Mount Hood, OR, USA (City)

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Mount Hood, Oregon: An Adventurous Volcano

Mount Hood is the tallest peak in Oregon at an impressive 11,259 feet in height. This volcanic mountain is famous for its year-round skiing opportunities with snow remaining on the peak even during the heat of summer. Mount Hood is host to six ski areas and serves as the only nearby snow recreation area for the city of Portland, Oregon. Many small towns - including Mount Hood Parkdale - offer cabins, houses and farmhouses with fireplaces, ample parking and internet access.


Skiing and snowboarding during the winter months are the primary reasons visitors travel to Mount Hood. This is a popular wintertime destination, with six ski areas serving the mountain from the base to the peak. Mount Hood is considered to be an active volcano, but it has not erupted for approximately 200 years.

Timberline Lodge

The historic 1936 Timberline Lodge sits at the top of Mount Hood and provides access to views and skiing at the very top of the peak. Timberline Lodge is famous for serving as the exterior filming location in the classic horror movie, “The Shining.” The beautiful stone and wood lodge offers dining, shopping and lodging and serves as a home base for skiers and snowboarders who enjoy themselves on the snowy peaks all day long.

Restaurants and shopping

The peak of Mount Hood is a remote area at a high elevation with very few restaurants and other amenities. Government Camp is an unincorporated alpine community on the mountain that offers the area’s few amenities, with a few boutique shops, restaurants and other services. In the valleys surrounding Mount Hood, the town of Hood River offers a wide array of restaurants, breweries, boutique shopping and river sports such as windsurfing.

Trails and Mountain Climbing

The Mount Hood area is home to both the historic Oregon Trail and the contemporary Pacific Crest Trail - the two trails cross on Mount Hood. You can choose to immerse yourself in the history of the Oregon settlers or get a workout hiking the trail that leads from Mexico to Canada. Mount Hood is also popular for mountain climbing. This large mountain offers many levels of opportunity, but climbing to the peak is treacherous during all times of the year due to sharp inclines, glaciers, snow and ice.

Fruit Loop

In the summer and fall, the Mount Hood and Hood River areas are famous for their fruit production, with many orchards providing pears, apples and berries. Called the Hood River Valley Fruit Loop, the 35-mile drive around the mountain is a popular destination for fruit picking and tasting.


The weather at Mount Hood is seasonal with comfortable, warm summers and snowy, icy winters. Travel to and from the mountain is steep and winding with tire chains typically required in the winter. Clothing should include a full array of warm winter clothing, outerwear, boots, hats and gloves. You should carry emergency supplies in your car in preparation for traveling difficulties as well. The weather is colder as you move higher in elevation, so if you plan to spend time on the peak of the mountain you should expect snow during all months of the year.

How to Get There

Mount Hood can typically only be reached by motorized vehicle, including a private car or rental car. Travel in the winter will require you to have snow tires and carry tire chains. Commercial airlines, train service and rental cars are easily obtained in Portland, Oregon, but there are few services or transportation options on or around the mountain.