Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Reasons People Love Visiting Jacksonville

The city of Jacksonville has drawn people for generations, as mankind has always seen potential in a place with powerful sunshine and long, sparkling strips of beaches. But the development of Jacksonville has provided an optimal vacation for tourists, offering both a day at the beach, under the sun, playing volleyball, and a night living in the fast lane in the city of Jacksonville, whether shopping at the mall, going to the nightclub or just seeing the sights. Tourists often choose to stay at one of the fine hotels on the shoreline of Jacksonville beach so that they might sit out on their deck on a warm night overlooking the ocean and listening to the waves.

Museum of Science and History

While people may come to Northeast Florida for a day in the sun and on the beach, the city offers much more. It offers the opportunity to stimulate your mind at the Museum of Science and History. It has a planetarium, so you might learn about the cosmos and see features of deep space, learning how big our universe is. They even have opportunities for children to get involved and to exercise their young mind and really begin to develop a thirst for education. The Museum of Science and History has attracted many people during their stay in Jacksonville.

EverBank Field

Jacksonville is home to the beloved team, the Jaguars. Devotees of this team have followed them throughout years of loss and playoff victories. Take in a Jaguars game and feel the enthusiasm and excitement during the game, the intensity as you sit on the edge of your seat, hoping that they can pull off that last second victory. You can be part of the celebration when they score a touchdown or stop the other team on third down. Some people even hold up a sign and try to get on television.

Metropolitan Park

This 2400 square foot park often hosts outdoor events to draw thousands of people in Jacksonville. It is located along the marina of the St. John's River, generating a beautiful view and an enjoyable evening. Whether a science festival, an art walk, a marathon or a concert, it is one of the key venues that the people of Jacksonville will look to for a day of entertainment. Particularly attractive during summer months, this is a great outlet for outdoor recreation.

Jacksonville Beach

The Jacksonville Beach is often central to any Florida vacation, as people come to get the most out of the beautiful sunshine. They want to be in the weather, to get a tan, play volleyball and overlook the ocean. The Jacksonville Beach even features amenities such as the Players By The Sea theater, where you will have the opportunity to take in an intriguing performance and enjoy one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Many people also like to their kids to Adventure Landing, where they can play go-kart, laser tag and other fun games.


Jacksonville is warm throughout the entire year. However, the summer months have more precipitation than one would like. April is probably the best time to visit. It is usually between 57-74 degrees (if the high, that could still be beach worthy) and gets average of just one inch of rain.

How To Get There

Visitors usually think it is convenient to just rent their own car or private car service. Other people use services such as Uber or Lyft. Still, you might consider the public bussing and train system throughout the city.