Honolulu villa rental - Salt-Water Pool & Jacuzzi With Infinity Feature and Total Privacy, No Chlorine!
Salt-Water Pool & Jacuzzi With Infinity Feature and Total Privacy, No Chlorine!
  • Bedrooms5
  • Sleeps17
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • 2 Half Baths
Minimum Stay 9 - 21 nights

Honolulu Villa Rental Photos and Description
5 bedrooms and 4 full baths and 2 half-baths, Main House and Cottage, Sleeps 15

Koko Kai Thai Palace com (Aloha Palace com) Special Offer: Rent from July 3, 2014 thru July 17, 2014 (14 nights) for just $ 10,800.00 USD plus 13.962% Tax (or even for a shorter term so long as it is for at least 9 nights within this period) for a special price of just $ 8,000.00 for the first week plus $ 700.00 per additional night, and plus 13.962% tax and $700.- cleaning fee, Hurry! Please do not rely on the Instant Quotes Rates Feature of this portal, it is simply unworkable and unuseable given the specific location of this home which by law can only be rented just once in any 30-day period, so logically it is not possible to rent this home for a mere week because the many expenses and costs of ownership and maintaining in top condition of a home such as the KokoKaiThaiPalace simply cannot be covered by a rental for just one week per month. Therefore in the Rates Section there are minimum rental periods which exceed the 7-nights ('One Week') price quote, but unfortunately the portal automatically pro-rates the rental for the additional days at the same higher rate per day as the cost of the first week of any rental, and the resulting quoted rental cost is higher than it should be if the portal priced the additional nights at the considerably reduced per night rates for the 'Xtra' additional nights price. Just add up the listed cost of the first week for the given time period plus the cost of the additional nights and add 13.962% Tax. The longer you stay, the less you pay for the additional nights beyond the first week (7 nights). The cost of the additional nights beyond the listed price of the rental for the first week is clearly listed in the season category heading as the „Xtra“ night price. In any case please contact owner for correct prices. KokoKaiThaiPalace is a custom home (actually two homes, a very large three-story home with an elevator, and also a separate guest cottage located across the swimming pool from the main home) nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac in the Triangle/Portlock exclusive residential area of Koko Kai in South-East Honolulu in Oahu). This magnificent villa built in the style of a Palace in Thailand by Zen Buddhists, with many exotic hard woods and marble imported from Thailand, features altogether 5 bedrooms and 4 baths and 2 half-baths, with additional sleeping quarters furnished with comfortable Italian designer convertible futon-sofas to sleep a total of 15 adult guests. The newly upgraded completely separate-entry former storage room, now „Recreation Room“ (Owner`s/Housekeepers` mini Studio Apartment) next to the carport which is not included in the rental has a luxury 2-person SteamShower with Whirlpool Bath from which can be seen the coast and Diamond Head and enables the owner to be close-by to assist renters without in any way impinging on their privacy. This magnificent villa is located high up above the other villas on the side of the extinct crater on the other side of which is the world-famous Hanauma Bay nature preserve pristine beach and very protected live coral snorkling-diving located just over the crater's edge from the backyard of the villa. The home offers beautiful wrap-around views from every room and amazing views of the sunset over Diamond Head crater on Waikiki Beach, ocean and surf views by day and City lights by night, and bonus views of the mountains and marina as well! Custom finishes include exotic imported hard woods, granite & marbles throughout. This property has a great floor plan for a large family, and includes a studio in the separate-entrance Guest Cottage, separate office area, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Indoor and Outdoor entertainment space, extra family/TV room with the latest model Large 3D Flat TV's with all the premium cable TV Entertainment channels with the Cable Tuner at every TV location, a complimentary land line with unlimited calling in Hawaii as well as in all of the USA, and a high-speed broad-band unlimited internet connection both via ethernet local network cable as well as via WIFI, all at no extra charge, plus 3+ car private parking with gated entry. You can comfortably walk from this home to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve in 5 – 10 minutes so you don't need a car to go swimming and snorkeling and diving in the world-famous Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve where every creature including the very friendly and docile tropical fish, the plentiful large green turtles and even the live coral are protected and the general public and tourists get to watch a short 10 min. movie about the ecology and conservation efforts to conserve the natural wonders of this bay which until 1950 was reserved for the exclusive use of the Hawaiian Royal family, before they can go swimming or snorkeling or diving in it. You can drive to Hanauma Bay in only about two minutes and the parking all day costs only $1.00, and you will have more time to spend swimming, snorkeling and just soaking up the sun on the beautiful white sandy beach! This villa is also within walking distance to 3 shopping centers and fine dining and casual restaurants, gym and theater! Public transportation is also very conveniently close-by at the entrance to the Hanauma Bay parking lot, so you can go all around the island of Oahu by bus if you wish for just a couple of dollars!

