Best Skiing in May

In the southern hemisphere, the season hasn't really begun. Skiing in South America, New Zealand, and Australia kicks off in June, hitting its peak in July and August. In the northern hemisphere, the ski season lasts from October through April. There are a few exceptions where skiing continues into May, and this is where you will want to focus your next ski getaway.

  1. Whistler, Canada

    It varies each year, but often the ski season in Whistler, British Columbia can last into May. This means that you may want to book a last minute trip depending on the local conditions. Whistler is one of the most scenic ski resorts in all of Canada, and the opportunity to see it at a lower cost will be appealing to many travelers.

  2. Banff, Canada

    If you're going to find snow any time during the month of May, a good place to look for it is the Rocky Mountains in Canada. One of the best resorts in Alberta is Banff. Not only is it incredibly scenic, but it also offers challenging runs for experienced skiers.

  3. Lake Louise, Canada

    Another excellent option for a ski resort in Alberta is Lake Louise. While this area of Canada will offer some of the best skiing in May, conditions do vary from year to year. This is not a trip you will want to book far in advance, but rather see how the weather is doing throughout the season.

  4. Mammoth, California

    In the U.S., the best skiing in May can be found in Mammoth, California. The skiing here is so fantastic that it often lasts into the month of June. If you're looking for a guaranteed place to ski in May, you will have the best luck with Mammoth.

  5. Alyeska, Alaska

    One strategy for skiing in May is to look as far north as possible. One of the best options is Alyeska Resort in Alaska. Here the trails might be limited compared to the height of the season, but you will still have the chance to ski in Alaska when the crowds are fewer and the prices are lower.

  6. Sugarloaf, Maine

    It is also possible to get some skiing in during the month of May on the East Coast, depending on the weather. One resort that tends to have skiing in May is Sugarloaf in Maine. The conditions will not be as ideal as the middle of winter, but days will be sunny and crowds will be few and far between.

  7. Killington, Vermont

    Another East Coast possibility for May skiing is Killington. While May skiing is not a certainty in Vermont, Killington is typically open if the conditions are good enough. Travelers looking to plan a last minute ski trip in May might want to keep their eyes on the conditions in Killington.

  8. Telluride, Colorado

    Some resorts in the western U.S. also have snow in May. Reports over the last several years have seen resorts in Colorado staying open into May. Travelers who have skied here during May enjoy the sunny days and crowd-free slopes. Weather each year does vary though, making it hard to plan spring skiing in Colorado in advance.

  9. Crested Butte, Colorado

    Another great Colorado resort is Crested Butte. While the ski season in Colorado typically lasts from October through April, there have been many years where ski season extends into May. This means great value for travelers, especially in Crested Butte.