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Michelle L



❤ Michelle Layne ❤

I have two awesome kids and We are a close small little family which makes each day waking up for. And some days running away from lol. But hey that's family right! Keeps me on my toes that's for sure! I was Born and educated in Jersey and still here thus far;) I believe Life's true successes aren't the material things you have its who you are blessed to share it with. I rather be broke and happy then rich and miserable! (I think I proved that! lol I say lol too much! I don't much care what other people think, no-one is perfect anyways! Independence is very important to me! I am still old fashioned in many ways and always willing to help my friends as they are extended family:) I love my siblings although I'd like to kick em on occasion( 4 older brothers who wouldn't!!) I'm not perfect don't pretend to be. I like to believe I always see the good in people that makes them special like I said no-one is perfect and that's perfect for me makes life more interesting always a challenge That's it about Me!

American InterContinental University Online
Old bridge, NJ
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Michelle L