The main three story house with the elevator and the Luxurious Third Floor Master-Bedroom with it's own Jacuzzi Whirlpool bath-tub, and the separate Guest Cottage provide plenty of sleeping accommodations, as well as generously large living areas, and on the ground floor is an awe-inspiring marble-floor formal gathering area with a bar and georgeous wrap-around views ideal for receptions etc. There are fruit trees on the large tropical landscaped grounds, and unlimited reverse-osmosis filtered and energized water available to you at no charge on tap in the kitchen!

If you are looking for a luxurious yet very private vacation home very close to the best swimming and snorkeling beach on Oahu, with a pool and jacuzzi located so high above the other homes in the area that you have total privacy, and one-with-nature Thai architecture that will take your breath away, this is your best choice! While you can see unobstructed views of the coastline from almost every window, no one can see you so your absolute privacy is assured!

This luxury home was recently extensively upgraded. The swimming pool and jacuzzi have been upgraded so that there is no chlorine used anymore, and the pool stays squeeky clean because it is a so-called 'Salt-Water Pool' which means that there is some sea salt added but it's only about 1/10 as salty as the ocean, and through ozonation the pool is cleaned by oxygen as well as by UV-light and sand-filtration, so that between the healthy water in the pool and the fantastic and absolutely private views from the pool and jacuzzi you are going to have the experience of your life-time! No swimming suit required! State-of-the-art 'Blazing Tubes' Solar Water-Heating Panels which were recently installed make sure that the outdoor jacuzzi is heated ecologically, with any excess hot water so generously generated by the warm Hawaiian sun 'spilled' over into the swimming pool to make it warmer as well, all without any guilt about wasting the earth's non-renewable resources! Domestic hot-water (showers etc.) is also solar-heated!

Because this house is located in the prestigious KokoKai Triangle/Portlock residential beach-side area of Honolulu where by law same as in other residential areas of the city of Honolulu the houses can only be rented once in any 30-day period and due to the economics of ownership and maintenance in top condition of such a magnificent house it simply is not economically feasible to rent the house for less than approx. ten days - two weeks except perhaps under special circumstances of a last minute cancellation when you might be able to rent it for just one week or hopefully longer. The owner thus naturally must prefer longer term rentals and therefore the price per night is going to be substantially lower if you stay for longer than one week. With all the 'green' ecological measures that the owner has taken to reduce the operating cost of the house and it`s ecological 'footprint', the utility bill for electricity has gone down making it even more logical to prefer to rent the house for longer periods and can offer you very special deals on stays longer than a week, ideally for up to a month, or longer. The ideal rental period would fall all within any given calendar month, or no more than a couple of days into the following calendar month, in order for the owner to have a good chance to realize twelve rentals in a calendar year. The peak rental season as far as the rental cost is June through September and Christmas/NewYears, and prices may vary depending on how many persons are in your group, although so long as your group is less than about 15 persons altogether you will still receive the rental rate that you see published on this portal which are however subject to change without notice until paid for. Please always call and e-mail (we recommend that you do both) the Owner, Milan Frank Vacek (literally anytime 24/7) to: milan@vacek.cz . Hawaii State Tax ID: W25873967-01. So please ask the owner Milan Vacek to give you a special rate particularly for extended stays, that way you will be able to leisurely visit all the wonders of Oahu and really relax on your vacation! The next chance to rent this very unique home is July 2, 2014. The owner Milan Vacek hopes to rent the home for longer terms preferably for several months, but please always do inquire about the possibility of shorter rentals of at least a week as well. The rental period does not have to be any particular lenght of time and the arrival and departure dates do not have to be on any particular day of the week, so please just ask. Send me an SMS and I will call you back via Skype from my PC!

