French Quarter, New Orleans, LA, USA

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French Quarter, New Orleans, LA, USA

French Quarter vacation rentals

Historical Cottages in French Quarter

For a taste of European flair, the French Quarter is the desired vacation destination. Historical cottages offer a window into the Creole lifestyle with rooftop views and intimate courtyards. The Mardi Gras is the infamous street party that put the Jazz nightlife of New Orleans on the map. Private balconies overlook the infamous Bourbon Street with bird’s-eye views.


There is more to enjoy with historical buildings and other landmarks that date back to before the Louisiana Purchase including:

  • Jackson Square: This is a must-see with an opportunity to soak up the area’s grand architecture. A historical landmark dating back to the 1800s has a backdrop of the tall peaks of Saint Louis Cathedral. In the center of it all sits the bronze statue of Andrew Jackson sitting on his horse. The impeccable grounds serves as a popular tourist destination.
  • Café du Monde: A trip to this celebrated venue delivers more of the quintessential essence of the region. It serves the renowned café au lait with bits of chicory. In addition, the beignets have been prepared using the original recipe from the Civil War era. Their popularity among natives has earned it the distinction of state doughnut.
  • Lafayette Square: Carriage rides through the streets begin at this notable location. It is the second in age to Jackson Square with a landscape of large native trees and meandering pathways. A visit here will offer more architectural delights along with another bronze statue, but this time of Henry Clay. Numerous outdoor events are held on the grounds including civic affairs and musical performances.


Some of the leading restaurants in the world are located in the French Quarter. It is home to two distinct cuisines that are derivatives of five star French restaurants. Fine wine collections are another feature draw for these establishments with patrons indulging in rare and expensive bottles. A variety of dishes prepared in Cajun and Creole style bolster this eclectic culture. Casual and friendly atmospheres abound with lively conversations and various local artists displaying their work.

Mardi Gras

The French Quarter knows how to through a party with the Mardi Gras attracting visitors from around the world. Calendars are marked in the month of February in anticipation of this event. Festivities last for three days while locals will swear it starts days before that. Finding a location within the area is critical as it serves as the headquarters for the night’s activities. To really enjoy the affair stake out several venues for a different perspective each night. Come dressed to partake in the tradition of wearing beads and showing off physiques.

Jazz Birthplace

An entertaining aspect to the nightlife is the world class Jazz concerts. They range from large gatherings such as the popular annual festival every summer to intimate nightly shows with local talent. There will also be a plethora of live performances on Frenchman Street. This will include street performers with saxophones and other instruments. To heighten the experiences dine where music and dancing is included at the location.

The Climate in the French Quarter

Mild to balmy is the overall climate of the region. During the summer months, temperatures can soar into the 90s. The winter season varies with 40s being average. Dressing for outdoor festivities requires comfortable clothing that accommodates a robust itinerary.

Getting There

Trains are a novel way to reach this invigorating destination. An international airport has all major carriers with available flights. Taking a drive in a rental car or private vehicle on Interstate 10 will land you in the heart of the city.