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Why People Love Visiting Michigan

The state of Michigan has been home to Americans for generations, finely crafting their entertainment and night life to suit residents and tourists alike. The development throughout the years has generated a state that people love to come and visit, to stay awhile and enjoy the sights, take in the nature and to catch a glimpse of American culture in the great city of Detroit. Those who visit the state of Michigan know that it makes no compromises for the entertainment and intellectual stimulation of its' people. Many visitors are inclined to stay at one of Detroit's fine five star hotels, many of which are in walking distance to casinos and prominent sporting events.

Main Attractions

Motor City Casino Hotel

Akin to the Vegas, the Motor City Casino Hotel offers a night of energizing entertainment with the people of Detroit. Offering several gambling options and the opportunity to come out a big winner, many have spent long nights in the casino hall, whether calling someone's bluff in a game of poker or on the slot machines. They also have dining establishments known throughout Detroit, such as The Lodge Diner. They even have a DJ.

Ford Field

This colosseum has been a centerpiece of attraction for the last decade. Since it opened in 2002, Ford Field is a picture of American industry and contemporary architecture. It is home to the beloved Detroit Lions, to whom the people of Detroit have an undying devotion and passion in years of both turmoil and victory. If you come out to a Lion's game, you will see intense excitement throughout the course of the game. You will hear the cheering as the Lions score a touchdown or get an interception. You will be part of Detroit culture and see the spirit that has captivated the people for generations.

University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

But the state of Michigan is not all about indulging in entertainment and sports. There is a deep intellectual rigor that goes back for generations. The people of Detroit are inspired by the history of mankind and the natural world. They want to know what our ancestors looked like and what the conditions of the earth were years ago. They want to know about dinosaurs and animals that have been long extinct. This is heavily underlined at the University of Michigan's Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor.

Detroit Institute of Arts

The essence of every culture merges and blends together with the discipline of artistic endeavor. Every culture has expressed itself through painting and sculpting and creativity. It is innate to mankind. Mankind lets the world know his opinions and beliefs and perspectives via this unique form of communication. It has provided invaluable insight to the cultures across history. The Detroit Institute of Arts captures these cultures and perspectives and puts them on display. It stands as representation of the intellectual sophistication and the depth of culture that Detroit truly possesses.


Visitors often report that the summer months in the state of Michigan are brutally hot, especially August. It is flooded with tourists and not very comfortable. But in September, it has cooled down to a moderate temperature and is much more pleasant. September is probably the best time to visit Michigan.

How To Get There

The most convenient way to get around Michigan would be to simply rent a car or a private car service. Second, Uber is available and affordable throughout most of the state (especially Detroit). Third, many use the bussing system.

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