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Aloha, in January 2011 I purchased the home of my dreams in the exclusive Triangle/Portlock residential area of Honolulu in Hawaii Kai, and I invested not only lifetime savings but had to sell the villa in my native city of Prague that was in our family for 80 years in order to be able to buy it, and still ended up with a small mortgage to pay for the next 30 years! If it were not for the mortgage I would be living in my dream home right now, and I would not be renting it. But I enjoy making the house and garden even a little bit better each time that I am there and knowing that vacation renters and their families enjoy spending their reunions and special celebrations at my house. I have just widened the driveway, extensively remodeled a separate-entrance former storage room adjacent to the carport by adding a luxury bathroom and transforming it into my own private owner`s mini-apartment, and installed a solar photovoltaic system to make the house even more ecological than before. I have business to finish up in Prague in my native Czech Republic, where I returned from Los Angeles following the Velvet Revolution of 1989. I will have to rent my beautiful home at least most of the year in order to be able to come and enjoy it at least once a year (in July or August) with my family for our 'working vacation'. The house was 'perfect' when I bought it and all my efforts since then have been to make it an even better place to live for me and my family, which should make it even more attractive and comfortable for you to stay in when you rent it. All improvements that I make and all purchases of new LED TV sets and other electronics and furniture are done with the long-term best interests in mind, and as a result of the visit of my almost ninety-year-old parents from Los Angeles in August 2012 the villa will be even more handicapped-access friendly. I hope that you will enjoy staying in my home as much as my family and I do. Milan Vacek, AlohaPalace com .

Milan Vacek, Skype name: milanvacek . I have a Skype 'Plan' to call USA free purchased this villa in 2011

I purchased this particular home because from the first moment that I saw it and especially once I was inside and saw the spectacular unobstructed views of the coastline and all the beautiful massive wood and marble and huge picture windows construction with plentiful louvered and screend windows for natural flow-through ventilation and the elevator to connect the three levels of the main house as well as the georgeous separate entrance Studio Guest Cottage I just knew that I had to buy it ... and I did! The home was not cheap, but just a couple of years before I purchased it, it was listed for sale for more than double the price that I had purchased it for, and the owners who built this magnificent home with so much love and caring and with no expense spared had invested so much money into making it the beautiful palace that it is that just about all the money that I paid them went just to pay off their mortgage, so I have no doubt that it was a 'bargain', and I am very proud to be the owner. I had resolved after seeing dozens of other beautifull homes mostly scattered over the nearby hilltops that I wanted to live in the Triangle area because of the proximity to the world-famous Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve in order to be close to the beautiful sheltered beach and live coral and incredibly tame fish and large green turtles with which I so much enjoy snorkeling and hope to be also scuba-diving in the future, which is only a short walking distance from the villa, as are several excellent public schools, shopping centers and many other attractions. I had toyed with the idea of buying a home in the 'marina' area which would have had a slip and the possibility of having a boat with which I could have had easy access to the sea, but because of the low bridge under which all boats have to go it is not possible to have a sailboat and in the wake of the recent tsunami disasters in Thailand and Japan I wanted to be 50+ m high above any tsunami dangers which my house is.

