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A Few Reasons People Love Visiting New York

New York is often regarded as the center of civilization and enterprise. If you want to learn what western culture is all about, you go to New York, particularly, New York City. People have come from across the world to see the state of New York, as it is one of the oldest cities, full of American history and development. Those who visit New York will usually find one of the finest 5 star hotels (there are thousands of them).

Catch a Broadway Show

No matter how much Hollywood develops, and no matter how eloquently crafted and abundantly funded some of the movies are, Broadway will always draw a crowd. This old form of entertainment has captivated the minds of New Yorkers for generations. This remnant of our past offers a glimpse into the life and the form of entertainment that people have enjoyed for centuries. There are popular plays like The Book of Mormon (generated by the creators of South Park), Aladdin, and The Lion King. Broadway shows have always been the height of artistic expression.

The Ellis Island Museum

The Statue of Liberty reads "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." That is what people have always seen in the United States. They have seen a place where they can establish themselves and give their children a better life than they could ever have. This great history is represented at the Ellis Island Museum. Ellis Island is the very place where so many of our ancestors immigrated to the United States. They have a record of every name of every person who came through.

The Museum of Modern Art

Art is an important part of New York's history. It is its' lifeblood. New York thrives on the art industry. It speaks of our culture and how it has expressed itself through its history. If a historian wants to know about a culture issue, art can often provide invaluable insight, particularly because of how vigorously it is preserved and protected. The Museum of Modern Art has received a lot of attention over the years. They preserve some of the most important sculptures and paintings. They even offer classes to educate people about the importance of art.

Yankee Stadium

If baseball is the American pastime, then the New York Yankees are the pastime for the city of New York. The people of New York have seen their beloved Yankees throughout years of victory, building on successes and becoming the most recognizable franchise in history. They have hosted names such as Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Derek Jeter... the list could go on forever. Anybody visiting New York will be attracted to the rich history of the New York Yankees and will want to take in a game at Yankee Stadium.


Unlike many states, New York has several seasons that have their own delights. If you want a wintery atmosphere for your holiday, go in December. For warmth and a light breeze, visit in May. For beach-worthy weather, any of the summer months will do. But May is the most comfortable time of year, when the flowers are blooming and the air feels nice.

How To Get There

Many people who visit Upstate New York think it is wise to hire a private car service or to just rent a car. Alternatively, NY has a train system that can take you anywhere. Uber is also active and cheap in the Big Apple and Long Island.