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michelle jeffries


We are Allen and Michelle Jeffries and we reside in the Desert of California. We have 5 children between the ages of 16 and 21 and we prefer to travel without them! My husband works hard as a pipeline welder and even though I have a BS in PolSci, I chose to stay at home to run the circus. When we travel, we learn the history of where we are and fully take advantage of tours and museums. We like to stay in older buildings if possible as they retain so much character. We try to avoid tourist traps, we don't patronize gimmicks and we generally stay away from crowds. We never stay in chain hotels or eat at chain restaurants. While traveling, we eat regional foods, drink regional beers and try new things. We do like to go where locals go and try experience the area as those that live there do. We are very friendly when out and about and like to meet new people. Some of our best travel memories are of times we spent with strangers. It has been said, "Every friend was once a stranger...". Maybe we will run into you sometime! : )

Domestic Engineer
California Baptist University
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Apple Valley, CA
Apple Valley, CA