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Casa Anna, Sea Views in Cala Gonone, Sardinia

  • 2 BR,
  • 1 BA,
  • Sleeps 4
2 Reviews

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Casa Anna, Sea Views in Cala Gonone, Sardinia
+44 -01789297705
Cala Gonone Nuoro
18 rue Racine, 49000 Angers, France

Abba Virde Jardino

  • 5 of 5
Abba Virde Jardino is perfectly located in Cala Gonone. However the Freelance map describing how to get there once in Cala Gonone was extremely inaccurate. It took us an hour, and only thanks to a map provided by the hotel l'Oasi, to reach Abba Virde in the heart of the labyrinth. The basic problem was we were told to take the road Marco Polo but there was no road sign along the route we were instructed to take. People met, mainly tourists, had no idea. We learned later that the position of road signs are a big joke in Sardinia. The other thing is that you would have to be a very good driver to negotiate and reverse in the steep road of Abba Virde.
As for the apartment, its 60 sq. metres is perfect for 2 in a hot country and the extra room is very useful to store baggage and as a dressing room, since the main bedroom was small. We loved the spacious, open-plan, rational layout of the living area with its super kitchen. Beautiful colour scheme with terracotta tiles, leaf-green furnishings and perfect furniture. It was appreciable to have the small, private garden, suspended over the town and sea, as well.
The apartment was generally very clean. However some details had been overlooked: dustbin area under the sink could do with a freshen-up, windows, especially the picture one, needed a clean; in the garden, the odd broken clothes-peg and dead leaves could have been gathered up. I would also suggest that the divan cover and cushions get a wash -they weren't dirty, but could have been fresher.
There were a few mosquitoes, possibly due to the small, still pond home of the tortoise but also a breeding ground for insects that bite.
Re provision of linen, there were not enough bathtowels provided, no shower mats and no dish-towels in the kitchen. At the price we paid (over 1000 euros for 1 week) I would also expect a little welcoming gift package on arrival with a few products for the bathroom.
We had a problem meeting up with Carola the Freelance Rep. as we were fast asleep from the exhaustion of getting there at 9h30am when she passed, unknown to us, but after our meeting, we were won over to her charm and professional service. She was lovely.Recommended restaurant: Il Cormorano (Zuppetta di Pesce) and Il Pescatore (mixed fish.) Not recommended: a broken-down dinghy we rented from Malu. It stopped mid-sea near dangerous rocks and we had to be rescued by a passing boater able to do a temporary repair. Global holiday evaluation : Excellent
Casa Anna, Sea Views in Cala Gonone, Sardinia
+44 -01789297705
Cala Gonone Nuoro

Quiet, near town, great sea view

  • 4 of 5
Enjoyed our morning walk down the steep hill for a dive below the cliffs, restaurants and shops in town within walking distance.
To reach good sand beaches (we enjoyed beach approx 10 km north), you need a car and a driver for narrow winding roads - or a boat ride to the beaches south.
Useful setup of rooms, kitchen etc. - no problems.
Desciption of "garden" made it bigger in my mind than I found it...
Good info on town and surroundings found in appartment.
Access by car difficult. Parking provided - but not for the feeble-minded.
Would stay again.(family aged 17+45+60)

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