North Carolina, USA

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Reasons People Love Visiting North Carolina

The great state of North Carolina is brimming with opportunity for the vacationer. If you want to explore the natural landmarks or delve into intellectual stimulation, North Carolina has plenty of outlets. As a state rich with history and adventure, it has attracted several adventurous tourists who want to explore the deep recesses of this state and discover hidden secrets in the long trails and even in the museums. Many visitors choose to stay in mountain hotels that are decorated with fine art and even have an art gallery for the viewing pleasure of the guests.


Crystal Beach

Perhaps one of the world's most unique beaches, Crystal Beach on Harker's Island is decorated with lovely trees and a stretch of green grass. In one moment, you can feel your feel in the wet sand with the waves reaching your angles as you overlook the horizon. In the next, you can turn around and enjoy the crisp air of the green land. You might also be interested in climbing up to the Cape Lookout and checking out the beach from a bird's eye view. Crystal Beach even offers a number of historical tours so that you can understand the significance of the land that you are visiting.

Grandfather Mountain

Traversing the terrain of grandfather mountain will be a hiker's delight. Feel your heart racing as you gaze across the highest peak of the Blue Ridge Range and recognize the stroke of accomplishment in the knowledge that you have conquered Grandfather Mountain. Hiking the range will juxtapose different scenery, such as a long stretch of green land as you ascend and crashing waves as you get down to sea level. You will even have the opportunity to shadow the employees and see wildlife in their natural habitat. You will have the opportunity to gaze upon animals like bears, cougars, eagles, and otters.

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park

Baseball is regarded as the American pastime. While the Durham Bulls may not be a major league team, taking in a minor league game is not a bad way to spend an afternoon. It will put you in touch with the sort of activity that has characterized the nation's past. The United States has always been a nation that has adored baseball and has come out to encourage and support local teams. Catch a wave of excitement as you hear the crowd roar for this beloved minor league team.

The Billy Graham Library

Learn about the life of one of the most influential men in recent decades. Since the library is so close to where he lived, he has tried to demonstrate the proverbial spirit in which he was reared. That is why the library is shaped like a dairy barn with a silo. There is even a mechanical talking cow and a bookstore/cafe called Ruth's Attic. The library serves as a museum to the life of the great, influential man. Many who visit are intrigued by this unique feature of history.


North Carolina offers the best of winter without brutally cold conditions or piling sheets of snow. The winter is usually quite pleasant. But for those particularly sensitive to extreme weather (whether hot or cold) early Autumn will serve you well.

How To Get There

Visitors are usually pleased with the option to rent a car or a car service. Alternatively, Uber is active through the state (especially the cities). Most of the state also has active public transportation, such as bus and train systems that visitors may use.

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