Myrtle Beach Marathon 2013

Few things in life are as rewarding as the experience of running a marathon. The weeks and months of necessary training and preparation are guaranteed to get even the flabbiest body into tip-top shape, which is its own reward. If you love running marathons, or even if you’re a first-timer eager to try running one, you would be well-served to take a trip to Myrtle Beach in February for the Myrtle Beach Marathon.

myrtle beach marathonMyrtle Beach Marathon Details

The BI-LO Marathon begins before dawn (at 6:30 a.m.) near  Grissom Parkway , finishing in the afternoon at  Pelicans Park (home of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans), right by Highway 17. Along the way, the soothing ocean views, smells and air will keep you cool, relaxed and focused during the race. More than 6,000 runners enter the Myrtle Beach Marathon every year.

The Marathon has been held every February since 1998, except for 2010, when there was no race. Since 2004 the Marathon has also featured additional events such as the PNC 5K and the Dasani Half Marathon . A relay was held in 1998, and every year after that until 2008; it was eventually dropped from the event due to its lack of popularity compared to the other events.

Also, don't miss out on the Ripley's Family Fun Run , a 1-mile rune that wraps up at Broadway on the Beach, near the Ripley's Aquarium.

Post marathon, relax at the Ripley's Junior Post Race Party or the House of Blues Post Race Party . Another aspect of the event not focused on running - the Runner's Expo.

Marathon Proceeds Benefit Charities

The Myrtle Beach Marathon is a charitable event, supporting the Leukemia Society , the American Red Cross , and the Horry County School system . The Marathon is sponsored by the Bi-Lo supermarket chain and by Chick-Fil-A restaurants.

Exploring Myrtle Beach

While you are in Myrtle Beach, you should make a point of joining the over 14 million visitors who come there to enjoy the place for its own sake, whether they are there for the marathon or not. Even in February, Myrtle Beach is a bit warmer than the frigid parts of the East Coast that lie above it. Daytime temperatures average in the 60s in February, and the record high was a shocking 85°! You can settle into a nice Myrtle Beach vacation rental home by the beach and spend a few days resting your aching, marathon-sore muscles within sight of the hypnotic vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. Like any tourist-friendly city, Myrtle Beach offers myriad things to do—shopping, fine dining, nightlife or anything else you can think of. Take in some live music at the Carolina Opry , or take a stroll on the Springmaid Beach Pier , a local landmark. While you are there you can enjoy a meal at BARnacles Bar & Grille .

Relax in a Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental

After the marathon is over, when that almost indescribable bliss overtakes you, and you enjoy that combination of endorphin-spawned “runner’s high” and profound sense of accomplishment, there are few better places to relax than a vacation home rental. Relaxing in your own living room, eating in your own kitchen, and sleeping in your own bedroom will provide a much better respite than a small hotel room. There is a huge variety of Myrtle Beach vacation rentals in the area, so you will be able to choose from a number of housing options. You'll have all the room you need for your friends, family and well-wishers that came to support you.


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Myrtle Beach Marathon
February 14 to 16, 2013
Myrtle Beach, SC

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