Province of Vicenza, Italy

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Province of Vicenza, Italy

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Winter Activities Await You in Aspen

Aspen, located in northwestern Colorado, is world famous for its ski slopes, but there is much more to this area than meets the eye. Beyond swooshing down the slopes, visitors will find abundant opportunities to relax, engage in a variety of outdoor and indoor activities, and be wined and dined by the best that this resort area of Colorado has to offer. Designed as a winter paradise, there are numerous types of accommodation that fit the budget and desires of almost any type of traveler. From resort type settings to weekly condo rentals that can accommodate large families, one is never far away from the ski and snowboard facilities that make this area famous. Don’t forget to go hiking or mountain biking as well, if the weather permits.

Skiing and Snowboarding

From advanced to beginners alike, Aspen has a trail for you. If any member of your group is just starting out, they can take advantage of any of a number ski schools in the area designed to give beginners a feel for this most popular of winter sports. For those that have been skiing for quite some time, there are countless mountains down which one can showcase their skills. Each trail is impeccably maintained, and the amount of fresh snowfall that regularly falls in this region of Colorado makes it particularly popular amongst this type of crowd. With so many options for accommodation right on the mountains and slopes, you can literally push off on your skis from your front porch and get underway!

Hiking and Backpacking

For those that prefer to pick up their feet from time to time, Aspen is also a great place to go hiking and backpacking the other three seasons of the year. Dotting the landscape of the city are numerous trails and areas just ripe for exploration. The weather is definitely appealing, with a crisp morning breeze typically awaiting visitors in the spring and summer seasons. While the fall brings some colder temperatures, those who bundle up will find this a great place to get some exercise while enjoying the great outdoors. At the end of the day, you can return home to your toasty cabin or condo, ready to relax and prepare for the night out ahead of you.


For those that have a bit more time on their hands, the Aspen area is home to several fantastic campsites. Each offers a unique perspective of the surrounding region, with mountains streams and creeks a common fixture. You can choose to go a bit more rustic and stay in your own tent out in the wilderness, or opt for a more established base of operations to call home for a few days in a mountain rental, or even weeks.


Depending on your reasons for visiting Aspen, Colorado, the weather is really accommodating year round. Obviously, skiers will find the below freezing temperatures and snowy conditions in the winter appealing, while those who want to camp will appreciate typical highs in the mid 70s and lows in the 40s that are found in the summer. Snow is plentiful in the winter, but not so much that it hampers individuals getting from place to place at will. The summer is beautiful with afternoon rain showers possible, but otherwise sunny conditions prevail.

How to Get There

Aspen is accessible by private car from across Colorado, and much of the West for that reason. Major Interstates and state highways cut through the city. Denver is home to a major airport for those that want to fly in there and then rent a car to drive down to Aspen. The city of Aspen also has a smaller regional airport that serves private aircraft and certain regional airlines as well.