Kauai, HI, USA

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Why People Love to Visit Kauai

When people imagine their ideal vacation, many think of strips of beaches, island music, deep mysteries hidden from the rest of the world and a blazing sun. In short, they think of the islands of Hawaii, particularly the many attractions of Kauai. Years ago when people settled in Hawaii, they saw the potential that many tourists and natives see today, with the only difference today being that this potential has been realized in the development of attractions and beaches to suit human needs. That is why many visitors stay on one of the many fine five star hotels or vacation condos overlooking the shoreline of Kauai, often featuring jacuzzis and swimming pools for you to cool off in after a day on the hot shores.

Sleeping Giant

Those who want to take advantage of the natural amenities of Kauai often look for hiking ranges. They want to traverse the mountains that people have enjoyed and explored for centuries and to see the unique wildlife and botany that resides in the region. People come to Kauai for the same reason that they come to any region of Hawaii. They want to enjoy the luxuries that nature has to offer. These are the same luxuries that mankind has enjoyed throughout its' history.

Anini Beach

Considered one of the safest beaches throughout the islands of Hawaii, Anini Beach has attracted several tourists and many people call it their home. If you want to explore the ocean floor and see the marine life that lingers down there in its' natural habitat, many people have found snorkeling to be an excellent way to spend their day on Anini. Many will sit, reading a book or talking with friends and enjoying the sound and the sight of the waves and the long ocean stretching out to the horizon.

Waimea Canyon State Park

The Waimea Canyon is often regarded as the Grand Canyon of the South Pacific. It features a vast and captivating canyon covered in green and stretching about ten miles. You will stand above the 3,600 feet gorges in awe and wonder as you consider nature's creative hand. The Canyon is one of Hawaii's most alluring natural attractions. Some people even think this breathtaking sight provides a great opportunity for a marriage proposal. Stand with your loved ones and feel a deeper bond with one another and with the natural world as you overlook Hawaii's grand canyon.

Helicopter Tours

The advent of technology has provided a new way for mankind to enjoy nature. We desire to get everything out of nature, to enjoy every aroma and to see every sight. With Kauai's helicopter tours, we have that opportunity. Survey the most beautiful parts of the island from afar, from a bird's eye view. Feel the breeze pressing in against you on that hot day as you overlook the canyons and the beaches. Bird watchers may even catch a glimpse of some of their favorite island species. Helicopter tours are an excellent activity for tourists who want to explore the island.


As one would expect, the Summer months in Hawaii can be very hot, often well into the 90's. However, the Spring (beginning in mid-April) is much cooler. There is also less precipitation during that season than in others.

How To Get There

Most visitors to Hawaii choose to rent a car or a private car service. That is the most convenient option. But Uber and Lyft are also active in several regions. You might also consider a shoreline hotel where you can walk or hike to your destination.