much appreciate that their beloved New York Yankees have their spring training camp in Sarasota at Ed Smith Stadium. They can go and see the icons that will propel this established dynasty forward to the World Series. They might even get an opportunity to meet the players and to tell them how much they have appreciated their talent.

The South Florida Museum

People go on vacation in search of a number of different things. A spring breaker might want to go to the beach, bar hopping, the mingle with the locals and to take in the sun. But they will also want intellectual intrigue and stimulation. This is why many tourists have decided to visit the South Florida Museum in Bradenton while they are in town. At the museum, they have the opportunity to visit a planetarium, to learn about the distant cosmos from experts in the field. They have the opportunity to learn about marine life and the history of Florida's gulf coast.


The summer months can get up to almost 100 degrees, often brutally hot even for the natives. Air conditioning does not always help in that weather. The spring has a bit too much rain. But October is the month that it has really cooled down, yet the weather is still beach-worthy.

How To Get There

Once you get to Sarasota, you would be wise to rent a car or a private car. You might also consider using services such as Uber or Lyft. Alternatively, if you need it, it has a bus and train system.