Marguerite Solari

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Marguerite Solari


Marguerite is brand spanking new to social media like Facebook and isn't sure how much she likes it.

As you can see from her photo, Marguerite is drop-dead gorgeous.

She is not actually employed as a bouncer for the Chippendale's dancers - that is a joke.

She managed to survive her Catholic upbringing just fine, and is now completely knocked flat that there ever existed and still exists something called a "confessional".

Among other things, her interests include beautiful men, writing, urban and cemetary hiking, dogs, mid century modern architecture and design, CSPAN, Tim Minchin, dogs, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Ewan McGregor, dogs, Oscar Wilde, trying to figure out how she can quit her corporate job and not freaking starve ... and lots more she can't think of right now.

She has travelled a bit over the years, including two cross country US road trips by car when she was 21 and also to places like Toronto, Montreal, Vermont, NYC, South Florida, Washington DC, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, London/Manchester/York, England; and most recently, Paris, France.

If she won a kazillion bucks she would travel to places like Prague, Budapest, and Kiev. She would love to spend entire vacations hiking in lonely woodlands or trails with breathtaking views. When she got home she would spend her time Going Back To School (double major in English and Sociology, with a minor in writing) and buy a home in Ogunquit, Maine, because it's such a wholly fabtastic place. In the driveway of the home, which, while we're dreaming, will be a 1920's Craftsman bungalow, will be her 1965 Ford Mustang. Not gussied up with mag wheels, please, just a regular used 'Stang. And also an aqua Tab trailer for travelin' and campin'.

Marguerite's all time favorite magazine is American Bungalow, which she discovered on a trip to Seattle, the home of not only 'grunge', of which she is a big fan, but many, many homes in the bungalow style.

Marguerite's favorite magazine to read on planes is The New Yorker, as it seems to help pass the time more than any other.

Marguerite positively LOATHES flying. LOATHES. Please don't make her fly any more than she has to.

Marguerite hates MRI machines even more than she hates flying.

Marguerite wishes she could get over her "I don't do two-doors" thing and buy a brand new chocolate brown Fiat 500 because it's so damned cute, or a Mini Clubman in Hot Chocolate.

Marguerite loved the Babar books as a child and cannot understand how the Pere Lachaise cemetary in Paris, where author Jean du Brunhoff is buried, could actually not have him anywhere on their map of the many dozens of famous people buried there.

Marguerite's favorite spot in all of Florida, if not the United States, is an outdoor table at Balans on Lincoln Road in South Beach.

Marguerite wishes she could be a blonde model, age 19, and living in South Beach, or a blonde (smart) model going to school at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and working part time at Woodstar.

Marguerite really digs Joe's Stone Crab in South Beach, now in it's 99th year.

Marguerite discovered a couple of years ago that she likes lobster rolls, and with the help of her sister, both Indian food and good quality sushi.

The best fish and chips Marguerite has ever had is from a little hole in the wall place located in Dian's town (Pickering, Ontario), called Jasper's.

Marguerite likes the idea of having a 100,000 acre abandoned animal farm - a rescue place for unwanted animals, particularly dogs.

Marguerite believes the most unintentionally hilarious and awful and therefore brilliant piece of pop culture committed to film is the 1977 masterwork "Viva Knievel". Either that, or the 1973 art piece, "Street Gangs of Hong Kong".

Marguerite has recently fallen in love with the John Cameron Mitchell film "Shortbus" which is at once, highly uneven, unspeakably filthy, and arrestingly beautiful.

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