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  • 4 BR,
  • 4 BA,
  • Sleeps 8
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-(615) 385-4555
North Fort Myers Florida South Central Gulf Coast
Savannah, GA

A lovely house with a beautiful patio, pool, and view of the canal.

  • 4 of 5
We've stayed at this property on several occasions. When we go to FL, we tend to spend our time outdoors as much as possible, and this house makes it possible to spend the day outdoors and never leave the property. The patio, pool, and decks are awesome to say the least. Very well maintained. The property offers an immense feel of privacy when in the back yard area due to the shape of the yard and it being at the prime position on the canal. One of the highlights of my last trip was sitting on the dock on a stormy night with my camera taking slow exposure shots of lightning visible in the distance over the canal. Absolutely stunning. When we went last, the owners were restoring an electric boat to rent to tenants. Hopefully, it will be ready when we rent in 2014. The house's location means that you could pop out across the river to downtown Ft. Myers and enjoy the downtown without ever stepping foot in your car. Can't wait for that.

The inside of the house is a bit idiosyncratic in terms of decor. We had people in our last group that loved it and some who've felt it was not their thing. You can tell by the pictures if you're going to like it or not. It's not a traditional FL decor, but the style of the interior design does not detract from the experience in the house. My favorite rooms were the master suite (jokingly called the Elvis room by one member of our last party) and the tiled sun-room area. The master suite’s massive jacuzzi bath tub is an immense plus (and with the mirrors on the walls it becomes a real 2nd honeymoon suite).

The only thing I wasn't entirely crazy about was the distance to the beach, but at 30 minutes away from Ft. Myers Beach, that's not a deal-breaker. The cost of renting on the islands is prohibitive, and frankly, this house has a far more private feel than is usually available for their prices. For the kind of money they’re charging, you could get something more humble closer to the beach, but we enjoy the pool and the deck enough that we really don’t mind the drive.

There is a lot of good seafood in Cape Coral if you know where to look, and much of it is close to the house. It's proximity to downtown Ft. Myers is wonderful as they recently did some massive improvements on the downtown area giving it more of a walking city feel. It’s not a perfect house, but it’s definitely one of the best VRBO properties we’ve ever stayed at.

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