Lisa Barrows

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Lisa Barrows


No matter how hard life seems to get, tomorrow will always be another day...

I'm a Hopeless Romantic

..Brown.. eyed girl

Brown hair, Slim body, funny, and out going.

What else could someone ask for?

Enjoying life as it comes.

Trying to build a future for myself

Also trying to make my parents proud.

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming...

Rolling with the punches, some hit harder than others.

Center of attention at all times,

Or I give my cute/innocent look.

And ..TRUST.. me, you dont want me to give that look!

Blue rocks my socks,

Along with Panic! at the disco.

Blowing bubbles is a must, bubble baths are just as fun.

Specially with someone else.

..Jumping.. in puddles is ..mandatory...

Want a hug? They are free.

Cuddling for hours is fun

Fish remind me of ..ME..!

Sitting on the beach for hours

Playing in the sand between my toes.

Laying in my lovers arms

Watching the sunset fall into the ocean.

Walking the beach at night

With the moon hitting the water.

Three tattoos that i adore

But I want more...I always want more.

Just keep swimming is now a part of me!

Three piercings that are just as awesome.

Tongue, industrial, and naval

That I adore so much.

Caring for others, loving the ones i love.

Always there when you need me.

Will even go out of my way for others.

Meeting people along the way

Sharing laughter and tears.

Loving, Caring, and outgoing.

Sometimes even wild and crazy!

This is some of what I am, Lisa Ann

Get to know me if you want...

I promise i wont bite..

Or at least not hard!

Macy's Credit and Customer Service
St. Petersburg College
Current City
Tampa, Florida
San Angelo, Texas
English, Spanglish
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Lisa Barrows