Emily Horch

Member since 12/05/2011

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Emily Horch


I'm a travel and language fan, constantly working on my languages (native English, fluent French, pretty good Italian and Spanish and horrible German). Because I work over the internet, I can live where ever I want. So while I own my own home in my native San Francisco, California, it is currently rented to someone else while I live in Europe. I change countries every few months, but mainly stay in Germany, Italy and France. I'm sort of a professional of vacation rentals, having now lived in them for nearly 4 years total. I travel with my assistance dog, which is the equivalent in training to a guide dog. He's also a professional traveler, and helps me make friends where ever I go!

I'm an independent freelancer/contractor for a large Silicon Valley software maker
San Jose State University, California, University of Aix en Provence, France
San Francisco Bay Area
English, French, Italian, Spanish, German