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A million
to choose from
one to call home

1.0mil Available listings

Our family of sites offers
you more choice than any
other company, whatever
your budget.

190 Countries

That’s almost 99% of the world
for you to choose from. Become
a world traveler without ever
feeling homesick.

1.4bil Square Feet

That’s more living space
than the four largest hotel
chains combined. You get
more space for half the cost.

2.8mil Rooms

When you rent a home with us,
you’ll find a comfortable place
for your whole group to rest
their heads.

If you want it We've Got It

With tons of amenities to choose from such as kid-friendly activities, beachfront homes, and swimming pools, get what you want out of your home away from home every time.
  • Beachfront properties
    Beachfront properties
  • Peaceful log cabins
    Peaceful log cabins
  • Homes near golf courses
    Homes near golf courses
  • Downtown properties
    Downtown properties

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

We’ve helped over 35 million travelers find their dream vacation home.
Here’s what they have to say.

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