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Great Spacious 3 Bedroom Unit, Bayside at the Beautiful Gulf

  • 3 BR,
  • 2 BA,
  • Sleeps 7
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Great Spacious 3 Bedroom Unit, Bayside at the Beautiful Gulf
Siesta Key Florida South Central Gulf Coast

Visitors from Montreal

  • 5 of 5
We just came back from a 9 nights stay at this unit. It was so quiet and peaceful. The short walk to the beach, the two pools were perfect for the family vacation. We would definetly go back. Even if some things in the unit need a replanishment (matress in the second bedroom, caulking in both bathrooms, blinds need to be cleaned) it was not a big concern. We really enjoyed our vacations and were able to relax before coming back to the "real" world!
The owner was really helpful while we were searching for a place to stay. He answered our many questions very quickly.
Great Spacious 3 Bedroom Unit, Bayside at the Beautiful Gulf
Siesta Key Florida South Central Gulf Coast

Home away from home

  • 4 of 5
We had a great week at your house! The furnishings were beautiful and also very comfortable. The master bed was more comfortable than my own bed at home! The townhouse was furnished and decorated exactly the way I would have done it myself if it were my own beach house, which is why i describe it as "home away from home." The main floor bathroom was a little outdated but I was there for the beach, not the bathroom! We really enjoyed having lots of space to spread out as we were there with my mom, two preschool age daughters, and a baby.

As for the beach, when it is really hot, the walk across the main road to the beach with young kids is too much. So, we ended up driving to the public beach most days. I actually really enjoyed that because they have a great snack bar, bathrooms relatively close, and lifeguards. When going to the beach with little ones, all of those things are a plus. Thanks for sharing your beach toys and towels too. That was really nice! It was also so helpful to have the cart to carry stuff down to the beach!

The pools were both really nice too.

The only thing i had any real issue with, and the reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5, was the garage. I'm not sure how long it had been since previous guests were there, but the (empty) trash cans smelled extraordinarily bad and there were 100's of dead flies on the garage floor. We left the garage door open to air it out. My husband sprayed cleaner in the cans and the stench still wouldn't go away. You had to hold your nose getting things in and out of the garage. We didn't park in it or put our stuff in it, because we didn't want to have to smell that. So, if there's a way to make sure someone checks on the trash situation every week, i think that would help. Or maybe it just gets so hot in there that nothing helps. I don't know. I'd talk to your neighbors and see if they have the same issue.

Also, just so other travelers are clear, the main floor is not on the ground floor. The ground floor belongs to another unit. It ended up being no big deal but there was some miscommunication about the "first floor", i thought you meant ground floor and just wanted to make clear for others who might not understand. I would not have cared at all except that we were traveling with my mom who doesn't do stairs much...

Thanks again for a great week.

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