Best Lodging in Banner Elk, NC

Banner Elk, North Carolina is a small town of fewer than 1,000 souls. Despite this tiny population, it gets many visitors, and there are dozens of vacation rental homes in the area. The best Banner Elk, NC lodging is to be found in these homes. Vacation rental homes are often surprisingly affordable, and the comfort they offer to weary travelers is beyond compare.

banner elk vacation rental The Benefits of Banner Elk Vacation Rentals

Staying in Banner Elk vacation rental homes is more like living in a community than just passing through. Unlike being in a hotel, you live as the locals do, and they are your neighbors. You have the privacy that comes with living in a privately owned home and all the autonomy that goes with that option. You can make a little, late-night noise if you want to (within reason); and, if you wake up hungry in the middle of the night, you need only walk to the kitchen to prepare a snack—provided you’ve remembered to do a little grocery shopping. Even if they weren’t reasonably priced—and they usually are—all these amenities would still make vacation rental homes the best Banner Elk, NC lodging deals to be found.

Winter in Banner Elk

Once you have settled into the best Banner Elk, NC lodging you can find, you’ll want to explore the area. If you are visiting in the wintertime, you’ll want to go skiing or snowboarding. Two area slopes stand out: Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain. Sugar Mountain is 5,236 feet high, and the Sugar Mountain ski resort is well known all up and down the East Coast, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic region. The town of Beech Mountain sits atop the mountain that is its namesake, at an elevation of 5,506 feet. If your tastes run more toward snow tubing, there is Hawk’s Nest , the largest tubing park on the East Coast.

banner elk fishingBanner Elk Spring and Summer Activities

The area surrounding Banner Elk is full of places to hike, fish, and hunt. Only thirty minutes away is Watuga Lake, a popular destination for boating, fishing, swimming, water-skiing, and all kinds of warm-weather activity. Campgrounds are plentiful, although you may find camping less comfortable than a vacation rental. If you’re addicted to high-speed thrills, it may interest you to know that there are no speed limits or limitations on horsepower for boats on Watauga Lake.

What to Do in Banner Elk in the Autumn

If you happen to be visiting Banner Elk in October, be sure to enjoy the Woolly Worm Festival, which is held the third weekend in October each year. The festival celebrates the woolly worm, whose stripes have been used for generations by tradition-minded mountain folk to predict the harshness or mildness of the coming winter, sort of like a local Groundhog Day. Over the course of the weekend, festival attendance approaches 15,000.


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