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Relaxing beach and ocean front duplex villa

  • 2 BR,
  • 1 BA,
  • Sleeps 6
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Relaxing beach and ocean front duplex villa
+1242 -333-4890
Spanish Wells Eleuthera

Great Location! Clean as a whistle!

  • 5 of 5
My husband and I stayed here for a week and enjoyed every minute of it. The apartment was comfortable, very well equipped and clean as clean can be. It is located on the best part of the beach. You can walk out several hundred feet before the water is up to your waist or before you step on seagrass. When the tide is low you can wade out to a sandbank. It is strangely thrilling to stand on a sandbank in the middle of the ocean. Just be sure to keep track of the tide. The clarity of the water is astounding, painting the water in strips of turquoise. The sand is soft, pristine pinkish white. The beach was empty 98% of the time during our stay. The breeze creates gentle ripples on the otherwise calm water making it perfect for swimming and kayaking. We kayaked all the way around the island and to a cluster of nearby small uninhabited islands amongst our daily outings. We were very glad to have watershoes on because the rocks are sharp. We rented a golf cart for the week to explore the island and buy groceries, which was very convenient. We also enjoyed walking into town, shopping at local gift stores and taking in the beautiful scape of narrow streets lined with pastel color painted houses, surrounded by roses, trumpet vines, palm trees and other tropical vegetation. The people of Spanish Wells were very friendly, helpful and gracious in sharing their island with us. Our host, Abner, checked in with us several times to make sure all was satisfactory as well as letting us know about a parade the school kids were having (which was absolutely beautiful) and show us where we could buy local lobster and other things the town has to offer. We felt very cared for. Thank you, Abner. The sun was shining every day for us with temperatures between 75 and 82 and dropping at night just enough to make for a good night's sleep. The island is quiet at night and the stars are brilliant!
We are from New York and live entertainment is our business, so for us this vacation was perfect!

New York

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