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Brian Head, UT, USA

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Lakeside rocks ‘n’ rolls in Sandusky

The name 'Sandusky' might not be on the lips of thrill-seekers worldwide, but the words 'Cedar Point' certainly are. Many of those looking out for Sandusky vacation rentals have the heart-pounding rides of Cedar Point uppermost in mind. Its 16 rollercoasters, old and new, are truly legendary. But this Lake Erie port town has plenty else on offer. There are pretty lake islands to flit around, sheltered sandy beaches to lounge on, and deep-water walleye to fish for. From thrills to spills to moments of chill, Sandusky has it covered.

Sandusky—walking, walleye, and wine

The adrenaline rush of roller-coasting is hard to resist. But put that to one side for a moment; Sandusky has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Naturally enough, many involve heading out onto Lake Erie. Angling is king here. But if you want to snag the prized trophy walleye, you'll need to charter a specially fitted boat. Those walleye sure lurk deep. There are also scenic trails snaking along the lakeshore, great for those wanting a leisurely stroll or pedal with family or friends. And your palette wouldn't forgive you if you skipped sampling Sandusky's burgeoning wine and dine scene.

Sandusky family thrills

So, you've cruised the Erie Islands, sipped a glass of 'pink cat' at the local winery, and picnicked by the whitewashed Marblehead Lighthouse. Those were the starters. Now for the main course. Cedar Point has been the touchstone attraction for those staying at Sandusky vacation rentals for more than a century. It has more rollercoasters than just about anywhere else in the country. Cedar Point is less an attraction though, more a destination. As well as having you holler as you plunge and swoop along its rails, it entertains all the family with water parks, stunt shows, and live music.

Sandusky suits summer best

So, when is the best time to book Sandusky vacation rentals? High summer is when Lake Erie is at its sun-spangled best, with the mercury topping 80°F. Even better, the lake's waters offer a quick way to cool down. Fall sees the temperatures slip into a more comfortable 60-70°F, while the blue skies remain relatively untroubled by rainclouds. Cedar Point closes its gates after the Halloween weekend, but that doesn't mean winter and Sandusky don't mix. Think cozy cabins, crackling fires, frozen lake vistas, and snow-shoe shuffling across a winter wonderland.

Where to see wild Sandusky

Sandusky sits at the foot of the Cedar Point peninsula, with Lake Erie's shore curving away west and east. The Erie Islands are scattered to the north, offering up a tempting vista of forested islands, sandy coves, and lush vineyards. If you're looking for something on the wilder side, there are plenty of Sandusky cabins near Cedar Point with lake shore or wooded settings. Watch out for racoons, foxes, or the elusive Lake Erie water snake. Birders will be in paradise, too—the wetlands around Sandusky attract wildfowl from across America.