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Sade - Conveniently located villa offers guest cottage, pool, seclusion & comfort

  • 4 BR,
  • 5 BA,
  • Sleeps 8
1 Review

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Sade - Conveniently located villa offers guest cottage, pool, seclusion & comfort
(888) 485-7208 ext. 106-4397
Tortola British Virgin Islands

Sade Villa Experience, Nov. 19-Nov.26

  • 4 of 5
Wonderful experience, All the guests were highly satisfied. Had some delay contacting Julie. Since we had rental cars a map to the Villa would have sufficed. Minor problems were some broken carving cutlery & a room air-conditioner failure on the last full day. Our group consisted of 8 adults & 2 children--access to the laundry room would have been a huge benefit, altho Julee did offer to do the personal laundry during her visits. She worked hard enough already so we didn't impose further. There was prompt f/u on the A/C problem, every one did their real problem. All told it was a rewarding experience for all of us...mayb we will see "SADE" again. The biggest draw back is escalating transportation expenses to/from the Caribean. John, Bonnie, Dave, Nora, Greta & Lila Hall; Dana & Shane Wilson and Dianne, Mike Allard. Thanks for offering this wonderful family venue.

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