I love the fact that the home is ideally located high up the side of the extinct crater way above all the surrounding homes offering spectacular unobstructed views of the coastline, and enjoying natural easy breazes from the ocean which flow through the many louvered and screened windows to offer perfectly comfortable fresh air at all times without any need for airconditioning or heating year-round, at one with nature, just as the builders, who are Zen-Buddhists (Swiss professor and his Thai wife) had intended to be, a perfect place for contemplation, meditation, relaxation and regaining new energy. I hope that you will enjoy staying in my home as much as I do. It is called the KokoKaiThaiPalace (com) because it is on the seeward ('Kai') side of the extinct Koko Crater, and it was built like a Thai Palace, and the street that it is on, Kekaha Place, well isn`t it a coincidence, that 'Kekaha' in Hawaiian means 'The Place' ! This is my place in paradise! I looked up the word Kekaha on Google and the story goes that some locals were driving or perhaps walking around the Island of Kauai and one of them suddenly exclaimed to the others 'KEKAHA !' - there it is - pointing out a bay where something exciting happened in his life, perhaps he caught a big fish, and since that time that bay is called Kekaha Bay, and in fact all the street names in this part of Hawaii Kai are named after various geographical features and tourist attractions on the island of Kauai, like Poipu Drive at the corner!

The first available open term for you to rent the KokoKaiThaiPalace com (aka AlohaPalace com) is July 2, 2014, and I am looking for the best offer on rentals for at least ten days in July 2014 and August 2014. Beginning on September 1, 2014 the AlohaPalace may be available not just for vacation rentals but also for long term rental preferably for the entire school year, so you are welcome to inquire with the owner, Milan Vacek, milan@vacek.cz AlohaPalace com . Hurry, be first!

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KokoKai Thai 3-Story Palace Ocean View Villa w.Elevator, Guest Cottage and Pool
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KokoKai Thai 3-Story Palace Ocean View Villa w.Elevator, Guest Cottage and Pool
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Honolulu Oahu

Fantastic Panoramic Views, Exceeded Expectations!

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  • Submitted: Jan 6, 2014
  • Stayed: Jul 2013
Fantastic location, incredibly beautiful panoramic views. The spirit of Hawaii and Thailand are evident everywhere, an absolutely amazing house! It`s the highest home up the side of the extinct volcano right behind which is Hanauma Bay, where the fish and turtles were incredibly friendly. It`s possible to hike over the hill from the backyard but going to Hanauma Bay by car is really a lot quicker, we could be snorkeling in just a few minutes. The solar-heated pool and jacuzzi at the house are totally private and no one could look at us as we were swimming, yet we had the amazing view of the ocean. The master bedroom up on the third floor is incredibly beautiful and has a great balcony. From the fully-equipped kitchen we could see the pool and jacuzzi and at the same time look out at the coastline all the way to Diamond Head and beyond at downtown Honolulu, and the sunsets were amazing. In the kitchen there was a really good water filter so we didn`t have to go out and buy bottled water, that was very convenient. The owners left a lot of healthy food and even delicious condiments and every kind of kitchen utensil for us to use. The owner is very health-conscious and ecologically minded, and so all the light bulbs and TV`s were the latest LED and it was great to know that the electricity and even the hot water we used came mostly from the sun! In the garden we could pick the fruit from the papaya trees and lime and other tropical trees. The owner was always ready to give helpful advice and explain how everything works. There were lots of beach chairs and umbrellas and towels and snorkeling gear for us to use. There was no city noise, in fact no noise at all, and the nights were incredibly tranquil, what a difference from noisy and hectic Waikiki! The terrific Studio Guest House where I stayed also has fantastic views of the coastline and I was amazed to learn that this Guest House was where a really famous Hawaiian-born singer stayed during his Christmas 2011 rental of this house, wow! And it was so close to lots of beautiful beaches and shopping, sometimes we just walked to the nearby shopping center. The Koko Kai Thai Palace even exceeded my expectations and I had the time of my life!
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