Best Beach Vacations in November

With chilly weather setting in around much of the U.S., November is a great time to skip town and head for warmer, sunnier climates. Plus, the Thanksgiving holiday means you'll have extra days off for spending at the beach. Here are our picks for the best beach vacations in November.

Boqueron Beach

Tucked away in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, Boqueron is a state-run beach with restrooms, lifeguards, showers, a cafeteria, and storage lockers. The water here is protected by a bay, so it's calm and perfect for swimming. Check out the nearby village for freshly caught fish and lobster.

Shoal Bay

puerto_rico_surfing.jpgThe small Caribbean island of Anguilla is known for its incredible beaches, but Shoal Bay on the western tip is at the top of the list. It's a great spot for snorkeling and is an easy walk from little-known Katouche Beach if Shoal Bay is crowded.

Medano Beach

Cabo San Lucas has tons of beaches to choose from, but Medano wins for scenery and for its party atmosphere. It's popular with jet skiers, but there's a roped-off area for those looking to enjoy the calm, warm water. Medano also sits in view of the rocky outcroppings called "Land's End."

Palm Beach

Aruba's most popular beach gets crowded in the winter, but in November the throngs have yet to show up. It's no surprise that visitors love this spot, which made a Conde Nast Traveler list of best beaches in the world. Besides the scenery, the swimming, sailing and fishing opportunities here make this an easy pick for one of the best beach vacations in November.

Grand Anse Beach

location_type_beach_puerto_rico.jpgThis stretch of perfect Grenada beach is surprisingly low-key and under-visited. It could be that the island has 45 great beaches to choose from, but take this insider tip and go to Grand Anse. It's easy to find privacy and quiet here, and the shallow waters are great for swimming and snorkeling.

Lanikai Beach

Located near the residential town of Kailua, on Oahu, Lanikai is lovely. The sand is soft, unlike the typically coarse Hawaiian volcanic sand on other parts of the islands. Lanikai is protected by a reef so it's also free of big waves, and it's within kayaking distance of two islands that double as bird sanctuaries.


This tiny island is where Trinidadians escape on weekends, so it's a bit of an insider trick to pick this island over larger Trinidad. The laidback beach lifestyle is evident and the beaches are choice. Check out Pigeon Point on the northwest coast, and Back Bay and Man-O-War Bay for the best beaches here.

Nicoya Peninsula

With world-famous beaches (and enticing beach towns) on two coasts, Costa Rica is an excellent winter destination. The Nicoya Peninsula, on the Pacific side, has plenty of beaches to choose from, and the peninsula is slightly more remote and low-key than other Costa Rican beaches. Try Playas Hermosa, Samara, Flamingo, Conchal, and Playa Grande, which give you several great options.

Las Perlas Archipelago

These beaches are close enough to Panama City, Panama to be ultra-convenient, but they are relatively under-visited. The snorkeling is great here and the water is perpetually warm and calm, making this one of the best beach vacations in November.

Osprey Beach

This Turks and Caicos beach might seem unimpressive from the outset, especially compared to other beaches on the islands, but don your scuba gear and take the plunge, because just off the coast are heart-thumping drops of up to 7,000 feet. Temperatures fall between 78 to 84 degrees and the visibility is perfect year-round. The nearby beach town is a great place to relax after a long day of diving.

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